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The master hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 surfaced Thursday to deny he has ties to Russia and said the piece of malware U.S. intelligence agencies said proves Russian involvement in ..
Julian Assange will agree to extradition to the United States to face possible espionage charges if President Barack Obama grants clemency to military secrets leaker Chelsea Mannin..
President-elect Donald Trump called WikiLeaks "disgraceful" and said there should be a "death penalty" for the site's actions during a 2010 interview. Fast forw..
Chelsea Manning, the imprisoned former Army private behind the U.S. military’s largest leak in history, may see her sentence commuted by the end of Barack Obama’s tenure, a Justice..
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ interview on Reddit on Tuesday and talked about attacks on his organization and his struggles inside the Ecuadorian Embass..
Just two days after U.S. intelligence officials released an unclassified report on Russian hacking attempts and briefed President-elect Donald Trump on classified evidence, Trump a..
Transparency group WikiLeaks said late Saturday it would hold a press conference Monday morning in response to the U.S. intelligence report published last week which said Russian P..