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Now part of common parlance when referring to the overly-sensitive, easily-outraged, excessively-entitled Left, we read with particular enjoyment - for obvious reasons - that when ..
Despite today's expected decision by the UK Supreme Court, which ruled that Theresa May has to put the Brexit decision to a vote in parliament - in line with what May recently said..
  Overnight Media Digest WSJ - President Donald Trump started his first full workday at the White House focused on the economy, trade and jobs, withdrawing from the Trans-Paci..
US equity futures were flat, European stocks rose and Asia was mixed after the dollar posted a modest rebound overnight despite Mnuchin's "strong dollar" comments, while oil was fl..
In a blow to Theresa May's ambitions to implement a "clean Brexit", on Tuesday morning UK’s Supreme Court ruled the UK Prime Minister can’t start the Brexit process without approva..
It has been an 'evolutionary' year for billionaire Mark Cuban as his perspective has shifted from Trump-is-smart, "I'd be his VP" to Trump terror, "no doubt the market tanks," to a..
Gold price to 2 month high as fiery Trump declares New American Order - 'Trumponomics': Politics and economic policy in 140 characters - The ‘intelligence’ according to T..
  Overnight Media Digest WSJ - President Trump starts his first week with a packed schedule - from pushing through his slate of cabinet nominees to a raft of executive orders ..
While US stocks closed near session, and all time highs on Friday, the first green close on inauguration day in over 50 years, Monday has seen a modest case of buyer's remorse, wit..
Submitted by Brandon Smith via, In my last article, 'How Globalists Predict Your Behavior', I outlined the primary method globalists use to measure public consent, o..
Submitted by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute, Inspired by the inauguration of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, the leaders of Europe's main anti-establishment parties have h..
Some observations on recent negative trends in productivity, employment mismatch, and labor training and education from the increasingly more bearish David Rosenberg, who notes tha..
Submitted by George Friedman and Jacob Shapiro via, International relations and geopolitics are not synonymous... at least, not the way we understand them at G..
Submitted by George Shapiro and Jacob Shapiro via, What will the year ahead look like for Europe? 2017 will be another chapter in the European Union’s slow unr..
Submitted by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.og, “Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves” is the advice offered to the new president by Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations, which ..
The post-Brexit euphoria appears to have abruptly vanished in December as UK core retail sales plunged 2.0% month-over-month, the biggest drop since May 2011. Ironically, this crac..
Global shares were mixed, equity futures, the dollar and crude rose as investors focused their attention on today's inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. president. While the early ..
  Overnight Media Digest WSJ - Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the drug lord who staged two spectacular escapes from maximum-security prisons in Mexico, has arrived in New York to ..
Gold’s Gains 15% In Inauguration Years Since 1974 - Gold's average gains in inauguration years of 15% since 1974 - First year of new President frequently a time of increa..
Billionaire investor George Soros spoke to Bloomberg TV in Davos, and said the euphoria among stock investors since the victory of President-elect Donald Trump will end as uncertai..
Submitted by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog, I’m trying, I swear, to get into the fold, but I just can’t NOT find this hilarious. On the eve of his presidency, Don..
Billionaire investor George Soros spoke to Bloomberg TV in Davos, and said the euphoria among stock investors since the victory of President-elect Donald Trump will end as uncertai..
One of the better summaries of the tense mood at this year's Davos proceedings, where globalists from around the world are confronted with the new protectionist, populist reality t..
Silver and Gold Today Via MarketSlant |  Gold is down $10 at $1202 and Silver is off 38 cents at $16.9  as of this writing. The net effect of today's events thus far have..
  Overnight Media Digest WSJ - Netflix Inc's subscriber additions surged in the fourth quarter, fueled by an aggressive international expansion, beating both internal and Wall..
After yesterday's speech by Janet Yellen which signaled a path of steady interest rate increases and was perceived as hawkish, the dollar rebounded, Asian shares slipped and govern..
Submitted by Saxo Bank's Martin O'Rourke via, Read more on Saxo's page dedicated to Trump's inauguration Chinese investors will keep a close eye on developments ar..
For Goldman bulls today...   The Dollar Index surged higher today rebounding from its biggest drop since July with its biggest spike since the election today following Trump/R..
Trump will soon assume his elected office, and potentially change FX markets forever. Well, it's already happened. But what we've seen happen now, has been mostly 'talk' - whereas ..
GOLD PRICES UP 5.5% YTD - CONCERNS OF "CALAMITOUS SELF-HARM" TO EU FROM BREXIT AND TRUMP DOLLAR COMMENTS SUPPORT GOLD Gold prices extended their run of gains to a seventh session a..
  Overnight Media Digest WSJ - President Barack Obama shortened Chelsea Manning's 35-year prison sentence Tuesday, setting a May release for the former Army intelligence analy..
European shares decline led by a plunge in Pearson shares, S&P futures were modestly in the green as Asian and EM stocks gained. The dollar rebounded against most major currenc..
Investors won’t be able to trade markets if they can’t settle on a base-case scenario, and, as Bloomberg's Richard Breslow warns, they have to accept that some unknowns are less un..
Today's trading brought to you by the letter "B" and not by the number 20,000...   "B" is for Breaking narratives.. as the reflation trade rolls over... "B" is for Brexit talk..
Submitted by Saxo Bank's Michael McKenna via, Last Sunday, US president-elect Donald Trump launched one of his now-trademark series of broadsides against the CIA, ..
Ahead of Theresa May's speech, which catalyzed the biggest jump in sterling since 2008, the signs were already there that the British currency is facing upward pressure when Decemb..
Update: Britain will leave the EU's single market when it exits the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday, putting an end to speculation that London might try ..
As traders get to the their desks this morning after a 3-day weekend, only to find a market bombarded by a barrage of overnight news from around the globe even as Theresa May is cu..
Women's apparel retailer Limited Stores files for bankruptcy (Reuters)   Overnight Media Digest WSJ - U.S. President-elect Donald Trump criticized a cornerstone of House Repub..
John Hathaway of Tocqueville Funds says the physical gold market will defeat the paper gold market leading to a much higher price for the monetary metal in the coming months and ye..
Having plunged to flash-crash lows on Sunday night following leaks of UK PM Theresa May's Brexit speech, cable is soaring this morning as she delivered the speech confirming that b..
Shortly after Germany retaliated to Trump's overnight press attack, when German economy minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Monday morning that Germans would gladly buy US automobiles ..
While hardly coming as much of a a surprise following the weekend's news that Theresa May would call for a "clean and hard Brexit", confirmation received moments ago from both the ..
Last night we reported that while snacking on $40 hotdogs, the global financial, political and entertainment elite will be "struggling for answers" and cowering in "silent fear" as..
By EconMatters We discuss the British Pound in this video, regarding the cross currents of England currently experiencing a hot economy, but facing a real threat of recession as Br..
As political and business elite gather at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, a new report is shining light on the shocking reality of the wealth gap between the very rich and poor..
An angry Berlin has responded with a staunch defense of its policies after President-elect Donald Trump criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel in two separate Sunday interviews..
As the world's elite gather in Davos to decide for the minions what the world should look like, The IMF has taken a far dimmer view of global (and by that we mean Trumpian) economi..
The week ahead promises to be a full one, with a plethora of events coming up. The Word Economic Forum in Davos could generate some headlines, with particular focus on Chinese Pres..
While US markets take the day off for MLK holiday, the rest of the trading world has been busy, perhaps nowhere more so than the sterling which continued its volatile session in ad..
Submitted by Federico Pieraccini via, The preceding three parts of this series analyzed the mechanisms that drive great powers.         In..