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In just a matter of days, Samsung will be unveiling its Galaxy Tab S3 at MWC 2017. The tablet is pretty much no longer a secret, with leaks, even a user manual, telling almost ever..
Another tech show, another chance for Samsung to boast about how it fosters and cultivates innovation among its employees through incubation programs like its C-Lab, formerly Creat..
The latest Harris Poll is in, and in it we see some pretty obvious conclusions, namely that both Samsung and Volkswagen suffered big blows to their reputations in the United States..
We’ve been treated to a couple iterations of Samsung’s Gear VR headset already, but the next one could feature a big addition. According to both a new leak and an interesting new F..
Yes, Samsung seems to be definitely all about tablets this coming MWC 2017. Even though the company won’t yet explicitly name it (unlike LG), the Galaxy Tab S3 is pretty much in th..
In a matter of days, less than two weeks, gamers, critics, and Nintendo fans alike will finally be treated to first official hands-on of what is the most talked about gaming device..
Samsung may have lost its chance to make the Galaxy Note 7 the next big thing in mobile productivity, but it might take another stab at it before the Galaxy Note 8 arrives. That wi..
Rumors have been flying for some time now about what we can expect with Apple‘s redesigned “iPhone 8” sometime this year or in 2018, and one of the oft-reported features coming to ..
We’re getting down to the wire as far as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 reveal is concerned. Though we know it won’t be making an appearance at MWC 2017 later this month, we should get an off..
Huawei has already confirmed that its MWC 2017 presence will include the P10 as well as the Huawei Watch 2. Other than that, however, it hasn’t said much. Fortunately, others are d..
A number of leaks this week made by odd users with penchants for fakery have shown a curved-edge variant of the Huawei P10. This device has already all-but-been-revealed by Huawei ..
Samsung’s most notable line of rugged smartphones is its premium Galaxy S Active series, but lesser known is its Xcover lineup, a less expensive alternative for those on a tight bu..
The release date for the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been tipped to appear at a special event in Barcelona this February. The timing of the release of the smartphone – or smartphones – w..
MWC 2017 is barely two weeks away, so all the rumors, leaks, and insider tips are ramping up. Considering how late the revelation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 came, it’s not exactl..
A set of photo-quality renders (not actual photos) appeared this week of the Galaxy S8 to further axe fears of a cut headphone jack. Apple tossed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7..