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A Vermont restaurant worker lost his job after concerned people contacted the business to report posts he made to social media discussing --- assault, which they considered revo..
A special meeting Monday in Vermont’s Addison County demonstrated the emotional power and life-saving potential of organ transplants.  "As long as I’m breathing, as long as th..
A Vermont man was ordered held without bail Friday and placed in the custody of the state’s mental health commissioner pending psychiatric screenings, after he pled not guilty to k..
The Vermont senator who wanted to be president had criticism Thursday for the man who got the job, regarding his environmental policies. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, toured Sand..
We welcomed back fall Thursday with highs only into the 50s for most locations with a cool breeze, especially along the coastline. Thursday night, under clear skies, temperatures w..
A man attacked two female family members with a cleaver Thursday afternoon in Vermont, killing one and leaving the other in critical condition, according to police. Authorities arr..