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First there was Brexit. Then there was Donald Trump. But now there’s something even more divisive – Richard Osman’s World Cup Of Biscuits 2017. Sir Elton John says knighthood means..
How much would you spend on a ‘superfruit’? Cadbury chocolate may become smaller or more expensive thanks to Brexit But Japan’s designer watermelons costing £20,000 apiece are a wo..
Thousands of anti-Brexit campaigners are marching through London to ‘Unite for Europe’. Today’s march will end with a rally in Parliament Square, the scene of floral tributes to th..
The EU is celebrating 60 years since the Treaty of Rome. Leaders of the 28 EU nations, but without Theresa May, met with the Pope and shared pictures of themselves smiling while re..
During a heavy rainstorm in Sydney, Australia, poor Lilly the cat found herself outside – cold, soaking wet, and close to drowning. She’d been swept away in the flash flood and man..
We’re all guilty of it. We come home, put our feet up, pour a glass of wine, and immediately start --- about our days to whoever’s sitting on the sofa. Cadbury chocolate may b..
Still bitter over the fact that Freddos are now 30p? You may not want to read this. Cabury has warned that, thanks to Brexit, their chocolates will likely become smaller or more ex..
All wine lovers will know the horror of pouring a bottle with elegance and perfect form, only to look down and witness drips of wine dribbling down the neck and falling on to the t..
Pret a Manger have told they plan to pay teenage interns with actual money after initially offering them sandwiches instead. The clocks go forward tomorrow - don't get ..
Being dumped can be heartbreaking. One minute, you’re happily bantering away with your S.O over a mid-week bottle of Merlot, the next, they’ve shafted you without any apparent reas..
London has returned to normal this morning – less than 24 hours after yesterday’s terror attack. Four people – including the suspect – died after a man with two knives injured arou..
Danny Boyle reckons making a Trainspotting sequel some 10 years ago would’ve been for the ‘wrong reasons’ – as he addresses the inadvertent but important Brexit parallels in the se..
Tim Farron expects to face ‘jeering and jingoism’ as he makes a fresh bid to guarantee in law a second EU referendum. The Liberal Democrat leader wants to introduce draft legislati..
EastEnders’ boss Sean O’Connor has spoken out about taking leadership of the popular show, explaining his interest in exploring the concept of community in a world that is currentl..
Beer lovers, sit down. Tesco are axing 30 popular brands including Heineken, Amstel, Sol and Tiger. Woman's --- left 'like it had grown teeth biting lover's ---' by op Why? Yo..
Philip Hammond ‘does not recognise’ European Union demands for Britain to pay a Brexit ‘divorce bill’ of up to €60 billion (£50bn) after Article 50 is triggered next week, a source..
Chances are someone you know has claimed at some point in your life to have an ‘excellent gaydar’. If you’re not familiar with the term it basically refers to their ability to tell..
A man has been jailed for two years after he stabbed his wife of 33 years after she complained that her dinner was ‘too dry’. Russell Worthington used an 8ins carving knife to..
Being defriended is the ultimate cuss of the modern age – the modern equivalent of spitting in your face, or upending a bucket of faeces over your head. Theresa May to trigger Brex..
Theresa May will trigger EU withdrawal talks under Article 50 on March 29, Downing Street has announced. The Prime Minister’s letter officially notifying the European Council of th..
Bookies have slashed the odds that Theresa May would call a snap general election in early May. There are rumours that the UK could go to the polls sooner, sparking ..
Stephen Hawking has said that the five most powerful people in Britain are women. The astrophysicist said that there had been a ‘seismic shift’ in gender equality, but th..
Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Moazzam Begg has said Donald Trump is one of the ‘bad dudes’ who should be sent to the internment camp in Cuba. Speaking from a stage in Parliament S..
If you were keeping your fingers crossed that Brexit was some sort of horrible nightmare there might be a little hope on the horizon. Although the Government looks set to trigger A..
Sir John Major has attacked ‘ultra Brexiteers’, saying the way they shout down opponents is ‘profoundly undemocratic and totally un-British.’ The former PM said so-called ‘ult..