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In 1957, our houses were freezing cold because there was no central heating, indoor toilets were for posh people – and the people who would invent Facebook and Snapchat h..
These are dark, troubled times we live in. Who knows what the future will hold for us now that Donald Trump is leader of the free world. Now, more than ever we need movies to uplif..
A deranged YouTuber has taken to the internet with an extreme new message… ‘kill all male babies’. Yes, Jenny McDermott made the shocking comments in a video posted on he..
Ms Miller, an investment manager and philanthropist, went the University of London to study law. She set up her own marketing company in the early 1990s, and was married to financi..
People have been left ‘genuinely concerned’ after footage emerged of the First Lady struggling to keep up her smile at husband Donald Trump’s inauguration. And when we say ‘st..
Every year, on 26th January, Aussies get together and celebrate their country – here’s a little bit of history on day. The annual celebration marks the day in 1788 when Captai..
A teenager who claimed he found a caterpillar crawling in his korma appears to have been caught out. Stevie Lambert, 15, said that he found the bug wriggling around on his plate at..
The pound has fallen 0.5% after the landmark Supreme Court ruling over Brexit. In a decision announced this morning, judges ruled that Parliament must be given a vote on Article 50..
Regardless of your political leanings, you will find this weirdly mesmerising. A woman has painted Donald Trump onto her nose to make it look like he’s twerking. Mel Hancock, a ‘fa..
Watch the clock for 9.30am, as the Supreme Court is poised to announce its landmark Brexit ruling. The most senior court in the UK will give its ruling on whether Theresa May ..
Once the government has formally triggered the leaving process, but whatever means is deemed necessary, the next bill that MPs wil concern themselves with is being referred to..
The government has prepared four different versions of the law needed to give it the power to start Brexit in anticipation of losing its Supreme Court battle this week. Accord..
Child killer Myra Hindley showed not a shred of remorse for her five victims after she was arrested –  a chilling letter she wrote to Ian Brady’s mother has revealed. Instead,..
Labour faced accusations that it was being ‘cannibalised’ by Ukip and the Liberal Democrats, as Jeremy Corbyn again refused to say whether he will force his MPs to back Brexit. Ami..
For the first time ever, transgender children will be allowed to join Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides in a landmark move that breaks 107 years of tradition. Transgender wom..
An elderly woman who claimed her dead partner’s pension for almost a decade after he passed away has been spared prison. Janet Hill, 78, pocketed £83,824 in pension payments she wa..
Nigel Farage threw an extravagant inauguration party for Donald Trump, heaping praise on him to the do’s 400 or so guests. The former Ukip leader, who will be taking on a role with..
If you were wondering what George Osborne’s been up to since getting sacked last summer, wonder no more. While the Government has been imploding over Brexit, the former chancellor ..
Not only has Nigel Farage dominated the UK airwaves with his LBC radio show… He’s now about to make his big break in US television as a member of the Fox News team. George Osborne ..
A mother and her ex-partner who fed her four-year-old daughter --- because she was an ‘inconvenience’ to their relationship have been jailed for child cruelty. Drug deal..
Theresa May has told world leaders and corporate chiefs that Britain remains ‘open for business’ despite its decision to leave the European Union. In a speech to the World Economic..
Firefighters have tackled a blaze that broke out on a ferry as it headed towards the Isle of Wight this morning. The fire sent thick plumes of smoke into the air as the vessel, whi..
David Davis has admitted he was so certain the UK would vote to leave the European Union that he made a grand on the referendum result. We’re sure, like us, you’ll want to give him..
She’s famously battled with her weight – ballooning from a slim size 10 to a 16 and back again – since shooting to fame in The Only Way Is Essex six years ago. But Lauren Goodger f..
A cancer-stricken teenager’s heartbreaking final words to his family were ‘I love you all so much’, before he slipped into a coma on Christmas Day and died just weeks later. Jay Ox..
The founder of Shake Shack said he is trying to stop customers from leaving tips at his restaurants because of its ‘racist’ history. Tipping is so ingrained in our culture, mo..
You might expect to see the occasional dolphin living by the sea – but not 15 miles in land and just metres from your back garden .  Dolphins are rarely seen this far up river..
