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Before the lights went out across the federal government, Congress extended funding for a week, as a longer-term agreement grew closer. Like a born procrastinator who needs deadlin..
One of the most prominent anti-abortion activists in the U.S. has been named to a top Health and Human Services post, Politico reports. President Donald Trump said Friday he will b..
As Congress returns from its two-week Easter recess, it faces either a landslide of big issues, or a complete letdown. That is because the three key developments expected to domina..
The most disturbing thing to emerge from this week’s badly bungled Democratic “Unity Tour” staged by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and new DNC head Tom Perez was the fact that the..
Despite near-universal predictions of doom — either now or later, on the House floor or in the Senate — the Trump administration is pushing House Republicans hard to schedule a vot..