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WASHINGTON, June 22 (Reuters) - A seven-year push by U.S. Republicans to dismantle Obamacare and kill the taxes it imposed on the wealthy will reach a critical juncture on Thursday..
Case in point: A PAC ad supporting Republican Karen Handel in her ultimately victorious Georgia congressional campaign against Democrat Jon Ossoff exploited last week’s shooti..
I hope President Trump will be interested in learning about the devastating impact for the nearly 15,000 people who are about to lose their trusted health care provider. Cecile Ric..
On Tuesday June 20th, Georgians will vote in one of the most closely watched special elections in history. The choice is not just between two individuals – it is between two fundam..
California on Monday will announce plans to award $20 million in emergency grants to local health and Planned Parenthood clinics in anticipation of possible U.S. healthcare funding..
In a new video for the Lives of Women series, Brenneman talks about being both pro-abortion rights and an active member of her church, as well as coming to terms with the anti-abor..