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Preliminary numbers are in from the first season of a multi-year study into the health of Vermont's moose population, and the early findings showed reasons for concern. Researchers..
We started off our Tuesday under gray skies and a few showers, which prompted some fog. These clouds only allowed our high temperatures to reach into the 70s and only a few locatio..
President Donald Trump called the KKK, neo-Nazis, and others like them “repugnant” on Monday. “Racism is evil,” President Trump said in an address from Washington. “Those who sprea..
Some elected officials in New England are speaking out about the violence in Charlottesville, Virgina, and weighing in on how President Donald Trump handled the condemnation of the..
Parts of northern and western New England were walloped by severe thunderstorms. There were a total of 21 wind damage reports. At one point Saturday evening, several thousand utili..
Even though there has been a lot of chatter about the upcoming solar eclipse, if you’ve found a new love for astronomy, you’ll love to hear that this weekend -- the Perseid Meteor ..
A convicted pedophile was re-arrested in central Vermont, just hours after his formal release from prison.  Alex Rich, 29, was released from prison this week and moved to Barr..
A Vermont sanitation worker was killed when a van rear-ended the garbage truck he was loading trash into on Friday morning, police said. St. Albans police say Casella employee Patr..
A new surge of migrants is entering Canada from the United States, as people originally from Yemen, Syria, Haiti, and other places around the globe seek asylum.  They come, as..
Vermont State Police say a homeless man is facing charges after he allegedly stabbed another man in the throat and sliced another man’s hand with a knife in Burlington Tuesday nigh..
Wednesday was a gorgeous, sun-filled day for southern New England, a stark contrast from the unseasonably cool and damp start to the week. However, in northern New England, a few s..