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His own hometown didn't vote for him, but Donald Trump still has many New Yorkers proud - or, at least, looking on with special interest. Josh Robin describes how Trump's pedigree ..
Donald Trump did better on Staten Island than in any other county in the New York primary last April. Some of those Trump voters cheered his inauguration Friday at a watch party in..
A presidential inauguration calls for a celebration, at least if your candidate won the White House, but even some of those who threw on their party clothes for the New York State ..
Heavily Democratic New York is not exactly Trump country, but protesters aren't the only ones heading to Washington for Friday's inauguration. Hundreds, if not thousands, of New Yo..
Two Staten Island lawmakers suing the mayor to prevent his administration from destroying documents from the city's municipal ID program fought their case in court on Wednesday. NY..
Where can you find the smoothest streets in the city? The Independent Budget Office suggests you head to Brooklyn. The IBO created a map of street conditions based on data collecte..
Doctors in Staten Island successfully performed a grueling 10-hour operation to remove a 12-year-old girl's massive, life-threatening tumor — it's an update on a story you saw only..
Today is Martin Luther King Junior Day, the national holiday honoring the legacy of the slain civil rights leader, and a number of events will be held around the city to mark the d..