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When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8, it didn’t just unveil a new smartphone. It also announced a whole ecosystem around it, including, of course, a VR ecosystem. Although the new G..
Kodak is a name you would immediately associate with cameras but with this generation’s obsession with smartphone, it couldn’t but help dip its toes into that market as well. That ..
With the announcements of both the new Surface Pro and the Huawei MateBook E today, we find ourselves in a heated 2-in-1 competition. Huawei and Microsoft aren’t the only ones part..
You wait for one premium 2-in-1 Windows 10 hybrid, and along come a whole selection at once. Samsung is hoping the Galaxy Book 12-inch will catch your eye out of a growing market, ..
Samsung has traditionally been chided for its bloated spin of Android, from the TouchWiz user experience to the services running underneath. Part of that, particularly TouchWiz, ha..
Samsung’s DeX is hardly the first attempt at offering a desktop-like interface and experience using a Galaxy S8, a dock, and peripherals. While far from perfect or done, the advant..
At first glance, Microsoft has knocked the new Surface Pro out of the park. Coming hot on the heels of the Surface Laptop, the tablet-that’s-a-notebook (and which mustn’t be called..
The folks at Chaos Computer Clubs have shown how to bypass biometric security on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a set of simple tools. Infrared camera capture of the target user’s face..
Samsung hasn’t been slow in selling Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ phones, but if you’ve been holding off buying the new Android flagship then it may have the deal you’ve been waiting fo..
Even though the Galaxy Note 8 is still a few months out at this point, it’s already been at the center of a few leaks. Today is no different, as a couple images of a dummy Galaxy N..
With the regular Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus still relatively new devices, we haven’t heard too much about their rugged counterpart, the Galaxy S8 Active. Previous rumors have indicated ..
There is only so much you can fit in a very cramped space. At least not without risking a repeat of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster. Rumors of the successor to the Moto Z Play h..
This week a video has appeared with a 3D print of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 3D print. It is believed that this print was made using plans for a real-deal Galaxy Note 8 which would no..
The never ending rivalry between Apple and Samsung always leads to their respective flagship getting compared generation after generation, even if they are launched practically hal..
The bezel-less wars are on. Even Apple might be joining the fray, though perhaps delayed. Xiaomi fired the opening salvo, and LG quickly followed suit. It was, however, perhaps sho..
The first ASUS-made Google Tango smartphone, Zenfone AR, will be released this summer with Verizon. Yesterday we were told by Google that the device was going to be made available ..
Nope, still not a Galaxy Note killer. Earlier this year, LG revealed the Stylo 3 pictured above that, like other Stylos, or Styluses, before it, offered a thin but still capacitive..
The latest batch of photos of a so-called iPhone 8 have been shared with the public this morning. This version of the iPhone is one of three – so the story goes – with the iPhone 7..
ROLI‘s touch-sensitive BLOCKS have quietly added Android support today, with the portable modular music-makers showing up at Google’s I/O 2017 keynote. The BLOCKS were launched las..
If you buy into the rumors that we’ve heard thus far, then we’re quickly approaching the re-release of the Galaxy Note 7. These refurbished devices will be hitting the market in pa..
It seems that the rumors for Samsung’s next phablet have started to trickle down now that the Galaxy S8 is more or less secure on its spot. So far, it seems that most of the focus ..
The Galaxy S8 is off to a rocking start, perhaps providing the salvation that Samsung has been praying and working hard for. According to the company, sales of its latest champ has..
The Samsung faithful in the UK have a reason to get excited today, because at long last, Samsung Pay has finally arrived. It’s been a long time coming, especially considering that ..
Just when you thought all the rumors have mostly settled down, another reliable source comes dashing those hopes and expectations. Engadget managed to get hold of “highly detailed ..
With the Galaxy S8 more or less successful, or at least not a blazing failure, our minds and noses turn to the even bigger question mark in Samsung’s corporate life: how will it tu..
There’s a lot riding on the HTC U11, the company’s new flagship Android smartphone. As the name makes abundantly clear, the U11 is a phone which straddles the gap between two of HT..
The Google Pixel, the tech giant’s first ever “made by Google” phone, burst into the market with a shockingly good camera. So good that it has topped DxOMark’s charts months after ..