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For the last few years, the cloud backup provider Backblaze has published data on its hard drive usage and reliability stats. While it’s always important to take these kinds of rep...
Storage For Surveillance
-Forbes - Thu Nov 09 10:02:57 EST 2017
I have written on occasion about digital storage for professional media and entertainment.  Of course, a big part of storage in M&E is for video assets.  An industry ...
How to Build a Maxed-Out Intel Coffee Lake Gaming Rig
-PC Magazine - Mon Nov 13 10:04:37 EST 2017
While some PC builds highlight the more visible and flashy components, the tucked-away processor is the heart of any system. For this build, our centerpiece is one of Intel's brand...
Brooklyn woman slashed in throat by friend's ex dies of injuries
-NY Daily News - Wed Nov 08 10:09:11 EST 2017
A 42-year-old Brooklyn woman whose throat was slashed by her friend’s deranged ex-boyfriend during a four-hour siege has died of her injuries, police said Wednesday. Larysa Saad wa...
It cannot be disputed that the new generation of gaming has been an outstanding success, with more consoles shifted than ever before and more top quality games made available than ...
Some venues just mean more. The Hollywood Bowl. Madison Square Garden. The Sydney Opera House. On this shortlist, Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium is certainly near the top, where simp...
How to Build a 4K Gaming PC in BitFenix's Portal Mini-ITX Case
-PC Magazine - Mon Nov 13 10:04:37 EST 2017
When you have an interesting-looking, compact PC case like BitFenix's Portal, the only responsible thing to do is pack it full of high-end parts. We'll show you how. Sometimes the ...
Low Cost Digital Storage Options
-Forbes - Wed Nov 08 07:03:15 EST 2017
While digital storage demand continues to soar, the total budget for IT managers to provide digital storage resources to meet this demand are increasing little if at all. While the...
Xbox One X HDD replacement voids warranty (and so does this screw)
-SlashGear - Fri Nov 10 13:06:48 EST 2017
Those gamers making an attempt at taking apart the Xbox One X to replace its HDD, take heed: it’s not just a simple matter of screws and swapping. As we first addressed in our orig...
Recyling Storage Devices
-Forbes - Sat Nov 18 13:03:05 EST 2017
Elinor Ostrom won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics for her work on economic governance of common pool resources. Her work focused on how humans interact with ecosystems in order t...
Toshiba International Corporation has reported an after-tax profit of AU$740,000 for the 12 months ending March 31, 2017, up 128 percent from a loss of AU$2.7 million recorded in t...
Xbox One X tips and tricks: How to get the most from your new console
-Pocket-lint - Tue Nov 07 01:24:34 EST 2017
The Xbox One X is finally here and either your pre-order has arrived or you've managed to buy one in-store or online. Now what? If you're an Xbox newbie, or even if you've upgraded...
It's an exciting time for Microsoft and, specifically, the Xbox team. Not only is Christmas hurtling towards us, and therefore an ideal opportunity to entice more gamers with cheap...
Best US Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 deals
-Pocket-lint - Thu Nov 16 04:55:50 EST 2017
Ah, 'tis the season again. The season of Christmas sales! This year's sale season begins on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US) and extends to Cyber Monday (the ...
It's an exciting time for Microsoft and, specifically, the Xbox team. Not only is Christmas hurtling towards us, and therefore an ideal opportunity to entice more gamers with cheap...
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