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Four-year-old Rhys Pritchard sustained a small cut above his eye after bumping his head. The problem went worse when he started to show symptoms of necrotising fasciitis, or flesh-..
A Florida man finally recovers after battling flesh-eating bacteria contracted from a hike in New Hampshire. Health experts say blaming Mount Garfield is an inaccurate assumption.&..
Boots Pharmaceuticals angered women for suggesting that decreasing the price of its morning-after pills will encourage inappropriate behavior. The drugstore apologized after a majo..
Federal officials are investigating a current Salmonella outbreak which has so far infected 47 individuals. Papayas from a store in Maryland tested positive for two strains of Salm..
The ancestors of people who now live in Sub-Saharan Africa interbred with a "ghost" species of hominin, analysis of the saliva protein MUC7 revealed. What is this "ghost" ancient h..
A healthier lifestyle means a lowered risk for dementia, researchers recently said. Here, dementia patients and their guides spend the day at an alpaca farm as therapy in the villa..