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Is She Brave?
The Huffington Post
Then one day you walk out of a florescent lit doctor's office as a shell of your former self after receiving life changing news because now you must pick up the pieces of what you ..
"Dr. Collins is the right person, at the right time, to continue to lead the world's premier biomedical research agency. He possesses all the attributes one should have as the Dire..
Growing inequality threatens to upend the very fabric that’s held democracies together in the post-World War II global order. Partly driving last year’s growing divide was the boom..
We live in a world at constant risk of public health emergencies. In our increasingly interconnected world, public health emergencies can affect anyone, anywhere. The recent outbre..
The recent death of a woman in Reno, Nevada, from an infection resistant to every available kind of antibiotic in the U.S. highlights how serious the threat of antibiotic..
Doctors and medical students held a joint press conference to oppose Rep. Tom Price's nomination as secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “We’re going..
A patient at a rural health camp in Mwae County, Kenya has his blood pressure checked as part of a full physical exam. If needed, non-communicable disease drugs will be made availa..
One of the most frustrating aspects of winter is sickness. Between the common cold, the flu, stomach bugs, and everything else that goes around, employees are probably missing days..
What a spectacular mess American politics is. First, on Tuesday night, there was outgoing President Barack Obama, back in elegant orator mode after spending far too much of his pre..
How healthy are people in the U.S.? A new federal report shows that although the country has made progress in some areas, such as increasing how much exercise people get and loweri..
For patients who are convinced there’s a link between the weather and their pain, however, the new findings are unlikely to persuade them otherwise, Shmerling said. “What I routine..
So Long 2016, Hello 2017?
The Huffington Post
Thousands of victims of international terrorism, mass-migration, the Iran deal, the Zika virus, Brexit stuns the UK, Donald Trump stuns the US and the entire world, fascism, mariju..
(Reuters Health) – It may one day be possible to spot illness the same way many of us already track our exercise habits and sleep patterns: with wearable sensors, researchers say. ..
For the study, 293 people over age 30, all without heart problems, were measured for brain activity, bone marrow activity and inflammation of the arteries. The researchers fol..
I was first diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2003, when I was in my mid-40s. But looking back, I suspect I had the disease for about 10 years before that. It was a long road t..
Isolation and Chronic Pain go hand in hand, there's no sugar coating it. Anyone with CP knows that we make deliberate choices about our schedules every day that all revolve around ..
Life as Our Ancestors Lived It
The Huffington Post
In most of the time human beings have lived on Earth, it was in circumstances very different from those we encounter now. I learned about how people might have lived in Stone Age c..
A group of state attorneys general announced last year that they were undertaking a probe into whether Exxon Mobil and other corporations misled investors and the public on th..
You Are Never Alone
The Huffington Post
This life can feel so fragile. One minute you're sipping a mocha or kombucha, then next thing you know, you've been flipped upside into paranoia, depression or anxiety. For me, the..
Millennials are the first cohort to be born into an obesogenic world - from birth, they have been surrounded by cheap, highly processed, high-calorie tempting foods, and an ever-pr..
Carter has repeatedly voiced his desire to end the disease throughout the years. But his commitment to the cause took on a more urgent tone in 2015 when the former president had a ..
LUANDA (Reuters) - Angola said on Wednesday it had recorded its first two cases of the Zika virus, just three months after a yellow fever epidemic that killed at least 400 peo..
Nationwide each year, 350,000 to 400,000 children benefit from more than 1,500 Give Kids A Smile events all because of 40,000 or more annual volunteers. NYC Council Member and Chai..
On Christmas Day, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used his website to tell the world that he was not an atheist any more. In this way, the billionaire used Facebook to express his fee..
It used to be common to hear a new convert described as someone who had "got religion." Occasionally one hears that phrase still. It makes religion sound like a disease. One gets r..
Obama reflected on the accomplishments of his administration, but also issued a call to action for citizens going forward during his speech, which he delivered in front of a large ..
News outlets are reporting that you are about to settle the criminal case with Takata airbag defect case for nearly $1 billion and the Volkswagen emissions cheating case for nearly..
Once upon a time, in a political universe far, far away, presidents and presidential candidates were obliged to weigh in on an esoteric laboratory procedure that extracted stem cel..
In addition, Cooper said, “The gap actually narrowed. [The rates] went up in all groups. The differences between the wealthiest and the poorest narrowed after the ACA.”  ..
Raccoons are wild animals, and many people don't realize it's unethical and illegal to capture a healthy wild animal and force it live out the rest of its life in confinement. Lice..
Most of what you read about how to innovate and how to achieve success as an entrepreneur is irrelevant at best, and a cargo cult at worst. The real success patterns are not well k..
Getting older has its perks. Chances are you're more confident, have more direction and a defined sense of self. While your health is likely not a primary concern, it's important t..
“I just love it,” my husband replied sarcastically before getting earnest. “You fall in love, you stay with somebody, and marriage is just the next step. That’s the way it was the ..
The mutation suggested he had a disease called Coffin-Siris syndrome. But Patient Number Two didn’t have that disease’s typical symptoms, like sparse scalp hair and incomplete pink..
We, as the viewing audience, are drawn to celebrities and famous people in ways we are not even aware. Within the lives of the celebrated lie the hopes and dreams of the rest of us..
Recently, I traveled through China. I climbed mountains, hiked through forests, crossed deep valleys. I visited cities of every size. I floated across lakes and traveled beautiful ..
The fall of the Berlin Wall in October 1989 abruptly ended one historical era and inaugurated another. So, too, did the outcome of last year’s U.S. presidential election. What are ..
Those are just three of the accusations that federal prosecutors leveled against two Alabama physicians in April as part of a 22-count criminal indictment ― alleging that Drs...