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In the past two weeks, Ivanka Trump has been focusing in on her paid-leave plan, holding a series of meetings at the White House to try to figure out what exactly it should entail...
After Florida senator and high-heeled-boot enthusiast Marco Rubio’s recent incredibly awkward hug with Ivanka Trump, you’d think Republican lawmakers would have learned to steer cl..
Ivanka Trump’s company has filed for a slew of Chinese trademarks since the election, and several of its applications have already been approved. And although the company has claim..
As Ivanka Trump tries to craft a paid-family-leave plan that’s palatable to Congress, she’s also shopping around for Republicans to sponsor the bill. According to Politico, two top..
In the stands, it felt just like any other baseball game. 24,959 tickets were sold. Crowds of people waited in line for hot dogs and Ben’s Chili Bowl. They drank beer and haphazard..
The New York Daily News reports that Lynne Patton has been appointed to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Region II, which covers New York and New Jersey. Like..