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While there are a lot of great celebrity friendships out there — Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Huma Abedin and that guy from Scandal — there’s no pair..
Now that Amy Schumer has backed out of the starring role in the live-action Barbie movie, what’s an 11-and-a-half-inch piece of plastic to do? Production is already rolling on the ..
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would never promote The Lego Batman Movie because it would violate a whole bunch of federal ethics laws, unless of course you asked him what movie..
(Warning: This post contains heavy spoilers for Life.) Life is not a relaxing film. At best, it’s about a bunch of people floating in a tin can, far above the world, entranced with..
Early in Dave Chappelle’s two-part comeback special on Netflix, he alludes to a rift between himself and the black community. “I was supposed to be in Flint, Michigan, for a charit..
Adam Sandler is done. Specifically, it appears Adam Sandler is completely opting out of the things he doesn’t like doing — for good. Two-and-a-half years after signing a four-movie..
Netflix, which thankfully still rhymes with “wet chicks,” has inked another four-film deal with Adam Sandler. Sandler, the star many movies that allow him to take vacations with hi..
In Terrence Malick’s Song to Song, set amid the Austin music scene, Michael Fassbender plays one point of a very good-looking love rhombus that also includes Ryan Gosling, Natalie ..
It’s a bit early still, but I’d like to make a prediction: In the tradition of New York and Los Angeles getting engulfed by flame and flood and nuclear winter, the International Sp..
The new space movie Life begins with the discovery of life on Mars, but that’s just a prelude for a lot of very gross, very bloody deaths. Whether they’re drowning in antifreeze or..
How long is too long to wait to make a sequel to your movie? Increasingly, the question is becoming moot: No movie these days is too old to get a sequel, as long, of course, as tha..
When producer Jason Blum and Universal marketing heads Josh Goldstine and Michael Moses were part of the keynote conversation that closed Variety’s entertainment marketing summit, ..
For comedians, finding success is often about building a tribe — a fan base that thinks like you and will follow you wherever. If you’ve ever been to a live taping of the How Did T..
In a burgeoning storyline befitting a romantic comedy, Cory Booker and Mindy Kaling exchanged flirtatious tweets today, and they may or may not have seriously committed to a dinner..
Way back in 1998, when Emma Thompson was working on the movie Primary Colors with John Travolta, she apparently got propositioned for date by the future President of the United Sta..
For too many years we have all just accepted that in a galaxy far, far away that contains magic, you might expect to meet a dude named Han Solo. Today, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed..
Val Kilmer doesn’t really want or need to prove himself to anyone. His recent roles show a commitment to finding characters and collaborators who will bring out his best performanc..
On March 20 at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, writer-director Dax Shepard publicly acknowledged the two men he said made his feature reboot of the classic TV series, CHiPs, poss..
Depending on where you live in America, you could go to the movies this weekend and watch one or more of the following films: John Wick: Chapter 2, Logan, and The Belko Experiment...
Comic books have become some of the most lucrative sources of intellectual property for film and television in recent years, and 2017 will see the release of a bevy of screen adapt..
Bwooooom. That rumbling bass-drop noise isn’t in every movie trailer — Beauty and the Beast does just fine without it — but it sure seems like it. The trailer for John Wick: Chapte..
The new Power Rangers movie might not even be playing in theaters yet, but series creator Haim Saban already has the next five movies mapped out, according to a new interview with ..
Pull the emergency break on your outrage trains. Niki Caro, the woman tapped to direct Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan, says the matter of music in her film is far from settle..
Legion wants to convince viewers that it’s not a traditional superhero story by making bold stylistic choices and experimenting with narrative structure, but in its the first seaso..
Despite his Tony and three Emmy Awards, Bryan Cranston isn’t exactly known for being a subtle performer. Do you need someone who can throw a pizza on a roof or wear a bee suit? He’..
Brad Pitt is going through the most famous breakup in American history. (Hear that, Howard Zinn?) To recover from his last dozen years as half of Brangelina, Brad’s doing what any ..
If the alt-right were a fictional movement in an eerie comic book, it’s easy to imagine Daniel Clowes being the guy who dreamed it up. Not because he’s a hatemonger — far from it. ..
If you ventured to the multiplex to see a certain kind of end-of-year popcorn movie a while back, you were likely treated to the trailers for Power Rangers and Logan, perhaps back-..
There was a time when America Ferrera considered leaving art for activism. She was 17 years old and had just been thrust into the national spotlight, after 2002’s Real Women Have C..
The first incarnation of the Power Rangers franchise was the Fox series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which used footage from the Japanese series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger and began ..
Director Taylor Hackford is a Hollywood fixture, having made his name with a string of first-rate entertainments — Officer and a Gentleman first among them — and then burnishing hi..
Baz Luhrmann’s ambitious musical drama The Get Down landed on Netflix last summer with a twist. Instead of the full season debuting at once, only the first six hours — marketed as ..
Musical episodes are notoriously tricky tightrope acts. Pull it off and you might end up with something as marvelous as Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s beloved “Once More, With Feeling,..
