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It has been a couple of weeks since Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all released the much-awaited Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Galaxy Note 5. Those who own this handset on T-Mob..
When Samsung first took the wraps off the very first Galaxy Note handset, they did it at IFA. While the company still did reveal the Note series of handsets at IFA, the Note 7 in 2..
In case it wasn’t already obvious, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in two variants: the “regular” Galaxy S8 and the larger Galaxy S8+. Apart from the difference in a couple of features..
The Samsung Galaxy S8 has only just been released but it seems that the rumor mill will keep churning out those rumors regardless of that. So far the Galaxy S8 has been met with po..
With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung has opted to price the phone high than its predecessors. Why is this? Sure, some might call it a bit greedy, but as it turns out S..
Leading up to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung announced that the handset will not be launching with Bixby Voice. While they did not dive into details, some reports su..
One of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that was brought over from the Galaxy Note 7 is the iris scanner, which apparently is said to be more secure than other biometric forms..
There was a point in time when it felt that Samsung might be growing a bit too big for Android, and we had reported that Google had to step in and tell Samsung to cut back on the c..
Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been available for a while now, although they were largely limited to carriers and the carrier variants. However if you’d rather not be ti..
So now that both Samsung and LG have released their 2017 flagship phones which in theory should be more powerful than last year’s models, how do they fare against the competition? ..
During MWC 2017, Samsung confirmed that the headphones bundled with the Galaxy S8 would be from AKG. This was pretty awesome news as you would assume that AKG headphones would be b..
Earlier this week it was reported that some Samsung Galaxy S8 owner were reporting that their handsets had a reddish tint to them. The company tried to downplay the issue and state..
Thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy S8 for yourself and someone else at home? If you are, then you will most definitely be interested to learn that Sprint has announced that they ..
When Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched, there was a bit of controversy regarding the durability of the phone where it seemed that it could be easily bent. Users were report..
We have been hearing a fair number of rumors and seen a couple of leaks regarding the HTC U, and we’re sure that just like ourselves, many of you guys are curious as to when the ha..
Technology is constantly evolving and usually for the better. With the Samsung Galaxy S8, it was the first phone to be launched with Bluetooth 5. Now according to a tweet by Roland..
At MWC 2017 back in February, Samsung took the wraps off the Galaxy Book which is basically a 2-in-1 device that runs on Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform. If you liked what you saw ..
Following the snafu that was the Galaxy Note 7’s launch last year, we’re sure that there are Samsung Galaxy S8 owners out there who might be a bit wary about any potential phone de..
If you buy phones and you’re in it for the long haul, like 2-3 years, then things like how easy is the phone to repair is an important question. After all if a phone is difficult o..
One of the touted features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is its Bixby assistant feature. However it seems that for some reason, Samsung has chosen not to launch Bixby Voice with the han..
Prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, there were rumors abound with regards to the handset’s specs and features. One of the alleged specs of the phone was that it could com..
Another day, another report about the iPhone 8. It’s the iPhone’s 10th anniversary this year so Apple is expected to launch a revolutionary product to commemorate a decade of its m..
While the Samsung Galaxy S8 is set for an official release on the 21st of April, it seems that there are some lucky customers who were lucky enough to be receiving their units earl..
The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a dedicated hardware button on its side that when pressed, allows users to launch Bixby. However recently it was discovered that thanks to an app, ..
Prior to the official announcement of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, it was rumored that the Galaxy S8 would feature a dual camera system on the back. We now know that isn’t th..
The Galaxy Note 7 was an absolute disaster for Samsung. There were countless cases of the handset’s battery catching fire which led to Samsung having to make the difficult decision..
T-Mobile appears to have a thing about not sticking to the release dates announced by manufacturers for their new smartphones. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the carrier..
Right now one of the common methods at securing a phone involves the use of a fingerprint sensor. Since no two people have the same fingerprint, it sounds like a pretty foolproof s..
The HTC U Ultra was announced earlier this year but despite its somewhat high-end specs, the handset wasn’t exactly what you would consider to be compelling. Sure it had the chops,..