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16 different Amazon devices just went on sale, including Kindles, Echo speakers, and the new Fire TV – BGR

Sun Dec 10 07:03:28 EST 2017 | BGR
With the holidays just around the corner, Amazon is stepping up its efforts to ensure that its popular product lines are on shoppers’ collective radar. Of course, there’s no better way to do that than by slashing prices on just about every popular device in Amazon’s product portfolio. Beginning today, you can save on 16 different Amazon devices. Highlights from the company’s new sale include Black Friday pricing on the Echo Dot and Fire HD 10, $20 off the Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite, $5 off the ..


With the holidays just around the corner, Amazon is stepping up its efforts to ensure that its popular product lines are on shoppers’ collective radar. Of course, there’s no better..
The holidays aren’t here quite yet, and now is your perfect opportunity to save some money on the perfect gift for anyone left on your list. For the last time in 2017, Amazon’s lat..
There is absolutely no question that the most underappreciated Alexa device in Amazon’s lineup is the Amazon Dash Wand. Everyone knows about Echo and Tap speakers, and everyone lov..
At just $80, the Ghostek soDrop 2 Premium Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones are among the best values we’ve come across. They offer sound quality and battery life that rivals the Beats..
Amazon is really turning up the heat as the holidays approach, and Monday’s deal roundup is packed full of examples. Highlights include big discounts on the Nest Cam Indoor and Nes..
We told you about a killer sale that kicked off on Sunday, but it bears repeating because it’s your last chance to save on all of Amazon’s most popular devices ahead of the holiday..
Streaming media devices like the ones made by Roku and Amazon have transformed the way we consume movies and TV shows at home. They make our lives so much easier by giving us a sin..
Amazon’s ongoing “12 days of deals” sale is pretty much just as good as its Cyber Week sale, and today’s daily deals prove it. Highlights from Wednesday’s roundup of top deals incl..
Amazon has a bunch of great daily deals available today as it continues to turn up the heat ahead of the holidays. The most noteworthy deal among them, however, is Amazon’s one-day..
Tile Bluetooth trackers are awesome, but they’re also quite expensive at either $25 or $30 each. Meanwhile the nonda iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker does everything a Tile..
Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the adventurer in your life? Well, your search can end right here. Amazon has a killer sale going right now on the insanely popular GoPro H..
Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself if you own a Nintendo Switch and don’t already have a copy of Super Mario Odyssey. It’s by far the best Switch game that has been releas..
Remember how we told you that sometimes the best deals of the season are actually found after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over? Well, today is serving as a huge reminder. Fir..
Well what do you know… it looks like Sonos still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Sonos sales are relatively rare occurrences, and they typically take place around Black Friday and ..
Amazon’s December deals somehow seem to get better each day, and Tuesday is no exception. Highlights from our roundup of today’s top deals include the first ever discount on the al..
For those of us who upgrade our iPhones each and every year, the pain of losing the 3.5mm headphone jack is a distant memory that no one even thinks about anymore. For people who a..
OK, this is just awesome. While some households go all-in on either iOS or Android, others are split. In fact, there are plenty of people who use both platforms themselves, like an..
There’s nothing worse than sitting down to stream a movie only to have it repeatedly freeze because other people in your home are clogging up your Wi-Fi. What you might not know, h..
What’s the most annoying thing about using a Roku or an Amazon Fire TV if you’re a cord cutter? If you ask me, it’s the remote. I don’t use my TV for anything other than streaming,..
OK seriously, we’re not sure if this is some kind of mistake. Whatever the case may be, you should take advantage of this deal as soon as humanly possible. The Anker SoundBuds Surg..
The Nebula Mars Portable Cinema might look vaguely like your typical portable projector, but it’s an entirely different breed. This compact device features unrivaled brightness for..
There are good things and bad things about the fact that the BGR Deals team’s coverage has become so popular over the past year. The good thing is obviously that we help so many mo..
How is it possible to improve a $30 home security camera with all the features you’d expect plus 14 days of free cloud storage? We’re glad you asked: by dropping the price. The Wyz..
Wireless keyboards are the way to go, obviously, but changing batteries or recharging your keyboard is a pain in the --- — even if you only have to do it once every month or two. ..
We’ve told you time and time again about how awesome LED backlight kits are for TVs. The concept is simple but the impact is profound. These LED light --- attach to the back of ..
Tons of people are familiar with the VAVA brand at this point, but most of them think of speakers and headphones when they think of the company. VAVA dabbles in plenty of other are..
The Texsens LED Flame Effect Light Bulb is the sort of thing you see from afar on the internet and think to yourself, “that seems silly.” But then, as soon as you see one in person..
Most people think that their internet goes down every time the power goes out in their home. Technically that’s true, we suppose, but it’s only because your modem and Wi-Fi router ..
iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners have had more than a year for the wounds of losing the 3.5mm headphone jack to heal. But for people upgrading to a new model from an older iPhone ..
One comes across a whole lot of smart home devices in our line of work. There’s a connected version of just about anything you can possibly think of, and PR companies pitch us on a..
Cars these days last so much longer than they used to, and it’s quite common to see vehicles that are 10 or even 15 years old on the road. That’s great from a value perspective, bu..
This fall, Amazon made a play to become your new alarm clock with the introduction of a combination smart speaker and clock called the Echo Spot. Today, the company is adding a new..
As someone who owns and loves Apple’s AirPods, I can happily admit that there are better options out there for cord-free Bluetooth earbuds. I can also confirm that the Sony WF1000X..
Photo by Mikael Buck/REX/Shutterstock (6023566b) Echo speakers at the Amazon Milton Keynes fulfillment centre Amazon Echo voice-controlled speakers go on sale, UK - 27 Sep 2016 Tho..
Discounts on , and a kick off today’s best deals. Bookmark , and , join our , and for the latest updates! Yesterday was supposed to be electronics day in Amazon’s 12 days of deals,..