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--- In Space: The True Final Frontier
International Business Times
At an Atlantic Live panel in May, an assistant professor at George Washington University emphasized that --- in space should be a “real concern” for astronauts. Before astronauts a..
A diagram of the human --- organs, an audio recording of a mother kissing her child — and soon — a chicken sandwich. Several strange things have been launc..
The modern day space race isn’t between two countries. It’s between a government agency and a private company, and the two actually work together sometimes to reach the finish..
The Earth is a sinking ship, and we all have to get on spaceship lifeboat and go to another planet if we want to survive, according to physicist Stephen Hawking. Speaking via Skype..
Elon Musk has said it many times: The only reason he created SpaceX was to make the human race an interplanetary species. At the International Astronautical Congress last year, he ..
China launched its X-ray telescope into orbit on Thursday, marking another milestone for the nation that is trying to catch up in the space race. Xinhua, the state’s official news ..
Astronauts might one day be living inside a rocket, as NASA tries to take recycling into space. New Scientist reported the space agency signed a contract with three American c..