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CLEARWATER — North of Clearwater Beach, beyond the last brown beach house, where the mangroves jut nearly out to the sea, lies seclusion. Keep walking on the sand as it turns from ..
CLEARWATER — Clearwater was redesignated as a Coast Guard City last week and remains one of just 21 cities in the U.S. with the distinction. The city was first designated in 2011. ..
One cool scene that got only a few seconds of quickly edited screen time in Tuesday's "Hard Knocks" episode saw Bucs punter Bryan Anger going spearfishing as part of a montage of w..
Thursday, August 10, 2017 4:53am ST. PETE BEACH — Heavy equipment invaded Upham Beach this week as construction began on a seven-month project to install permanent structures offic..
MEXICO CITY — Hurricane Franklin roared ashore on Mexico's central Gulf coast early Thursday, threatening to pound a mountainous region prone to flash floods and mudslides with tor..
HBO/NFL FILMS Bucs punter Bryan Anger is seen entering the water to go spearfishing for lionfish in a scene from Tuesday's episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks," chronicling the Bucs in t..
For people in the southeastern United States, and especially in Florida, who feel that annoying tidal flooding has sneaked up on them in recent years, it turns out to be true. And ..
Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies rescued two boaters Tuesday evening after their boat sank in the Gulf of Mexico, about six miles off the coast of Dunedin. Mohammed Sameni, 26, a..
MEXICO CITY — A strengthening Tropical Storm Franklin took aim at Mexico's central Gulf coast after a relatively mild run across the Yucatan Peninsula, with forecasts saying it wou..