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This month’s edition of Hedge Fund Spotlight highlights the opportunities and challenges facing managers of hedge funds this year, including: Using the results of Preqin’s survey o..
Placate Erdogan and risk looking like a wimp to his electorate. The very thing that he so didn’t want was now happening and at a scale that was almost certainly far grander than an..
A month ahead of France’s upcoming presidential election, the media has identified an obvious winner, just as it did with “Stay” and Hillary Clinton. But a new poll released exclus..
The previous year was rife with global political surprises. These cycles have become microcosms of a much larger global theme: politics are now increasingly a place for the “have n..
Is a “European Spring” in the making, just as the EU prepares to celebrate its 60 anniversary in Rome? In this opinion piece, Peter Vanham, global leadership fellow at the World Ec..
I’ve been watching the herds to try to determine just when the interest rate topic among the best and brightest (as chosen by the media) would start to pivot from ‘rising rates!’ h..
Europe’s Changing Landscape Dan Steinbock, Paris        In France, President Hollande’s utter failure to foster broad consensus for structural reforms..
By Dan Steinbock Even if Marine Le Pen would win the first round of French presidential election, she would face great odds in the second. Yet, in one sense, she has already won. I..