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Pennsylvania sued the Trump administration over the change shortly after. “Millions of women could be denied needed contraceptive care against the advice of science, public health ..
The Vatican co-hosted an event featuring a Planned Parenthood abortion activist last week, raising more questions about some Catholic Church leaders’ dedication to right to life is..
The debate over abortion has been raging since at least 1967, when Colorado became the first state to expand legalization of abortion. And yet, after 50 years and more than 60 mill..
A whistle-blower who worked with Planned Parenthood to harvest aborted baby body parts said some later-term unborn babies’ organs were harvested without their mothers’ consent. O’D..
A new audit has caught the state of Oregon breaking federal law by using $1.8 million dollars in federal taxpayer funds to pay for abortions. The audit comes just after the state l..
A New Jersey federal court struck down a City of Englewood eight-foot buffer zone that prohibits pro-life speech near abortion facilities. Applying the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimo..
Student abortion activists at Cornell University protested a debate about abortion last week, arguing that even an academic debate on the divisive subject could “traumatize” studen..
Do you believe in basic principles? Do you believe in an Ireland where all are cherished equally? Do you believe in a fundamental, universal, equal right to life? If you do, then S..
A second woman has come forward to accuse pro-abortion U.S. Sen. Al Franken of inappropriately touching her in 2010. Last week, a woman named Leeann Tweeden accused Franken of forc..
California Attorney General Xavier Beccera charged Daleiden and Sandra Merritt with 15 felony counts of eavesdropping. The first set of charges were dismissed by San Francisco Supe..
During my pregnancy, I read stories of other women who had become pregnant by rape, sometimes twice daily. Those stories were a source of hope and made me feel like I wasn’t alone ..
Ms. Sutton had stopped by Wade’s home to pick up baby items on her way to her wedding ceremony. After being convicted on second degree murder and kidnapping convictions last month,..
Singer and songwriter Joy Villa recently confirmed she’s with the pro-life movement. On Nov. 15, the self-described #1 Billboard recording artist tweeted out against abortion and i..
A former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic employee is facing charges for allegedly using the business’s credit card to travel and buy herself ---. Tulsa World reports Kelly ..
A New York state parent complained to the Schenectady School Board on Wednesday after learning that her ninth-grade daughter participated in a Planned Parenthood --- education prog..
Neither mourned nor buried, disabled children in the womb are being targeted and discarded in our society. My husband Brad and I have become strong advocates for special needs chil..
U.S. Senator Al Franken is in hot water for forcibly kissed a woman and later groping her as she slept during a USO trip in 2006. Franken, who was not a senator at the time, issued..
A Minnesota U.S. senator who is under fire for allegedly groping a sleeping woman also is a big supporter of the abortion industry. U.S. Sen. Al Franken, a pro-abortion Democrat fr..
On air Wednesday night with Tucker Carlson, NIFLA president and founder Tom Glessner told the top-rated Fox News host and his audience what’s at the heart of California lawmak..
Planned Parenthood is finishing up another multi-million dollar abortion mega-clinic this fall in Texas, all while closing dozens of rural facilities and complaining about rural wo..
A Massachusetts university plans to set up new vending machines soon to sell students the Plan B morning after pill. Student abortion activists at Brandeis University said their cl..
The House of Representatives today passed the GOP tax plan that allows expectant parents to contribute to their unborn baby’s 529 college savings account. The tax plan, for the fir..
The liberal website Vox published an interview with former New York Times legal reporter Linda Greenhouse, and the headline surely applauded her liberal take on journalism: “The mo..
The House is expected to vote on H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 tomorrow, Thursday November 16th. The tax bill contains a new positive provision related to the unborn. T..
United States Catholic bishops elected Archbishop Joseph Naumann to chair a key pro-life position this week, breaking a long-held tradition of electing a cardinal to the seat. Naum..
Students at a Catholic university in Ohio stirred up controversy last week when they hosted a “--- Week” to promote ideas contrary to church teachings. The Xavier University Colleg..
In another victory for Arkansas taxpayers, a federal appeals court decided not to hear an appeal Monday to force the state to fund the abortion chain Planned Parenthood. On Monday,..
Analyses of abortion trends cited by mainstream media outlets tend to be misleading, and this article was certainly no exception. But, in fact, this Third Way piece appears tr..
Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tuesday about the possibility of charges in the investigation into Planned Parenthood’s alleged trafficking in unborn ..
Many Michigan lawmakers think the answer to that question should be yes. WWMT News reports state lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it clear that judges may sentence ..
The FBI is seeking documents from Congress after it held hearings on the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling the body parts of aborted babies for profit — potentially brea..