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The greatest irony of the Galaxy S8 is that Samsung launched a crippled Bixby in the worst way possible. Whether you’re still waiting for promised features or have no care for Bixb..
The Galaxy S8 is already receiving its fair share of criticisms not even a week into its launch. But aside from the crippled initial Bixby launch, the most glaring, almost literall..
Just like any movie or TV show script, not everything planned gets into production and the final episode or film. Same is especially true with devices, with features that get left ..
After my Galaxy S8 review, of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked is whether people should buy the new Samsung now, or wait until the new iPhone is revealed later in 2017. ..
It’s the Samsung Galaxy S8‘s big day, and that means there are deals for the taking. If you haven’t already preordered the phone, now is your chance to jump on one of several promo..
Partners of Samsung have brought out their big guns when it comes to Galaxy S8 cases and Galaxy S8 Plus cases this week. These cases are first to store racks – and they come from b..
Legend, the company that dazzles up smartphones with a large dose of luxury, has taken the wraps off its new 24k gold and crocodile leather versions of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy..
They’re here: the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are officially available, and while preorders have been arriving over this past week, now you can walk into a store and pick up t..
The world’s biggest Android smartphone maker Samsung has made a deal with Google to make Google Play Music their new default music player. The first place where Samsung will make G..
The Galaxy S8 goes into wide release around the world today, and while many reviews have been very positive, there’s still at least one early issue to look out for. Korea has had t..
Korea and the US have had their head start. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to get their hands, not to mention fingerprint smudges, on Samsung’s newest darlings. The global..
Estimates for shipping numbers for the Galaxy S8 have risen in KGI’s books as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo taps into Galaxy Note 8 predictions. This week the analyst suggested that prelimi..
This years flagships look mighty beautiful but also delicate. There is glass everywhere, both front and back. That is true for the LG G6, the HTC U Ultra, and, of course, the Samsu..
While Microsoft may have a new Surface Pro 5 coming next month, leaks paint a rather disappointing picture of a slightly refreshed 2-in-1. That gives its partners and competitors p..
The Note 7 may be dead – or, at least, as good as dead – but its legacy carries on in some small but highly useful ways in the Galaxy S8. Samsung’s new flagship smartphone for 2017..
KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is best known for his insights on Apple’s devices, particularly iPhones, that hit the mark most of the time. So when he does make the rare Andro..
While we’re looking to either Sony or OnePlus to bring the next smartphone powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, we might have overlooked one potential candidate. Granted, Sharp ..
Given the scathing experience Samsung suffered over the Galaxy Note 7’s battery, you’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now. That might actually be true but, based on iFix..
No smartphone is perfect, of course, but manufacturers are expected to at least avoid glaring bugs and issues, especially at launch. Considering how much Samsung is banking on the ..
A handset said to be the upcoming iteration of the Samsung Galaxy J5 has leaked in a pair of phones, one showing the back of the handset and the other showing the rear of the phone..
If all goes according to plan (or, at least, the rumor machine’s version of the plan) Apple’s anniversary iPhone 8 will be a huge departure in design. After three years of iterativ..
There are several facts that a first-time Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus user should know when running the device right out the box. What we’re doing today is speaking about the piece..
In the cat and mouse game between Samsung and Apple, the user is the real winner, and never has that been so apparent as with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Undoubtedly the most eagerl..
Samsung has blocked users from remapping the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 handset, upsetting early buyers who weren’t planning on using the Korean company’s personal assistant. Bi..
A Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 2x camera prototype revealed in a recent leak has been tipped to release later this year. Instead of appearing as the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, this device i..
The HTC U Ultra is perhaps the company’s most controversial smartphone yet. The hardest pill to swallow about it, especially given criticisms, is its price tag. Though $750 is actu..
With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, you pretty much have the late 2016 to early 2017 smartphone flagships. Which means it’s probably time to do a roundup of these smartphone’..
Perhaps the biggest question on everyone’s mind upon seeing the Galaxy S8 is whether it will be as explosive as the Galaxy Note 7 before it. Given what’s at stake, Samsung spared n..