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After missing Alabama's two practices last week while tending to Tennessee responsibilities, Jeremy Pruitt is back with the Crimson Tide, as expected. Coach Nick Saban had said on ..
Ten games into its season, Alabama enjoyed a short stint as a ranked team, pushed Arizona to the brink and has demonstrated more offensive firepower than it has in years past. The ..
It was this time last year that Alabama resorted to using some made up or exaggerated quotes as an additional means to motivating its players. There were four signs hanging on..
The news conference abruptly ended and Nick Saban darted away from the raised platform from which he spoke, not wasting a second before leaving the room.  Moments before, an A..
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — In a story Dec. 15 about the death of Frank Lary The Associated Press reported erroneously that he was survived by wife, Emma, and four children. It should ..