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Street Price: $80; Deal Price: $50 This deal matches the previous low price we've seen for our budget pick Android tablet. We only just saw this $50 low price during Black Friday s..
Last week, Google started blocking YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show and Fire TV, citing a "lack of reciprocity." This new move by Amazon may be just what Google needs to allow its pop..
In a letter to the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek and Deezer chief executive Hans-Holger Albrecht urge the ratification of m..
Rentals start at $4 for a 48-hour period, while you're looking at spending $10 or more for a purchase. Redbox is wagering that this model plays into its existing strengths. If you'..
Shipt will continue to run its own business, which relies on a network of personal shoppers to fill orders, independently of Target. That creates an unusual situation where Target ..
Amazon brought multiroom audio support to its Echo speakers a few months ago, but let's face it: unless you're a big fan of Amazon Music Unlimited, it hasn't been very useful for o..
The senators go on to say that this plan ignores how different the internet's role is today and that returning to previous years' approach to internet access is now inadequate. "Ov..
Sure, it's great that Amazon keeps adding more to Alexa, like the option to wake up with music instead of a shrill alarm or a enabling live BBC programming. But what about newer me..
This still isn't quite as good as Dolby Vision. While HDR10+ shares the same scene-by-scene HDR mastering as Vision, it's stuck with "just" 10-bit color versus Dolby's 12-bit palet..
Hogwarts is officially going mobile. From next year, Potterheads -- and muggles, should they wish -- will be able to create their own characters and experience life as a Hogwarts s..
Apple has launched a simple new feature that makes it even easier to get the apps you've been waiting for. The company announced a new pre-order function that lets developers make ..
To begin with, your criteria can be as broad or narrow as you like. You can name a song, playlist or genre, or ask to play any kind of music if you're not picky. Alexa can stream r..