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If you’re in the market for an Android smartphone the new Google Pixel 2 should be on your shortlist, but there’s something you should know first. Google has two versions of the Pi..
If there’s a rockstar of the Android world in 2017, it’s the new Pixel 2. Google’s own smartphones may not sell in as great a number as, say, Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galax..
As powerful as our smartphones today may be, they’re actually not as powerful as they can be. For one reason or another, OEMs choose to sometimes limit otherwise capable hardware. ..
Android tablets aren’t exactly the hottest mobile devices these days. They might not have been for quite some time. There has been very little major changes, innovation or otherwis..
Just when you thought this year’s smartphone lineup was nearly done, save for the Huawei Mate 10 in just a few hours, along comes Razer to keep you on the edge of your seat until n..
Even though we’re still months out from the reveal of the Galaxy S9, there have already been plenty of rumors about the device. One of the latest rumors surfacing today claims that..
A new tip on Apple’s stylus-laden future has come to light, this time making a play for the next-generation iPhone. We’re so extremely far away from the next iPhone right now that ..
Is the world ready for another niche Android smartphone? Razer apparently believes so, and going by a potential list of specifications for the upcoming handset, we’re starting to t..
The AI assistant Bixby hasn’t proven to be the consumer hit Samsung had hoped for and now the company is taking big steps to try and change that. Samsung has tweaked its personnel ..
Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds and smartwatch, the Gear IconX 2018 and Gear Sport, have found themselves a release date. Announced back in August, the wearables will go up for p..
Just as the Samsung Galaxy S8 was roasted for its Bixby button, so too must we address the squeeze feature on Google’s Pixel 2. The hardware comes from the HTC U11, the first place..
The Nokia 8 isn’t even out in some major markets (like the US) yet, and there is now word, and a few pretty 3D renders, of a Nokia 9 going around. It seems that the Nokia 8 isn’t y..
Before Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8 and its first ever dual camera system, it prepared the road by launching its imaging sensors into a distinct and marketable brand of its ..