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Today on NBC Boston, you’ll notice our weather graphics have “gone red.” This red look is something our viewers and web users will come to recognize in the weeks and months ahead, ..
People are being told to lock their doors after an elderly woman was stabbed to death in her home in the normally bucolic Vermont town once home to Norman Rockwell, the mid-20th ce..
Police in Vermont are searching for a suspect in a fatal shooting in Montpelier. Officers responded to the shooting at an apartment complex on Barre Street at 4:34 a.m. Saturday, w..
The presidency of Donald Trump was just seconds old when Vermont activists started protesting it. At the precise moment Donald Trump raised his hand to take the presidential oath i..
The issue of whether Connecticut should install tolls on some of its most traveled highways is expected to be brought up again during the 2017 General Assembly's session. “I think ..
The sudden death earlier this week of a Massachusetts father on a Vermont ski slope has renewed discussion of helmet use while skiing. Vermont State Police said Jeffrey O’Connor, 3..
A man charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder will remain jailed while a Vermont judge awaits more evidence to consider defense lawyers' requests that ..
Vermont activists opposed to the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump are pledging to speak up for human rights, environmental issues, and other causes at protes..
There will be bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures throughout New England Monday, a perfect day to hit the slopes. Most mountains in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine look terr..
We’re expecting beautiful weather for Martin Luther King Day. Sunny skies and pleasant temperatures throughout New England – a perfect day to hit the slopes. I did a quick check of..
Sunglasses will certainly be needed for Sunday and Monday for any of your outdoor plans. Mostly sunny skies today will give way to mostly clear skies overnight, which will allow te..