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Apple Says The Important Thing Is To Be The First To Make Tech 'Fantastic' : TECH : Tech Times

Sun Dec 10 19:14:33 EST 2017 | Tech Times
For Apple, beating the competition to the punch of a new idea doesn't matter. What's important is being the first to make it "fantastic," such as the Face ID and the iPhone X notch.  ( Roslan Rahman | AFP/Getty Images ) Remember that Samsung ad that made fun of the iPhone? You know the one where the smartphone is depicted to be at least one step behind the competition every single time? Well, it seems like Apple is taking it to heart, saying that being first to an idea isn't what's importan..


For Apple, beating the competition to the punch of a new idea doesn't matter. What's important is being the first to make it "fantastic," such as the Face ID and the iPhone X notch..
Of all the tech products that came out this year, no single product was more talked about than the iPhone X. Rumors about Apple’s new phone started well before 2017 even began. The..
After 10 years of iPhone, it’s still Apple’s number-one product, and one that’s at the forefront of smartphone innovation. Apple rivals could very well take the lead,  but the..
Consumer Reports ranks the iPhone X below the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and even the iPhone 8 in its recommended list of smartphones. That's because its durability and battery life..
I criticized the design of Apple’s new display a number of times ahead of the iPhone X’s release last month. In the wave of leaks that swept over the web ahead of the phone’s unvei..
For a long time this year, it was believed that Apple’s iPhone X would have a Touch ID sensor embedded under the screen. As we got closer to the phone’s launch, it became clear tha..
Face ID is the future of authentication, at least on the iPhone, starting with the iPhone X. But the TrueDepth camera is likely coming to other Apple products in the near future, i..
Face ID is arguably the iPhone X's headlining feature, and according to reports, it's making its way to all the 2018 iPhones. What's more, bigger batteries and pre-5G technology ar..
Google Project Zero's Ian Beer will soon release an iOS 11.1.2 exploit that will enable the fabled iOS 11 jailbreak. There is a high chance that an iPhone X jailbreak will arrive s..
A new report says that Apple has three iPhones in the works for next year, including two iPhone X successors with OLED displays that should have the same design as the current mode..
Apple keeps giving us reasons to say goodbye. iOS 11 is as , with the making iPhones almost unusable, and the latest version of macOS briefly exposed Mac owners to a . As for the i..
Now that the iPhone X has launched to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success, doubts about the new device seem silly in retrospect. But as confident as many Apple fans ..
It’s the holidays, which means it’s once again time to rack your brain in search of the right gifts for the right people. If someone on your list is into tech, though, we’ve got yo..
While it might not bring parents as much joy as a first step or first word, the right time to introduce kids to a smartphone is an important moment. Smartphones have become the mos..
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Apple Inc is optimistic that some of its popular apps removed from its China App Store this year to comply with government requests will be reinstated, the U...
Could the future of smartphone biometrics look a lot like a shinier version of the past? The answer is most definitely yes — that is, if Synaptics Incorporated has anything to say ..
Still haven't bought the iPhone X? Maybe these videos will convince you.  Apple posted three new videos to its Youtube channel Monday, all of which advertise features of the i..
If there’s a better way to kick off a new week than by downloading a bunch of paid iPhone and iPad apps for free, we have no idea what it is. You’ll find seven premium apps on toda..
To formulate or not to formulate with essential oils?That has become a key question many skin-care brands now have to ask before developing the cleansers, moisturizers, face oils, ..
November and December are mostly about sales on physical items, but there’s also no shortage of app sales right now. We’ve rounded up the best paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on..
Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller gave the opening keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose in June. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) ..
Apple will acquire music-recognition service Shazam, the company confirmed on Monday. Apple says the purchase will help advance its operations in the digital music business, which ..
Google has officially killed the Apps section on Chrome Web Store, signaling the end of minimally downloaded Chrome Apps. To replace them are Progressive Web Apps, which are more v..
A handout photo made available by APPLE shows Apple's new HomePod introduced during the keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference at the McEnery Convention Center in S..
It’s difficult for some people to imagine at this point, but dedicated point and shoot cameras used to be a big part of our lives. Anytime people went out to celebrate, traveled so..
* Gift ideas from Code of Bell accessories designer Shiro Suzuki * Minimalist, modern picks that you can travel with * Unique finds for men and women If you’re going to do a lot of..
Shazam doesn’t have to worry about turning a profit anymore. Apple is reportedly buying the popular app for $400 million, possibly benefitting from its augmented reality platform. ..
Instagram is testing a standalone app for private messages called Direct, a first step toward possibly toward removing messaging features from the core app. Direct, which opens to ..
If you just can't wait for the iPhone X, today's your lucky day.  After iPhone X pre-orders began in October, Apple estimated that units would take five to six weeks to ship. ..
It is not enough to tell consumers they’ve “been waiting” for a product that is “all new” from a vehicle manufacturer once considered exotic in the U.S. market, or “waiting” becaus..
Apple is acquiring the popular song-identification app Shazam. Prior to the deal, Shazam was profitable and was used 20 million times a day around the world. Shazam sells ads, and ..
Facebook was again included in Glassdoor's list of the "Best Places to Work" in 2018. The social media giant managed to nab the top spot across various industries beating the likes..
Changes in consumer behavior, driven by an always-online lifestyle, are forcing retailers to rethink age-old practices across their organizations. The continuously evolving digital..
Qualcomm has finally given us all the details about Snapdragon 845, the latest and greatest in its long line of mobile processors. It’s significant because the top-of-the-line Snap..
Apple announced this would happen back in June, saying that the app would arrive "later this year." The company kept its promise, but it was quite a long wait.  Now, you can w..