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On Thursday, the Senate finally released a draft of its super-secret health-care bill, which is hardly less mean than the House’s version. Hours later, four Republican Senators — R..
Mitch McConnell will cut some deals on health care, but he has to watch his back on items conservatives won’t accept. Now that the “discussion draft” of the Senate version of the A..
On Thursday, the Senate unveiled its plan to condemn tens of thousands of nonaffluent people to preventable deaths, for the sake of increasing income inequality. The “Better Care R..
On Wednesday, the day before Republicans unveiled the new health-care bill, Senator Elizabeth Warren took to the floor of the Senate to explain what exactly Planned Parenthood does..
Because no two paths to parenthood look the same, the Cut’s How I Got This Baby invites parents to share their stories. Want to share yours? Email and tell..
It’s been a momentous couple of years for female athletes taking a hard stance on issues they care about: the U.S. women’s hockey team fought for fair pay and won, players in the W..