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The #ProtestPP rallies earlier this month sparked a debate between Planned Parenthood and more radical abortion groups, particularly those with a socialist bent. Planned Parenthood..
Last weekend, the Government of Norway announced that it will be pledging $10 million (85 million Norwegian kroner) in support of a multi-country initiative to increase funding for..
A leaked copy of the Congressional Republican plan to dismantle Obamacare also contains language that would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The news website Politi..
In an unprecedented move, a Uruguay court allowed a father to protect his unborn child’s life by prohibiting the mother from having an abortion. The man’s ex-girlfriend is 8 weeks ..
The Montana Senate gave initial approval to a bill Thursday to prohibit late-term abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy. The Billings Gazette reports Montana Senate Bill 282 passed..
A man threatened to kill a pro-lifer with a knife on Wednesday morning outside a Planned Parenthood in Ventura, California, local police report. Police said the man, Brandon Beechu..
The Food and Drug Administration expanded its recommended usage of the abortion drug RU-486 in 2016, but the move did not go far enough for some abortion activists. The Associated ..
Virginia’s two Catholic bishops did not waste any time expressing their disapproval of Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday after he vetoed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Virginia..
A Republican U.S. Senator from Alaska plans to break from her party and vote against a bill to defund the abortion business Planned Parenthood. The Hill reports U.S. Sen. Lisa Murk..
We’re nearing the end of the day, and as promised earlier, I did want to talk about the interview the New York Times Magazine conducted with itinerant abortionist, Willie Parker. A..
Sometimes even the fact checkers need fact checked. The pro-abortion bias of the popular fact checking website Snopes came through recently when it claimed pro-lifers are wrong to ..
It’s been somewhat entertaining to watch as Planned Parenthood tries desperately to hold on to its federal funding under a new, far less abortion-friendly administration. They’ve c..
A Montana Senate committee passed a bill on Tuesday to ban late-term abortions in the state. The Ravalli Republic reports Montana Senate Bill 282 would prohibit abortions on viable..
As Congress prepares to vote on legislation that would halt tax payments to Planned Parenthood, a new video showing the urgent need to defund America’s largest abortion provider ha..
This article is a follow-up to “Planned Parenthood Kills 323,999 Babies in Abortions, Provides Only 17,419 Moms Prenatal Care.” Another video features Dr. Sierra Washington, identi..
Planned Parenthood was notified of the final decision to terminate contracts in December 2016, more than a year after Texas officials first moved to cut Planned Parenthood from all..
Melinda Gates vowed this week that she will not give up her goal to provide family planning access to 120 million women world-wide by 2020. The Kansas City Star reports the Family ..
New legislation introduced in the Michigan State Senate and House would not only defund Planned Parenthood, but also dissolve any existing contracts with the abortion group and pre..
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe shut down a state effort to defund the abortion business Planned Parenthood on Tuesday with his veto, WTKR reports. “If we are going to build a new, m..
Norwegian government leaders promised to give $10 million to a new global abortion fund this week after U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order prohibiting U.S. taxpa..
Planned Parenthood celebrated former U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders last week to mark both Black History Month and “--- Week.” Elders, a controversial figure under Presiden..
If you turned on one of the cable TV news shows today, you may have seen it. It has been running for several weeks now. Spoiler alert: Never in your wildest imagination did you ant..
Abortion activists are questioning this week whether the death of Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, is a foreshadowing of the end of the infamous abortion case. Ending a..
Last year, Utah became the first state in the nation to pass a law requiring abortion practitioners to administer anesthesia to late-term unborn babies prior to doing the abortion...
Two Republican U.S. Congressmen voted against a Planned Parenthood defunding measure on Thursday, in opposition to the majority of their party. The bill would overturn a rule pro-a..
I started to describe this heinous practice to a woman—the mother of a daughter who had been born prematurely—who literally trembled at the description. What was it? It was the sam..
Planned Parenthood isn’t going down without a fight. The abortion chain has rallies planned across the United States beginning Saturday to protest federal efforts to take away its ..
Sam Brownback was a passionate pro-lifer, both as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, so it came as no surprise that when he became Kansas’ 46th gove..
A pregnancy resource center opened its doors next door to a Planned Parenthood in Indiana last week to offer support to women and their babies. But local abortion activists are not..
It must be nice to be untouchable by mainstream media. You can lie through those shiny white teeth and mainstream media will treat every rehearsed and distorted word like truth. In..
Objective realities aren’t subject to feelings, but increasingly, that’s the verdict of our celebrity-driven culture. Just ask Beyoncé’s twins. With few exceptions, the entertainme..
A Rochester, New York judge recently issued a controversial order that a drug-addicted mother not get pregnant again, the Democrat and Chronicle reports. Family Court Judge Patrici..
Kentucky state lawmakers introduced a new bill on Thursday establishing a hierarchy for distributing nearly $300,000 of federal family planning funds, and placing Planned Parenthoo..