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Stranger Things VR Experience Available Now On PlayStation VR

Tue Dec 12 16:38:42 EST 2017 | Comic Book
If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, and you’ve been looking for something to do since wrapping up the second season on a binge run, Netflix has something you can check out on PlayStation VR right now. The company has released the Netflix Stranger Things VR Experience for the headset, and you can download it here for free right now. It’s not really a full blown game experience, as it’s more of a virtual visit to locales from the show. Still, at least it’s free. You’ll be able to visit a number of..


If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, and you’ve been looking for something to do since wrapping up the second season on a binge run, Netflix has something you can check out on PlayS..
Sony today released its Stranger Things VR Experience on the PlayStation store. Don’t get too excited though. It’s shorter than Eleven’s Season 1 haircut, which is a crying shame. ..
It's rather late in the game, but PlayStation just dropped its Stranger Things VR experience — and it's free. While the insane amount of hype surrounding Season 2 of the series has..
If you’ve read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, you know that it’s absolutely steeped in pop culture references. The lead character is a pop culture junkie and there’s barely ..
This morning’s huge acquisition between Disney and 21 Century Fox is a landmark deal, and while some business folks may be talking about its repercussions, fans are mostly thrilled..
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The vast majority of Apple customers will never use an iMac Pro. The monstrously potent machine, billed as the “most powerful Mac ever built” when Apple unveiled it in June, has st..
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PlayStation Experience 2017 kicked off with a bang, with various game trailers showcased at the event's opening ceremony. Here are the six best things that happened, including Mega..
The streaming service released its year-end review. which found the true crime satire to be the most popular to binge, along with "Stranger Things" and "The Crown." Here we are wit..
I'm attempting to immerse myself completely in Fallout 4 VR. In my pre-war house, my husband takes a seat on the couch to watch TV, and I sit next to him—sort of. As far as the gam..
The promise of virtual reality has always been to escape the bounds of your living room or office and enjoy an entirely new world where the same rules don’t apply. High-end VR head..
"Star Wars" characters and the "Stranger Things" kids are making their way to the Pixel and Pixel 2 in the form of augmented reality stickers. This is all made possible by Google's..
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Following the success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Sony is once again mining its back catalog for fun and profit. MediEvil and Patapon 2 are both getting PlayStation 4 ..
Action RPGs like Fallout 4 and Skyrim have gotten VR versions, as has Doom, but The Last Guardian demo offers a completely different sandbox in which to test the technology. No gun..
2017 has seen plenty of trends, but one that seems to actually be sticking is the smart home. I’m not talking about Wi-Fi-connected kettles or Bluetooth water bottles; those are du..
Bad news for all of you who thought 2017 has been the worst year ever: 2018 isn't looking so hot right now either.  Next year, 365 long days will probably come and go without ..
The most romantic place I’ve ever been was a grassy hill overlooking a campground. It was late evening; lit-up tents and cabins dotted the valley that sprawled before us. In the di..
Who else was left with a bad taste in their mouth this morning? Celebrity chef and restaurateur Mario Batali is the latest powerful man to be "stepping away" from an empire he buil..
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Christmas trees, a long with mistletoe and festive wreaths, are an integral part of the December holiday season. Although conifers such as fir, pine, and spruce are the most popula..
Samsung is jumping on board the smart speaker train next year, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Sources briefed on the plans tell Bloomberg that Samsung’s smart speaker “w..
The countdown to Christmas is well under way with only two weekends left to shop. It’s tough to pick out gifts for family and friends in addition to preparing for holiday parties, ..
UPDATED with more details: The SAG Awards nominations this morning gave Fox Searchlight’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri a leading four mentions including a slot in the ..
Federal Communication Commission chairman, and grown man who desperately wants to go viral online, released an incredibly misleading video in which he explains why “his plan to res..
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Though it's a relatively wonderful life for TV cord-cutters, George Bailey, Clark Griswold and Will Ferrell's "Elf" are still available only on a pay-per-view basis. Festive stream..
More than any other contest, the SAG Awards love to stick with favorites for the long haul; that explains Alec Baldwin’s eight nominations for 30 Rock, which ran for seven seasons,..
Sony may not have launched any new gaming hardware this year, but its existing one is still making waves. As of December 2017, Sony sold 70.6 million PlayStation 4 units.  ( J..
Ryan Gosling slugging it out with Harrison Ford in a ballroom of holograms. Saoirse Ronan defiantly rolling out of a moving vehicle. Soldiers sitting like ducks on a beach as a Ger..
It always takes a couple of years for developers to find their footing before the best games of the generation begin to make their way to market. That’s exactly what happened in 20..
Comcast- and Fox-backed animation startup Baobab Studios released its second animated VR film “Asteroids!” for a wide variety of VR headsets Thursday. Baobab previously released “I..
If, like me, your 2017 holiday budget is closer to Khalid’s “Young Dumb and Broke” than Cardi B’s “Money Moves,” you might be wondering how you can swing some sweet gifts. Never fe..