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After years of copying the iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will finally copy Apple’s smartest strategy – BGR

Tue Dec 12 07:03:35 EST 2017 | BGR
Samsung wrote the book on copying Apple… literally. No, seriously — back when the company was still trying to break through in the smartphone market, Samsung actually created a 132-page internal document to help its designers and engineers copy the iPhone pixel by pixel. The South Korean conglomerate isn’t the only company that ripped off as much as it could from Apple and its iPhones, but Samsung was the first and clearly the most successful. In recent years, Samsung has pumped the brakes a bit..


Samsung wrote the book on copying Apple… literally. No, seriously — back when the company was still trying to break through in the smartphone market, Samsung actually created a 132..
Samsung will soon launch the Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone, a device that’s rumored to rely heavily on the Infinity Display design that Samsung unveiled this year. That said, the G..
Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 won’t make its debut until early next year, but there might not be much left to reveal by that point. Both the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ have been f..
For a long time this year, it was believed that Apple’s iPhone X would have a Touch ID sensor embedded under the screen. As we got closer to the phone’s launch, it became clear tha..
You’re finally done with all your holiday shopping and you’ve managed to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Now it’s time to get the perfect gift for yourself! Samsun..
To challenge the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S9 was expected to feature thinner bezels and a dual rear camera setup. Recent reports, however, claim that the upcoming smartphone wi..
OnePlus did an excellent job building its OnePlus 5 flagship earlier this year, with a solid build, a great camera at its price point, and good software – save for a few issues, of..
The Galaxy S9 may not be unveiled in early January, as some reports had suggested, but that doesn’t mean the Galaxy S9 rumors have stopped coming in. New reports reveal major detai..
Samsung wowed us all last year when it released the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The phones weren’t particularly huge updates over their predecessors overall, but they certainly were ..
An under-display fingerprint sensor could become a standard feature on smartphones soon. Synaptics announced that it'll showcase the technology called Clear ID FS9500 in January at..
Apple’s goal with professional hardware has always been to inspire creatives and developers to produce new things. That’s not an altruistic objective; the more creative things get ..
Apple isn’t able to meet iPhone X demand, as the phone remains sold out around the world, but there’s already talk about next year’s iPhones. Apple will ready three iPhones for Sep..
The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will be the first flagship phones Samsung launches in response to Apple’s iPhone X. But the two devices seem to be iPhone 8 competitors rather than tru..
Just as Apple doesn’t sell an iPhone like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, Samsung doesn’t have an iPhone X equivalent in its inventory. The difference between Samsung’s and Apple’s latest..
Synaptics made an announcement yesterday that has tech blogs buzzing on Wednesday morning. The company said that an unspecified top-five smartphone OEM has begun mass production of..
In addition to the regular Galaxy S and Note updates we expect from Samsung this year, we’ll be treated with the first foldable smartphone in Samsung smartphone history. The Galaxy..
On Oct. 27, I joined millions of people worldwide in pre-ordering the iPhone X in the middle of the night. I went back to sleep after spending exactly $1,250.97 for the fully-loade..
The vast majority of Apple customers will never use an iMac Pro. The monstrously potent machine, billed as the “most powerful Mac ever built” when Apple unveiled it in June, has st..
Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy X at some point next year. The device is supposed to be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, a new form factor that’s going to become more ..
When it became clear that the iPhone X’s ‘bezel-less’ design would include a huge cutout at the top, people were… divided. “Steve Jobs” would have never allowed this to happen, som..
Apple keeps giving us reasons to say goodbye. iOS 11 is as , with the making iPhones almost unusable, and the latest version of macOS briefly exposed Mac owners to a . As for the i..
Apple on Wednesday announced that it’s awarding Finisar $390 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund. That’s an impressive investment in a critical supplier, following the $20..
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Apple’s new iPhone X is the first new iPhone since 2014 to feature a new design. 2014, as you’ll recall, was the year that Apple finally relented and released iPhone models will la..
We don’t only care about how long a smartphone battery can last, we also want it to charge as quickly as possible so that we’re never out of juice. Battery size can’t grow signific..
I criticized the design of Apple’s new display a number of times ahead of the iPhone X’s release last month. In the wave of leaks that swept over the web ahead of the phone’s unvei..
As someone who’s been using laptops exclusively for the past few years, I quite like the idea of an all-in-one PC: like a laptop, everything’s housed in a single unit and ready to ..
Zotac has created a new brand called Zotac Gaming that will presumably only deal with gaming products, rather than a mix of general purpose and gaming gear. To kick things off, the..
Get ready: Faster, smarter, and more secure smartphones are coming in 2018.  Like clockwork, Qualcomm, the world's largest mobile chipmaker, announced its latest system-on-chi..
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While all the talk around the this year’s iPhone lineup initially focused on the X and its unusual notch, Google has revealed that, contrary to the hype, iPhone 8 was the most sear..
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If there’s a better way to kick off a new week than by downloading a bunch of paid iPhone and iPad apps for free, we have no idea what it is. You’ll find seven premium apps on toda..
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After 10 years of iPhone, it’s still Apple’s number-one product, and one that’s at the forefront of smartphone innovation. Apple rivals could very well take the lead,  but the..