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A young girl has been left with permanent scars after she got a black henna tattoo while on holiday in Egypt. Madison Gulliver got the tattoo done while at a hotel but after return..
Two schoolboys reportedly consumed £300 worth of food and alcohol after getting locked in a Sainsbury’s store overnight. The children, aged 12 and 13, are said to have raided the s..
It might have seemed pretty harmless downing a load of energy drinks before your Chemistry exam. It got you through that all-nighter so it did the job..right? Well, turns out you’r..
The former chief of staff at the Brexit department is launching a new political party to stop Britain quitting the EU. James Chapman, who is also former political editor at the Dai..
Commuters travelling on one of the country’s busiest passenger rail networks face a second day of disruption to their journeys. South West Trains (SWT) advised thousands of custome..
A woman is suing her former company for £60,000 after she claimed that she caught scabies from rats. Aishah McDevitt, 21, worked for the store five years ago and she said that she ..
A mother who thought her son had chronic car sickness discovered that he had been stabbed in the back on every journey for 18 months by a spike in his car seat. Nicola Griffiths co..
A man has been spared jail after he subjected his girlfriend to a horrific beating, banging her head on the floor fracturing her cheekbone and eye socket. Elliot Beckwith admitted ..
A family was turned away from an airport lounge because they were wearing Minnie Mouse t-shirts before a trip to Disney World in Florida. Emma Raikes was travelling with her two-ye..
A former City lawyer who turned his back on a six-figure salary to become a headteacher in east London is poised to send 95% of his students to Britain’s best universities. Mouhssi..
A cyclist is warning other users of a cycle path to look out after spotting a wire tied across the route at neck height. Denise Hewitt and husband Alan saw the wire during a ride i..
Most people’s parents have a few funny ideas, like the idea that music peaked in the 80s – or that voting for Brexit was a good idea. Child rapist hanged from crane after being sho..
This is Britain’s first gender-fluid family.  They are raising four-year-old Star Cloud as a ‘person’ and are telling him to ‘not get hung up’ on being a boy. Tory Anna Soubry..
The Prime Minister is planning to apologise for her General Election disaster to the Tory party faithful at the Conservative conference. The PM’s advisors believe saying sorry for ..
Tory MP Anna Soubry has said she would consider jumping ship if Theresa May pushes through a hard Brexit. The pro-European backbencher wrote in the Mail on Sunday that it was ‘not ..
Donald Trump has been criticised for his response to the Charlottesville car attack in which he laid the blame for the ‘hatred, bigotry and violence’ to ‘many sides’. James Alex Fi..
Philip Hammond and Liam Fox have poured cold water on the idea of a soft Brexit by declaring Britain will not remain in the single market or customs union. The Chancellor and Inter..
Seven years after quitting frontline politics, David Miliband has made a dramatic intervention in the Brexit debate. He has called for a second referendum asking if we still want B..
Going to Europe for a cheap holiday used to be a bit of a no-brainer. You went up to the bureau de change with a small wad of notes and came back with a bundle of euros thanks to f..
With the world seemingly circling the plug hole at the moment *cough*Brexit*Trump*DavidBowieDying*cough* you could be forgiven for thinking that humanity is in its final chapter. O..