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Venezuelans Watch as Soldiers Besiege Rebel Group - WSJ
-The WallStreet Journal - Mon Jan 15 16:00:40 EST 2018
CARACAS, Venezuela—The saga of a police pilot and former actor who authorities said stole a helicopter in June and tossed grenades over official buildings took another violent turn...
FILE - In this July 13, 2017 file photo, Oscar Perez speaks to the press at a night vigil to honor the more than 90 people killed during three months of anti-government protests, i...
Rebel ex-police officer among dead in Venezuela shootout | Northwest Herald
-Northwest Herald - Tue Jan 16 22:00:49 EST 2018
AP file photo Oscar Perez speaks to the press July 13 at a night vigil to honor the more than 90 people killed during three months of anti-government protests, in Caracas, Venezuel...
Venezuela Captures Rebels Led by Rogue Helicopter Pilot
-Newser - Mon Jan 15 22:05:56 EST 2018
(Newser) – Venezuelan special forces on Monday captured five members of a band led by a rebellious police officer who has been on the run since stealing a helicopter and launching ...
The new division consolidates the company’s domestic and international scripted production units under Santana, who will now be responsible for Telemundo Studios, Telemundo Interna...
Here's how crazy the cryptocurrency market is - CBS News
-CBS News - Tue Jan 09 19:33:14 EST 2018
At first, Fantasy Market seemed like a dream come true for cryptocurrency investors. Now, the digital money that consumers could use to pay to stream --- has turned into a ...
CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - Oil hovered near a three-year high above $70 a barrel on Monday on signs that production cuts by OPEC and Russia are tightening supplies, although ---...
Cryptocurrencies on the rise in Iran | TheHill
-The Hill - Wed Jan 10 13:51:01 EST 2018
The popularity of cryptocurrencies in Iran appears to be on the rise amid mounting economic anxiety in the country. Experts say Iranians are increasingly turning to cryptocurrencie...
Russian President Vladimir Putin hit the campaign trail Wednesday, kicking off his re-election bid against a field effectively cleared of serious competitors and amid grumbles of a...
For nearly a year now, a collection of lawyers challenging President Trump’s travel ban and other immigration policies have argued, with considerable success, that the adminis...