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Based upon the angry reactions from Black Twitter, R&B songstress Chrisette Michele, 34, is trying way too hard — and operating too soon — to get back in the good gra...
Chrisette Michele Explains Why She Posted a Photo of Miscarriage On Instagram
-Atlanta Black Star - Mon Nov 06 04:49:40 EST 2017
Chrisette Michele is aware of the wave of backlash she got for posting a graphic miscarriage photo on Instagram. The singer acknowledged the now-deleted picture was not hers during...
When a Trans Woman Defends Herself and the Video Goes Viral
-NYMAG - Fri Nov 10 07:09:31 EST 2017
“I was making food at my friend’s house when I saw my own face on crimestoppers,” Merci Chrisette told me this past July, in the living room of a Bed-Stuy sublet. “It took me a mom...
On the track, R&B singer is urging love and compassion for everyone no matter their race or political view. “If my life matters, then stand no matter / If it was true, would it...
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