The brusque, foulmouthed character study Wilson is a likable attempt to transform a story that works beautifully in one medium (comics) into something more dramatic and expansive. ..
T2 Trainspotting owes us a new “Choose Life” speech, and it better be good. The original speech didn’t just kick off the first Trainspotting film; it was the centerpiece of its mar..
“American ---,” the recent Girls episode, featured a thoughtful discussion of rape culture, a jarring ending, a prosthetic --- — and Chuck Palmer (The Americans’ Matthew Rhys),..
Who woulda guessed it? Love is a much better show when things happen and some of those things are funny and some are sad but they’re all borne out of action and character conflict!..
Well, how about that? Turns out having Mickey and Gus wander around aimlessly together is the best thing Love can do for itself. Maybe this is Netflix’s secret weapon? Much like Ma..
During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Thursday, Tim Allen poked fun at Hollywood’s current political climate, joking in part, “This town. I’m not kidding. You gotta be re..
Look, you’re already going to be barfing in sheer terror. Why not do that terror barfing…in style? In what is unquestionably the most metal movie theater amenity available today, L..
This September, don’t forget about tennis just because the US Open and, therefore Grand Slam-season, is over. Emma Stone and Steve Carell’s Billie Jean King & Bobby Riggs Biopi..
Ah, youth. Those long, heady days when you could while away your time watching John Hughes movie, eating pizza and totaling your dad’s beautiful 1961 Ferrari California Spyder. Now..
The Americans is a tour de force about identity, ideology, and truth. But for a prestige TV show that questions our very beliefs, the most frequent question is a surprising one: “W..
In the 20 years since the release of Trainspotting, director Danny Boyle hasn’t exactly been sitting on his hands. He won the Academy Award for Best Director in 2009 for Slumdog Mi..
Don’t be fooled by her gorgeous sun-filled home or her “booming battle-ax laugh,” Selena Gomez loves to be sad. Vogue invaded Selena’s house as part of their classically absurd 73 ..
On one level, the two characters Laura Dern is playing these days couldn’t be more different. In Craig Johnson’s Wilson, she plays Pippi, a struggling ex---- who’s trying to..
Most pillows are just pillows, but for Jenny Slate, the floral-print puffs arrayed on her pristine white linen couch in her freshly rented apartment in L.A.’s Silver Lake are metap..
Most pillows are just pillows, but for Jenny Slate, the floral-print puffs arrayed on her pristine white linen couch in her freshly rented apartment in L.A.’s Silver Lake are metap..
Since the middle of last season, Bates Motel has been hurtling toward the direct action of the Alfred Hitchcock film that inspired it. This week, we arrive at a key point in that j..
On Monday’s episode of Bates Motel, A&E’s reimagined story of Norman Bates will introduce its latest iconic character borrowed from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho: Marion Crane. Whe..
British period dramas may be entertaining, but they simply don’t have good roles for people like Thandie Newton. In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, Newton, who now liv..
Robert Downey Jr. has found his post–Iron Man gig. After he’s done donning the suit in The Avengers installments (and Iron Man-ing some more in Spider Man: Homecoming), he’ll be Ho..
Natalie Portman may have skipped the Oscars due to her pregnancy, but it seems that she was still game to take her very pregnant self to a pool and float around in it for James Bla..
At first, Woody Harrelson appears to fit the primary stereotype about him: He seems like he’s stoned. While chatting with Vulture at Manhattan’s Whitby Hotel over the weekend, he d..
After slogging through a long and arduous awards season, we’ve made it to spring. The slate of movies released in March and April deal in nostalgia (Power Rangers) and science fict..
Roger Federer may go down in history as one of the tennis greats, but his taste in movies, according to a new GQ profile, is not among one of his gifts. When Federer invited the ma..
Dear Marnie, I’m tempted to say that I am writing you this letter to offer some unsolicited guidance, but, honestly, I’m not sure that’s what I am really doing. To tell you how to ..
For a decade, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint were the faces of the Harry Potter franchise, the major entry point for the millions of fans who loved the films. When..
“The only real legacy is children,” Bette tells Victor, as her costar lavishes praise upon the star he so admires for both her work and embracing the gay community. It’s a new insi..
Much of what’s happened in this final season of Girls is about looking forward to the future and imagining what these characters’ lives might be like after the show ends. That cont..
Once the Pandora’s Box of what constitutes an “exclusively gay” moment in a Disney movie is opened, it might never be closed. In an interview published today in New Straits Times, ..
By now, you well know that an “exclusively gay moment” is featured in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, which — without getting into the nitty-gritty spoiler-y deta..
Of all the cardinal sins for a Judd Apatow-produced Netflix series starring two likable comedic actors, I think this might be the worst: Is Love … boring? Or, if we’re giving it th..
“Shrooms” works much in the same way actual shrooms do: All of a sudden, what once seemed boring is filled with finely realized, swirling details, and everything seems brighter tha..
By now, you well know that an “exclusively gay moment” is featured in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, which — without getting into the nitty-gritty spoilery detai..