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More than a decade ago the BNP were on the fringe of British politics peddling a message that was considered fascist and hateful. But fast forward to 2017 and it is being argu..
Just in case you hadn’t already cottoned on, the number plastered on the side of the Brexit bus was a big fat lie. The claim that the UK paid £350 million per week to the European ..
Boris Johnson never shies away from showing off his large vocabulary, leaving us reaching for the dictionary. Writing about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn he used the term ‘mugwump. T..
Boris Johnson has come up with an… erm, interesting insult for Jeremy Corbyn. The Foreign Secretary called the Labour leader a ‘mutton-headed old mugwump’. What is the ‘I like Corb..
A poll suggested that, for the first time since the June 23 referendum, a majority of voters think the decision to leave the EU was wrong. Some 45 per cent of those questioned..
Boris Johnson has insisted he stands by his controversial claim that Britain sends £350 million a week to the European Union that could otherwise be spent on the NHS. The claim – e..
A Tottenham Hotspur fan was left with serious injuries after an unprovoked attack by a fellow Spurs supporter who may have mistaken him for a Chelsea fan, police said. Michael Voll..
A mother has shared pictures of Snapchat messages her daughter received from a --- asking her to remove her shirt and bra. The mother, who requested not to be named, said th..
Today is Lesbian Visibility Day and girls across the world have been showing their pride on social media. It’s not completely obvious when the internet first celebrated it, but LVD..
Thousands of McDonald’s workers on zero-hour contracts will be offered fixed terms. The fast food chain is one of the biggest users of zero-hour contracts, with around 80,000 worke..
Theresa May held her first face-to-face meeting with the EU’s chief negotiator tonight. If the talks are set to get heated further down the line, both sides were at least prepared ..
A court has been shown CCTV footage of the moment a teenager allegedly left a rucksack packed with explosives on a busy tube train. Damon Smith, 19, is accused of packing a ba..
Bradley Lowery’s mum has said she is ‘hoping and praying’ after revealing her five-year-old son has been forced to pull of being mascot for Sunderland’s game tonight. Mum Gemma sai..
Gina Miller did not make herself very popular with Brexiteers when legal action forced a parliamentary vote on leaving the EU. But that clearly hasn’t put the businesswoman off as ..
Labour is currently winning the young vote, despite being more than 20 points behind overall, according to a new poll. The new poll, which took data from almost 13,000 people of vo..
It has baffled scientists since it was discovered more than a century ago, but now scientists think they have finally found the cause of the Antarctic’s blood falls  The river..
EU citizens have been advised not to apply for permanent residence in Britain despite the uncertainty posed by Brexit. New guidance published on the Home Office’s website instead t..
The word has been on many fans’ lips – would Steps do Eurovision? Elton John's friends 'worried he will burn out as they beg him to slow down' Their sound is pretty perfect, and ev..
Do you love unicorns? Are you over the age of 13? If you’ve answered yes to both, then you need to snap out of it. McDonald's is set to try out home delivery in the UK this June Un..
A farm apprentice could face jail for hitting, throwing and stamping on newborn calves. Owen Nichol, 19, was filmed attacking the young cows and their mothers at Pyrland Farm in Ta..
One of Labour’s leading Brexit supporters has accused the party of making itself ‘irrelevant’. Outgoing MP Gisela Stuart, who co-chaired the Vote Leave campaign during the referend..
An ‘artificial womb’ has been developed that could soon be used to keep extremely premature babies alive. The device, which incorporates a plastic bag filled with artificial nutrie..
Tim Farron had refused to answer whether he believes gay --- is a sin during the early election campaign. But today the Lib Dem leader finally decided to answer. Concern Loch Ness ..
An NHS A&E nurse has been struck off for a year, after she faked injuries in a £750,000 ‘crash for cash’ scam. Nicola Bartlett, 50, was working in a busy Welsh hospital wh..
Pro-EU pressure group Open Britain has launched its aggressive general election strategy – but received an immediate backlash as three prominent Tories quit the campaign. The websi..
Events on Earth have been pretty surreal in recent years – what with Brexit, President Trump, and Metallica performing with Lady Gaga. World's hottest criminal kicked out of UK ahe..
Blue Riband chocolate biscuits will no longer be made in the UK two unions have said. The biscuits will instead be made in Poland, according to the GMB and Unite unions. The m..
Ukip has been accused of stereotyping and bigotry, as one of the party’s own backers accused them of going to ‘war’ with Muslims. With Brexit already underway, the party’s raison d..
A demonstrator protesting against President Nicolas Maduro’s government throws back a tear gas grenade at riot police in Caracas, Venezuela (Picture: Juan Barretojuan Barreto/AFP/G..
The Brexit vote has been branded the ‘will of the people’ – but the campaign was largely funded by five of Britain’s wealthiest businessmen, a study has found. Man arrested over mu..
Tony Blair has expressed his increased desire for a return to frontline politics as Britain is being ‘hijacked’ by Brexit backers. The former prime minister acknowledged he ‘agrees..
I’m a bit sick of politics, to be honest. When I heard that there was going to be a general election, I wasn’t too surprised – I have a friend who’s a caseworker for an MP and ther..
A Ukip candidate has claimed she finds gorillas ‘very attractive’, to the extent that when she visits the zoo her hormones ‘go crazy’.  Gisela Allen, running for election at G..
Brexit-backing campaign group Leave.EU is being investigated by the Electoral Commission. The political group founded by multi-millionaire Arron Banks may have broken the law ..
Nigel Farage has ruled out standing as a candidate in the general election, saying instead he will focus on his position as an MEP. The former Ukip leader said he would be able to ..
Is Phil Mitchell secretly plotting a move from Walford to Westminster? Jo Brand is returning to host Bake Off spin-off An Extra Slice Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking so if thi..
There has been a surge of bets for Jeremy Corbyn to become the next prime minister. Bet comparison service Oddschecker revealed that more people have now put their money on La..
A --- covered in pins could sell for over £3,000 at a charity auction. The sculpture, dubbed ‘the world’s most painful --- toy’ was created by artist Paul Chisholm in r..
A Tory manifesto, which will include ending EU free movement and withdrawing Britain from the single market and the European Court of Justice, is set to be unveiled by Theresa May ..
Jeremy Corbyn has warned he will not ‘play by the rules’ in the general election campaign in his first major speech of the campaign. And the Labour leader warned his political riva..