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Dinosaurs may have been cuter than we thought after three of them were apparently found snuggled together. Fossils from the creatures, believed to be young siblings, were found clo..
A man has been jailed for three months in Dubai for allegedly touching a man’s hip in a bar. Jamie Harron, from Stirling, was charged with public indecency following his arrest in ..
The World Health Organisation has officially removed Robert Mugabe as a ‘goodwill ambassador’ after less than a week. The decision to appoint the Zimbabwean president sparked inter..
Brits will be allowed to continue living in Spain even if there’s a ‘no deal’ Brexit, according to the country’s foreign minister. Alfonso Dastis confirmed expats would not be thro..
The Labour MP who told a man to ‘get on your knees, ---’ at a Momentum event has apparently personally apologised to leader Jeremy Corbyn. Footage of the incident prompted Labour..
Prison officers will have to wear body cameras in the future to improve safety in jails. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announced every guard in England and Wales would be given acc..
Labour is joining up with Tory rebels to try and force Theresa May into giving MPs a veto on the final Brexit deal. Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, demanded six chan..
If you were hoping for even a hint of nice weather this weekend then you will be sorely disappointed. Sorry. Although we’d all like some mild autumn warmth, instead Britain is goin..
A network of 13,000 Twitter bots posted 65,000 Brexit messages in the month before last year’s EU referendum – only to vanish shortly afterwards. New research has revealed that an ..
This weekend you can view a dazzling astronomical display. The Orionids meteor shower happens every October and is caused from debris from Halley’s comet coming into..
A controversial new opera is allegedly paying its actresses more if they’re willing to appear semi---- on stage rather than performing in ---. The New York based opera, ..
The FBI has rescued a three-month-old baby girl being offered up for --- abuse for $600 (£455). US authorities said an undercover officer in Denver was offered the baby and a fi..
If there’s ever a bad time for an earthquake to suddenly hit, it’s during open heart surgery. Footage from inside an operating theatre shows surgeons reacting as their hospital was..
Theresa May looked a little lonely while waiting for European Council president Donald Tusk and her EU counterparts at an EU summit recently. The prime minister was attending the w..
An Everton fan who was filmed hitting a Lyon goalkeeper last night has been banned from attending all Everton games.  Everton fan holding a baby tries to fight Lyon players du..
EU leaders have given the green light to begin preparations for the second phase of Brexit negotiations. The talks will focus on trade when Britain leaves the bloc in 2019. FBI res..
A five-year-old boy found his mother dead eight months after he bravely called police to say his stepfather was hitting her. The police watchdog has now identified a series of fail..
A woman has spoken out about how she lost her baby after she was raped by a serial --- abuser.  Michael Banks Gray attacked his victim with a number of objects, including a po..
Theresa May has pleaded with EU leaders to allow a Brexit deal which she can sell to British voters. After immense pressure from hardline Eurosceptics in her own party to prepare f..
An 18-month-old girl was probably ‘shaken violently’ and then ‘thrown against a hard floor’ or a wall before she died, a court has heard. Elsie Scully-Hicks was rushed to hospital ..
Donald Trump’s chief of staff says he is ‘stunned’ and ‘broken-hearted’ by the criticism of Trump’s call to the family of an Army sergeant killed in Niger. John Kelly told reporter..
Jeremy Corbyn has gone to Brussels to talk Brexit with senior EU figures. The Labour leader, who visited the Belgian capital at the same time as Theresa May, was set to meet with M..
We’ve had about 100 episodes of Brexit Deal Or No Deal over the last few days alone. Labour has ruled out a no-deal outcome while the Conservatives are continuing with the rhetoric..
If you thought Trump, Brexit, climate change and the increasingly absurd global political situation (not to mention orange skies) were all pointing at some sort of impending apocal..
Big Ben’s bongs were silenced in August as part of a controversial renovation plan that will stop it ringing out for up to four years. When it was announced that the giant bell wou..
A £700,000 house in east London could cost you just £2 but there’s a massive catch. Customers will only get to pay the low price for the property in Dalston if they win a raffle co..
An 11-year-old girl has disappeared on her way back from school with police issuing an urgent appeal to find her.  Leah Taylor was last seen leaving Marvell College in east Hu..
The people killed in devastating Hurricane Ophelia have been identified. Cancer nurse Clare O’Neill was the first of three people to die as a result of the extreme weather. She was..
Brexit has a lot to answer for, and now it has even cost Andrew Lloyd Webber his peerage. The composer, 69, has quit the House of Lords because he says he doesn’t have the time to ..
Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker have agreed to step up the pace of Brexit negotiations. Juncker, the European Commission president, released a joint statement with the Prime Mi..
A British TV company making a drama about North Korea was targeted by North Korean hackers. The series, Opposite Number, was going to be written by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Mat..
You know that horrible feeling when you think you have a few hundred pounds left in your account, but actually you’ve gone well over your overdraft and are racking up huge bank cha..
Theresa May is flying to Brussels for talks with European Union chiefs as negotiators try to break the deadlock on Brexit talks. 'Danger to life' as ex-Hurricane Ophelia set to bat..
She is the lesser known of the Trumps as her siblings, Donald Jr and Ivanka, are usually in the spotlight. Tragic pictures show thousands of dead fish floating down a river She has..
Shocking footage has been released showing a mass brawl at a boxing match that led to a teenager being critically injured and three men reportedly being stabbed. The violence betwe..
One of the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting has woken from a coma and taken her first steps, almost two weeks after the attack. Tina Frost, 27, was at the country music festi..
Pupils at a boarding school in Surrey will be allowed to switch accommodation and change their school uniform if they question their gender identity. Gordon’s School in Woking is d..
A 10-year-old schoolgirl wrote a heartbreaking letter to her MP about living in one room with all her family. The handwritten letter to Stephen Timms, the MP for East Ham in London..
Hillary Clinton thinks Brexit was a precursor to Donald Trump’s victory in the US election. The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said the negative tactics used in the European ..
A desperate search is on to find a man who witnesses saw fall from Tower Bridge. Police are continuing to search the River Thames after the man was seen falling from the iconic bri..
A mother who killed her two-year-old son by giving him methadone has died after ‘overdosing on drugs’. Drug addict Kelly Emery, 36, was discovered unconscious at a bail hostel in M..
A no deal Brexit will damage the European Union but Britain will succeed regardless of whether a deal is struck, the transport secretary has said. Chris Grayling told the Andrew Ma..
A woman has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after an elderly man died having been treated by a chiropractor. John Lawler’s family said he had gone to Chiropractic 1st cl..
Anti-Brexit protesters called for the Government to reconsider leaving the EU in a series of rallies across the UK. People took to the streets of London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Cambri..
A teenager has become the first to move into a ‘micro-home’ built in a bid to tackle Britain’s homelessness. Kieran Evans was handed the keys to the tiny property on Thursday ..