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samsung galaxy
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For a long time this year, it was believed that Apple’s iPhone X would have a Touch ID sensor embedded under the screen. As we got closer to the phone’s launch, it became clear tha..
Samsung will soon launch the Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone, a device that’s rumored to rely heavily on the Infinity Display design that Samsung unveiled this year. That said, the G..
Samsung wrote the book on copying Apple… literally. No, seriously — back when the company was still trying to break through in the smartphone market, Samsung actually created a 132..
Australians love Audi Sport models and the German company has decided to reward local enthusiasts with 10 limited-edition R8 V10 Plus vehicles, dubbed the Neuberg Edition. Named af..
Get ready: Faster, smarter, and more secure smartphones are coming in 2018.  Like clockwork, Qualcomm, the world's largest mobile chipmaker, announced its latest system-on-chi..
* Everything you need to accompany your new phone * Choose from screen protectors, backup batteries and more * Smartphone tool kit and SD card reader can help prolong the life of y..