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WASHINGTON, D.C.—One day after Donald Trump was inaugurated, more than half a million people flowed onto the streets of D.C. under a cloud of knitted pink --- hats to partic..
Every man, other than columnist Jonathan Chait, was welcome at women’s marches across the country today. We talked to a few of the men who attended the Women’s March in Washington ..
WASHINGTON, DC—“---, ---, ---,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, muttered into her phone. Hawkins was standing in front of the Supreme Court corralling a group o..
Life is suddenly different today, but there are some nice things. Here’s a list of nice things you might find useful. 1. 20th Century Women is donating part of its box office sales..
Days after House Republicans attempted to gut the independent congressional ethics office, they have deemed federal land essentially worthless. The provision lays the groundwork fo..
A story today in the New York Times ponders the question of whether or not a woman can be both a feminist and a supporter of anti-choice public policies. It presents the issue as a..
Cecile Richards is extremely busy running Planned Parenthood—which will soon entail shielding the women it serves from an onslaught of civil liberties-grabbing government officials..