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Talk about deja vu: batteries for the Galaxy Note 4, of all phones, are being recalled. While it may seem like we’re heading for a repeat of last fall at first blush, it seems that..
We’re getting closer and closer to the launch of Essential‘s first flagship phone. Emails are being sent out to some Essential Phone early adopters, saying that their phones will b..
There was some small amount of rejoicing within the Android community when Lenovo revealed that it would be putting its custom “Pure Vibe” skin to rest, starting with the K8 Note t..
For the first time in the Galaxy Note’s history, two cameras may be equipped on the device’s backside. A 2x camera setup replicates what other big brands like Apple and Huawei have..
Another Samsung fitness wearable has leaked, this one supposedly called the Gear Fit2 Pro. The wearable, among other things, is tipped to feature support for offline Spotify playba..
Samsung just revealed a bit of information about its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 handset via one of its support pages. According to that page, the Galaxy Note 8 will be available with a..
We’re quickly heading into a busy season for flagship phones, and it looks like Samsung is going to kick that season off with an event on August 23. It’s at this event that Samsung..
In little less than two weeks, we will finally have the full picture of Samsung’s follow-up to the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 from 2016. Truth be told, we almost already have a full p..
Next week will be quite a show. Even before Samsung unveils its Galaxy Note 8, Google will supposedly finally launch and name Android 8.0 “O”. The latter, if true, will coincide wi..
The last two weeks of August might be packed for Android users. Of course, there’s the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the LG V30, and the ASUS ZenFone 4 line, among other ..
The camera on Google’s Pixel quite possibly takes the best photos of an smartphone, Android or otherwise. But it’s not just the hardware like the lens or image stabilization, the P..
Samsung is increasingly rolling out a series of experience ‘stores’ it calls Galaxy Studios, making it easy for consumers to play with Samsung gadgets in a way that isn’t necessari..
The next Samsung event is all but guaranteed to be home to the Galaxy Note 8 – but that’s not all. Today we’ve got word that the next Samsung wearable device – a perfect companion ..
Unlike on iOS, there is no shortage of third-party browsers on Android. Some OEMs even have their own implementations, usually forked of the Android browser and most of the time ex..
We’re still waiting for the Galaxy Note 8 to make its official debut, but ahead of that there are many leaks, and with these leaks came wallpapers. A total of 13 images, all said t..
The anticipated LG V30 won’t be making its official debut until later on this month, but ahead of that comes a slew of information, some of it from LG itself, others from unnamed s..
The Galaxy S8 already has a fair number of color variants on offer, but one that isn’t included on that list is rose pink. Samsung has only revealed Rose Pink as a variant for the ..
Ever since the LG V10 and perhaps even before that, LG has always prided itself for offering multimedia creators some of the best tools they can fit in their pockets. And while it’..
The T-Mobile REVVL is a smartphone that leads the pack of JUMP phones offered by the brand for cheap. Rumor has it this device was manufactured by TCL, the came company that makes ..
Published today is a list of the worst of the worst apps and services for Android battery drain. This list comes from Avast, a group whose Android App Performance and Trend Report ..
Andy Rubin’s Essential, like many other start ups, needs funding from investors to get off the ground. Luckily for Rubin, there are quite a few high-profile companies looking to ba..
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was reported today to include Samsung’s version of 3D-touch for its touchscreen. This device will, if the report holds true, feature the same method of en..
Sony’s Xperia smartphones are, to be honest, overpriced for what they’re really worth. Make no mistake, they are as premium as they look (depending on your aesthetic tastes), but t..
The Galaxy S8 was almost perfect. Its one glaring flaw was its fingerprint scanner. Never mind the off-center position that has resulted in many a smudge to the camera, the scanner..