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A new book by Michael Wear, President Obama’s faith-outreach director, offers keen insight regarding one piece of the cultural disconnect: faith, and issues like abortion that driv..
The House on Friday voted to begin the process of repealing ObamaCare, despite defections from some Republicans wary of rushing ahead without a plan to replace the law. Lawmakers v..
Republicans have long targeted the healthcare group for providing abortions, threatening to shut down the government if federal funding wasn’t pulled from the organization. Now tha..
The incoming Trump administration and Republicans on Capitol Hill are "in complete sync" when it comes to repealing and replacing ObamaCare, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) sa..
Heller and Flake are considered the leading targets for Democrats aiming to win some Senate seats ahead of a difficult 2018 Senate map. In Nevada, the poll shows Heller in a close ..
Republicans are hoping to capitalize on Trump’s momentum during his first 100 days to enact a host of legislation. Repealing ObamaCare is first on the docket, while funding an expa..
Elections have consequences, and in the early days of legislative sessions in states across the country, Republicans are busy taking aim at key Democratic interests, moving to unde..
President-elect Donald Trump is calling on congressional Republicans to replace ObamaCare "very shortly" after they vote to repeal the law. His comments to The New Y..
Headed into 2017, we knew that one of two things would be true about the Republican Party: Either they would learn the lesson that going on offense on abortion is a winning issue, ..
Brazile's remarks come as Sessions heads for what could be one of the most contentious confirmation hearings. Democrats and outside pressure groups have criticized Sessions over al..
Senate Republican leaders are pushing back against calls from some in their caucus to pass an ObamaCare replacement at the same time as repeal. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas)..
Sanders called the plan an "obsession" that has "nothing to do with improving healthcare."   Speaker (R-Wis.) said last week that language defunding Planned Parenthood would b..
Senate Democrats are planning to hold a late-night talkathon Monday protesting Republicans' push to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  The protest comes as Democrats face an uph..
Trump has pledged to take sweeping, unilateral actions on Jan. 20 to roll back President Obama’s policies and set the course for his administration. Many of Obama’s policies he can..
Vice President-elect spent his last Sunday in the Indiana Governor’s residence this weekend, as he prepares for Inauguration Day on Jan. 20. “Enjoying a quiet moment on our last Su..
I’ve been getting a lot of incredulous and even hostile reactions when I tell friends and family members that I—a liberal working in poverty policy and a former Obama White House s..