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As the tech world holds its breath in anticipation of the official debut of Samsung‘s Galaxy S8 smartphone, more details and images continue to make their way to the public. While ..
Verizon has launched a pair of budget-tier Android smartphones, the LG K20 V and the Samsung Galaxy J7 V. Both bring moderate features for a budget-tier price, with the Galaxy hand..
Samsung has been mostly successful in getting those with a defective Galaxy Note 7 to turn their phones in, but as always, there are a certain amount of stragglers who are still us..
In about a week’s time, Samsung will finally unveil the Galaxy S8. Much of what it will have to offer is pretty much known, leaving little to the imagination. The only real remaini..
Following a test in the region, Samsung Pay has fully launched for everyone in India, marking a new milestone for the payment platform. As in other regions, those in India will be ..
A show of confidence or a sign of desperation? For now, it seems to be both. In order to counteract the severe impact that the Galaxy Note 7 had on its image, Samsung is believed t..
Newer doesn’t always mean better. Qualcomm learned that the hard way with the Snapdragon 810, its first new 64-bit processor/platform, notorious for its heat problems. And it might..
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the Galaxy Note Tablet that never was. In the best way possible, Samsung has created an Android answer for the iPad Pro. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has ..
Much of the features of the upcoming Galaxy S8 have already been leaked to death. Some, like the Bixby AI-powered assistant, has even been confirmed by Samsung itself. One feature,..
What you’re about to see is shocking, to say the least – a Galaxy S8 from Samsung in a color that’s perfect for the Easter Bunny. This is the Violet Samsung Galaxy S8 we’ve heard r..
Previous reports of a home button under the display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 seem to be coming to fruition. Photos we’ve collected today from a set of microbloggers in China seem t..
This week Samsung has once again confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is well on the way with a list of details of what it’ll be able to do. These details come largely in the form ..
Samsung made it known before that it wasn’t in a rush to ditch the headphone jack, unlike eternal frenemy Apple. But that was before the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, before Samsung was pl..
Is HTC really cursed when it comes to smartphones? Based on the rather mixed reactions for the HTC U Ultra, that might seem to be the case. We’ll hold off on judging pending our ow..
Virtual reality is a great way to experience events and places that would be near impossible to experience first hand, like the weather outside. OK, so it’s not exactly possible to..
Samsung is in a rather “interesting” position as far as silicon production goes. On the one hand, it makes its own Exynos application processor, which is plans to soon push harder ..
Usually, at this point in time, rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S8 should have, more or less, settled down and have been whittled down to a few consistent points. And yet there a..