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For most people, squeezing in enough time to exercise regularly is challenging, but 39-year-old Erin, who appeared on Tuesday’s episode of "The Doctors,” faces the opposite issue —..
CHICAGO –  About two thirds of cancers are caused by random typos in DNA that occur as normal cells make copies of themselves, a finding that helps explain why healthy individ..
When babies are born in Finland, the government sends parents home with a cardboard box, a kind of starter kit for baby. Among other things, it includes essentials like clothes, ha..
Questioned on assisted suicide, Supreme Court nominee chokes up: ‘I’ve been there with my dad’ By Brendan Kirby | LifeZette Day 3 of Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing produced an..
As the world on Tuesday ogled over images of Apple’s new red version of the iPhone 7, some internet sleuths found something fishy about the marketing of the tech company’s newest d..
BOSTON –  The co-founder of a Massachusetts pharmacy was acquitted Wednesday of causing the deaths of 25 people but convicted of other racketeering charges in a nationwide men..
Men who see more ads for low testosterone or "low T" on local television channels may be more likely to seek tests or treatments to boost their levels of the hormone, a U.S. study ..
NAI BASTI VILLAGE, India –  Schoolchildren cheered and village women clapped as a gush of clean water flowed through a set of gleaming steel taps connected to a newly installe..
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. –  The rusty patched bumblebee on Tuesday became the first officially endangered bee species in the continental U.S., overcoming objections from some busi..
Martin McGuinness took up arms to fight British soldiers in the streets but ended up shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth II. A militant who long sought to unify Ireland through viol..
The rusty patched bumblebee is the first native bee to become an endangered species in the United States. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials have stated they do not know..
The news seemed unimaginable, much as it might have 78 years ago when Yankees fans learned Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with the disease that would later bear his name. It came on a Su..
Legendary San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dwight Clark, who is remembered for his 1982 NFC Championship game heroics when he hauled in “The Catch” from quarterback Joe Montana, r..
Glen Campbell's wife says Alzheimer's disease has robbed the 80-year-old singer's ability to play guitar. But Kim Campbell told The Tennessean that he..
The Veterans Affairs Department is researching how to improve the quality of care for veterans in rural areas with serious or chronic conditions. A telehealth collaborative care st..
Glen Campbell's wife says Alzheimer's disease has robbed the 80-year-old singer's ability to play guitar. But Kim Campbell told The Tennessean that he..
MEN'S NCAA TOURNAMENT A scintillating Sunday of games jolted the men's NCAA Tournament to life like a triple shot of espresso. North Carolina, the South Region No. 1 seed, had the ..
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Dwight Clark revealed Sunday that he has Lou Gehrig's disease and suspects playing football might have caused the illness. Clark announced on Twitter that he has..
Former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dwight Clark announced Sunday that he has been diagnosed with ALS. The 60-year-old, who made one of the most memorable catches in NFL histo..
Jimmy Breslin, the surly, iconic Pulitzer Prize-winning New York newspaper columnist who covered the funeral of President John F. Kennedy from his grave digger’s perspective and co..
Tarek El Moussa wants to remind everyone that "there is light at the end of the tunnel." The "Flip or Flop" star took to Instagram on Thursday to share a photo from his battle..
In 2015, “90210” star Luke Perry underwent a colonoscopy that revealed precancerous growths, and today, he wishes more people would do the same. If they did, there would probably b..
MIAMI –  Prosecutors in Florida have found no evidence of a crime in the death of a prison inmate left for nearly two hours in a hot shower. A memo released Friday by the Miam..
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released its first list of the world's most dangerous “superbugs” – raising the alarm about 12 families of bacteria that have developed..
For two hours, Naika Venant spoke about her troubles on Facebook's live streaming service before the 14-year-old girl used a headscarf to hang herself from a shower rod inside..
Green beer is a fixture at St. Patrick’s Day parties, right alongside “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirts and guys in cartoonishly large leprechaun hats. But unlike t-shirts and oversize..
SAO PAULO –  Brazil's Health Ministry says 424 people have been infected with yellow fever in the largest outbreak the country has seen in years. Of those, 137 have died. An u..
VIENNA –  A U.N. body on Thursday added two chemicals used to make the drug fentanyl, which killed music star Prince, to an international list of controlled substances, which ..
Adapted from  Let's face it: Grocery and convenience stores (not to mention school lunchrooms and vending machines) are full of chemical- and sugar-laced foods we should never..
Science has taken another step toward delivering the perfect newborn – or at least a bouncing baby free of certain genetic defects. Chinese researchers used a genome editing techni..
Taking ibuprofen to ease a headache may seem like no big deal, but Danish researchers caution against overdoing it. A study in the European Heart Journal suggests that ibuprofen, o..
Three elderly women who underwent an unapproved stem cell “treatment” for macular degeneration became legally blind from the procedure, physicians who later treated the patients re..
Adolescents and young adults coping with chronic illness may be better prepared to take charge of their own care than their healthy peers, a recent study suggests. Researchers exam..
About half of pregnant women in the United States drink alcohol around the time they become pregnant or in early pregnancy , usually before they know they are expecting, a new stud..
Over one-third of women in the United States have limited or no access to medical centers that treat fertility problems, according to a new study. After examining data from the Cen..