After an eight-year break, Wife Swap is headed back to UK screens for a one-off Brexit special. You heard right, a Brexit special. Channel 4 air fascinating and important live adve..
HSBC has set out plans to move around 1,000 jobs to Paris when the UK leaves the European Union. It has become the first bank to outline details about moving jobs out of ..
On January 24, the Supreme Court will rule on a controversial Brexit legal battle which has led to campaigners receiving death threats. These are the UK's most wanted criminals tha..
In the wake of Theresa May’s combative speech yesterday, European leaders have backed away from the idea that Britain would be ‘punished’ for leaving the EU. Topless woman grabs Do..
They do say never work with children or yeast extract spreads on live TV. Piers Morgan left ‘uncomfortable’ by 7-year-old Taylor Swift impersonator They also say you either lo..
Barack Obama crashed his press secretary’s final briefing with journalists to big him up. Interrupting Josh Earnest’s last day on the job, Obama butted in to his briefing to lavish..
Two professional footballers have been ordered to pay £100,000 in damages after a judge ruled they raped a ‘vulnerable’ drunk woman they met on a night out, despite never facing a ..
A Republican allegedly declared that he no longer has to be politically correct before groping a woman’s groin. Christopher von Keyserling, a Connecticut councilman, was arrested o..
If you’ve ever had your iPhone 6 suddenly die on you, despite the fact it’s showing a healthy battery life, help could be at hand. Pound rockets off back of Theresa May's Brexit sp..
Apple has earned nearly a trillion dollars in the ten years since iPhone launched – but we’re all getting a teensy bit bored of smartphones. Pound rockets off back of Theresa May's..
People who regularly turn the air blue aren’t Begbie-in-Trainspotting-style nutters – in fact, they’re more likely to be honest, researchers found. Pound rockets off back of Theres..
Theresa May has outlined 12 objectives in her first revealing speech following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union last June. Theresa May says Government WILL get a vote..
If you’re fed up with paying for a Southern Rail tickets only to be faced with delays and cancellations, there is a glimmer of hope. One passenger claims he got £2,400 back from hi..
It was once a radical idea, but it’s entering the political mainstream – as French politicians suggest handing a monthly wage of up to £660 to everyone, rich and poor. Pound rocket..
Theresa May has confirmed that Britain will make a clean break from the European Union. In a speech delivered at Lancaster House in London, the Prime Minister confirmed that P..
Things are about to start getting a lot more expensive for Apple customers – or at least they are in the UK, India and Turkey. That’s because app store prices are set to rise up mo..
A man who was shot in the back moments after dropping his child off at a primary school was cleared of a gangland murder in 2012. Ross Monaghan, 35, was injured just after 9am..
Warning: Graphic images. A man lost seven teeth and suffered serious facial injuries when an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth at the weekend.  Andrew Hall from Idaho in ..
A mother who fed her four-year-old daughter --- because she was an ‘inconvenience’ to her relationship with her partner faces the daily realisation that she was responsible f..
Theresa May will use a speech later today to say that Britain doesn’t want ‘half-in, half-out’ of the European Union in a signal that the UK might adopt a ‘hard Brexit’. The prime ..
A woman has celebrated her 105th birthday and can still remember the names and birthdays – of all 51 of her grandchildren. Lucinda Edge, known as Lucy, has 18 grandchildren, 27 gre..
Prime Minister Theresa May is delivering a speech at Lancaster House, London, today that will set out her intentions for Brexit and the single market. It is expected that May ..
A group of students were stunned when they found a 200-year-old secret ‘cave’ hidden beneath the cellar of their rented terraced house. They made the incredible discovery after wor..
A father has been jailed for three years after he tried to scare a jury on his son’s drugs trial. William Liversage secretly recorded jurors in and out of the court room before try..
A student has been jailed for --- assaulting a fellow student after walking her home following a night out for her birthday. Samuel Bunyan, 21, who was studying physics a..
A voluntary group has once again warned of the dangers of drinking heavily after dealing with another young woman who was abandoned by her friends. Cheltenham Guardians posted the ..
Since Brexit we’ve all been used to seeing headlines of doom and gloom surrounding the value of the pound. And while things steadied towards the end of last year, it seems even tal..