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If you have a top-tier flagship smartphone, there’s a good chance you paid somewhere between $600 and $800 for it…or more. That’s a fairly substantial sum, and the reason why many ..
For the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 this morning several key details were leaked surrounding the release and pricing of the handset. Previous leaks suggested sizing and contents of the s..
Smartphone trends have come and gone, form factors change from time to time. One thing that seems to refuse to die, however, is the flip phone clamshell design. Sure, it’s no longe..
The OnePlus 5 has finally broken cover and, with that, we are almost through this year’s expected roster of flagship smartphones. While still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8,..
Samsung has finally opened, though only slightly, the gates that would unleash one of its most promised and so far most disappointing Galaxy S8 feature: Bixby Voice. Owners of Sams..
One of the advantages that Chinese smartphone makers have is that they are able to take bigger risks and jump on fads faster than more mainstream giants. And when it comes to jumpi..
Each and every high profile smartphone gets a round of leaks and speculation before launch. Especially when you’re as high-profile as the Samsung Galaxy S8. Some of those might hav..
You can’t blame Samsung for being excited about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8: how else could you explain all the loose-lipped execs whispering details about the next-gen phablet. Fol..
With the influx of iPhone 8 rumors, you would probably have a good idea of what the upcoming Apple flagship will look like and be like – which is to say, it’s going to be pretty ni..
Early September? Late August? Mid August? Those so far have been speculated early dates for the Galaxy Note 8. The latest seems to have favored a scenario that has Samsung scrambli..
For weeks now, there’s been an ever-growing pile of evidence to suggest that the Galaxy S8 Active is on the way. Considering that the Active line has been a popular series of relea..
Back in April, as we previously reported, Google Play Music offered some special perks for Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners, primarily the ability to upload 100,000 songs to the cloud rath..
It seems that the evidence is piling about the Galaxy Note 8’s lack of an optical fingerprint sensor hiding underneath the screen. It was already accepted, though somewhat begrudgi..
Even though we have a dedicated Bixby button on our Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus handsets, Samsung’s take on the smart assistant launched in poor shape here in the US. Though some feature..
Those closely following Samsung’s movements, arguably the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, probably knows by now how it is pushing Bixby as its Siri, Google ---..
By trying to release the Galaxy Note 8 very early, Samsung will inevitably have to cut some corners. For example, it might not have the mythical on-screen fingerprint sensor becaus..