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See Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon as Parade Hosts on 'Kimmel' - Rolling Stone

Thu Dec 14 07:03:10 EST 2017 | Rolling Stone
Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon brought their fictional TV-host alter egos, Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan, to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday. The pair will provide live coverage of the upcoming New Year's Day Rose Parade as it streams on Amazon for the first time. Speaking with Kimmel, Ferrell and Shannon appeared to be improvising on the spot, making up backstories for their characters as they went and playing off each other. "We got a job once describing the parade for the deaf," Shannon to..


Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon brought their fictional TV-host alter egos, Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan, to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday. The pair will provide live coverage..
Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon embraced their local-TV host alter egos during a comical appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night. The Saturday Night Live alums dressed as t..
New Year’s Day is on its way, and with it, the usual efforts to recover from revelry-based ordeals of New Year’s Eve. Really, it’s the perfect day to curl up with a laptop, cruise ..
FILE - In this Dec. 7, 2016 file photo, comedian Kathy Griffin poses at The Hollywood Reporter's 25th Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast in Los Angeles. Griffin created a stor..
Jimmy Kimmel's 8-month-old son, Billy, appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Dec. 11 after undergoing his second heart surgery. Kimmel gave an emotional monologue about funding for t..
Though it's a relatively wonderful life for TV cord-cutters, George Bailey, Clark Griswold and Will Ferrell's "Elf" are still available only on a pay-per-view basis. Festive stream..
“Live” host Jimmy Kimmel returned to the stage on Monday after a week-long hiatus and he brought a tiny surprise along with him: his 7-month-old son Billy. The comedian -- who was ..
One of the only joys of 2017 has been , an ebullient, hilarious, risqué comedian and on any late-night talk show. Haddish, who talks frequently about growing up in foster care and ..
Here is what this morning’s Golden Globes nominations tell us about momentum this awards season and Oscar chances: After a very slow start with critics groups, Fox Searchlight’s Th..
TV funnyman Jimmy Kimmel blasted Congress in a tearful monologue Monday for repeatedly failing to renew funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program this fall. "I don't know..
Jimmy Kimmel fought back the tears as he appeared on his talk show with his seven-month-old son - just days after the youngster underwent heart surgery. The 50-year-old TV presente..
Full episodes of "Sunday Morning" are now available to watch on demand on and CBS All Access, including via Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire..
Jimmy Kimmel is returning to late-night television with a special message. One week after his son had his second open-heart surgery, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host joined baby Billy o..
On a recent morning, Judd Apatow sat in his office on the west side of Los Angeles, surrounded by a jumble of boxes stuffed with mementos from his life in comedy. “I’m a hoarder,” ..
PBS is “indefinitely” suspending distribution of the late-night talk show “Tavis Smiley” after multiple misconduct allegations emerged against the show’s 53-year-old host, PBS..
The 7-month-old baby boy co-starred in his famous dad’s opening monologue on Monday, one week after he underwent his second heart surgery. “I was out last week – because this ..
Ryan Gosling slugging it out with Harrison Ford in a ballroom of holograms. Saoirse Ronan defiantly rolling out of a moving vehicle. Soldiers sitting like ducks on a beach as a Ger..
Jimmy Kimmel brought out his adorable baby Billy on his first day back after his son’s heart surgery. He held back tears as he made an impassioned plea for congress to not cut fund..
Each of them, at some point, said yes to the dress. Hanks and the others have all appeared in sketches or roles in which they have rocked frocks, following in the tradition of Milt..
EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and seven members of the L.A. City Council earlier this year signed glowing letters of support for a ta..
The Peak TV era has opened a lot of doors for tyro talents. Here’s a look at distinctive scribes, directors and producers who emerged from the pack in 2017. Dan Perrault and Tony Y..
The A.V. Club’s picks for the top TV of 2017 carry with them a hint of escapism: otherworldly settings, larger-than-life characters, lavish costumes, , . ? And could we reasonably ..
Netflix has announced its January 2018 offerings just in time to help you narrow down your New Year’s viewing resolutions. Season two of , which made The A.V. Club’s best of TV 201..
Verizon will no longer be the exclusive U.S. mobile carrier for watching NFL games on smartphones and tablets. According to an announcement this morning, the company – and TechCrun..
Jimmy Kimmel returned to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' this week following his break from the show to take care of his baby son who has been recovering from his latest heart surgery. He was ..
For as long as I live, I’ll never forget the call. It was a Friday night, around 8:00, when my phone rang. It was Mike Francesa. Sports broadcasting pioneer. Radio icon. New York l..
This weekend Saturday Night Live is bringing you the final show of the calendar year and what a show it should be! You’ve got Kevin Hart as the host and Foo Fighters as t..
Aida’s Secrets This compelling mystery documentary concerns two brothers who are reunited 60 years after leaving the Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp — and their search for oth..
Capsule reviews are by Philip Brandes (P.B.), F. Kathleen Foley (F.K.F.), and Daryl H. Miller (D.H.M.). Alisan Porter and Friends The Season 10 winner of “The Voice” and special gu..
Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! returned to the late-night scene accompanied by his son Billy and a very special request. This was not, however, your typical com..
They’ve got a whole lot of history! Poking fun at his friend, Styles told the audience that he “was just at the hospital before I came to fill in and she looks a lot like Jame..
They were on the plane when they heard what Trump said. On a late Friday night in September, the Seattle Seahawks were en route to Nashville, where they would face the Tennessee Ti..
In an earlier, better time, late night was the place where smart comics got to write mostly meaningless jokes about transitory crap.  Ah, what an era.  2017 didn't change..
What Is It: Different aspects of Taylor Swift’s lifestyle, broken down into seven days of fun-filled, Swift-themed activities Who Tried It: Maggie Malach, PEOPLE Associate Edi..
Last week's "Thursday Night Football" matchup in Atlanta had a direct impact on the NFL playoff picture. Broncos vs. Colts in Week 15? Not so much. Both Denver and Indianapolis are..