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Tony Romo has his regular-season schedule. The quarterback-turned-broadcaster will make his debut as an analyst with CBS in its Week 1 broadcast of the Oakland Raiders versus the T..
National anthem protests haven't gone away in the National Football League. During the first week of preseason, the Seattle Seahawks' Michael Bennett and Oakland Raiders' Marshawn ..
Commissioner Roger Goodell offered tacit support toward Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, after he drew scrutiny for sitting during the national anthem ahead of Saturday..
An 180-pound backup kicker practicing with defensive linemen may sound like some kind of punishment, but Giorgio Tavecchio actually volunteered to take part in the Oakland Raiders'..
For the price of a third-round draft pick, a fourth-round draft pick, and the 59th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers received just 22 made field goals on..
Every jaw-dropping deal seems to leave the football world craving more, doesn't it? Wishful as the thinking may be, there's still plenty of time for other deals of this magnitude t..