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To say that Donald Trump uses Twitter is — of course — an understatement. It’s his preferred medium of communication these days for unleashing his rage on anything from SNL to civi..
Ivanka Trump is already putting her plan to focus on women’s rights into high gear, at least in terms of business. The daughter of President-elect Donald Trump hosted a secret dinn..
At his first press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump shocked and awed: It is not every incoming commander-in-chief who denounces the U.S. intelligence community, declares..
The Trump transition bolstered its ranks with two new hires Wednesday, one from Goldman Sachs and another from the Obama administration. Goldman Sachs partner Dina Powell is leavin..
On Monday, it was reported that Ivanka Trump would be stepping down from her fashion label, as well as the Trump Organization. The news came shortly after her husband Jared Kushner..
There was a point — before many people thought Donald Trump would be a serious contender for the Republican candidacy, let alone the presidency — that discussion about the --- h..
Oh, and that presidential presser will come less than 24 hours after American intelligence agents (ostensibly) leaked unverified claims that the Russian government has a video tape..
A few weeks after the election, Ivanka Trump began distancing herself from her fashion label — you know, the one that bears her name? She separated her social-media accounts from t..
Until very recently, and to all outward appearances, Jared Kushner was just another socially striving young businessman with inoffensively Bloombergian political values. But over t..