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This is a --- measuring contest that requires the winner to be decided with a micrometer. You might also remember that Faraday Future, at the very same event where they were showi..
Well, the stupid 0-60 mph wars that Tesla brought to the electric car world are heating up as a guy in a Tesla P100D on the new Ludicrous+ setting posted a 2.389 second 0-60 run, f..
In December, amid mounting concerns about the viability of the electric-car startup Faraday Future, Nevada’s governor and the mayor of the city of North Las Vegas slammed the car c..
We have no idea what Faraday Future’s first car, the FF 91, will cost here in America, but we just got an official estimate of its pricing in its not-quite-home market of China of ..
The Rimac Concept_One has been taking down some of the quickest hypercars in drag races and now it has turned its sights on the Bugatti Veyron. The result is a demonstration on how..