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Prolonged, intense physical exercise is challenging for our immune system. In fact, evidence suggests that for a brief amount of time immediately after a workout, our body is more ..
Acid reflux is a condition that occurs when acid from the stomach moves upward into the food pipe. The acid causes irritation of the tissue lining, which leads to heartburn - a bur..
Does the baby's --- influence the mother's immune system? A new study investigates the link between fetal --- and the mother's immune response to illness. A team of researchers fro..
Asthma affects hundreds of millions of people across the world. New research links the gut's microbes with the risk of developing asthma, and identifies a specific fungus in babies..
Dry eye describes a condition when the eye is unable to produce tears properly or produce tears of a suitable consistency. People with dry eye may experience a stinging or burning ..
The discovery of a "genetic switch" that helps to maintain the health of brain cells could lead to new treatments that could delay or even prevent the symptoms of Parkinson's disea..
There is currently no cure for the group of eye diseases that make up glaucoma. However, new research points to a way of preventing the disease, as vitamin B-3 has been proven effe..
New research further supports the link between excess weight and cancer, after finding that gradually gaining weight from the age of 20 to the point of obesity may triple the risk ..
Dry eyes are a very common eye affliction. The condition can be caused by many different factors. Dry eyes can be part of the aging process or a symptom of another disease. They ca..
As schizophrenia does not yet have a cure, the standard treatment options available focus on eliminating the symptoms. A new, large-scale review of existing research suggests that ..
A large-scale meta-analysis using more than 10,000 participants concludes that vitamin D supplementation may help to prevent a major cause of global death - acute respiratory tract..
The common cold and flu are respiratory ailments caused by viral strains in the body. While both of these illnesses are contagious, the length of time that people are contagious wi..
A new study suggests that a gluten-free diet may pose serious health risks, after finding that the eating pattern may raise the risk of exposure to arsenic and mercury. Study co-au..
Chiggers are the juvenile form of a species of mite that belongs to the Trombiculidae family. They attach themselves to humans and feed on skin cells, which can lead to itching. Ac..
The chances of a woman catching a cold while pregnant are high because the immune system is affected by pregnancy. The seasonal cold is one of the most common respiratory sicknesse..
New research investigates the role of calcium production in Alzheimer's disease. The neurodegenerative process may be caused by a calcium imbalance within the brain cell. Mitochond..
Researchers have found that abdominal fat may either cause or relate to the cause of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. People who are genetically at a greater risk of hav..
Sickle cell disease, also known as sickle cell anemia, is a group of disorders affecting the red blood cells in the body. How people understand sickle cell disease (SCD) has develo..
Researchers have discovered a way to reprogram mouse liver cells into precursor pancreatic cells by changing the expression of a single gene. They suggest that the finding is an im..
New research provides further evidence of the harms of consuming too many sweetened beverages, after linking soda and other fructose-containing products with increased risk of live..
Forget chocolates and roses this Valentine's day. Instead, cook up a Mediterranean-inspired meal with lashings of virgin olive oil to win and protect your lover's heart. New resear..
As winter draws to a close, those of us living in snowy areas might be relieved that we no longer have to shovel our way out of the house every morning - and for good reason. New r..
New research suggests that obesity resulting from a high-fat diet can trigger the immune system to increase inflammation and raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases that lead to ..
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a group of inflammatory lung diseases that hamper airflow to the lungs. These diseases include emphysema and chronic bronchitis. These cond..
Infertility affects a large number of couples and individuals who are trying to conceive. New research suggests that a daily low dose of aspirin may increase chances of conception ..
Smoking has been linked to a variety of health risks and birth complications. New research suggests that exposure to nicotine, before and after birth, can cause hearing problems fo..
Colds and allergies are two common conditions that affect both children and adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults can expect to have two..