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A 72-year-old woman in Burnham, Maine died from a heart attack after a --- intruder broke into her home in April, according to police and medical records. The cause of death for ..
The idea of treating disease or carrying out surgery using swarms of tiny robots injected into the human body may sound like science fiction, but it is one that is proving increasi..
Tanya Tucker penned an emotional tribute to the late Glen Campbell who died August 8 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. Tucker revealed to Closer Weekly she first m..
SeaWorld announced on Tuesday that they euthanized a female orca whale at their park in San Diego after her health was steadily declining. She is third whale to die in the theme pa..
When a 24-year-old man in Belgium went to the hospital because he had belly pain, doctors found an olive stuck in his small intestine — and soon after, diagnosed him with Croh..
A child who contracted a variant of the influenza virus after coming into contact with an infected pig at the North Dakota State Fair has been released from the hospital and is con..
BURNHAM, Maine –  The state medical examiner's office says a 72-year-old Maine woman died from a heart attack after a --- trespasser jumped into bed with her during a home i..
After years of decline, teen deaths from drug overdoses have inched up, a new U.S. government report shows. The drop in teen deaths had been a rare bright spot in the opioid epidem..
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone –  Sierra Leone's government is urging family members to identify their loved ones' remains following mudslides and floods in the capital that have kill..
It’s not the number on the scale that should worry you: it’s your potbelly. For years, doctors have been classifying people as obese based on their body mass index, which is determ..
Rescuers desperately searched Tuesday for survivors on the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital for survivors that might be buried underneath debris, after massive mudslides ki..
  Fleas carrying the plague have been found in some parts of Arizona, according to health officials. On Friday (Aug. 11), the Navajo County Health Department (NCHD) announced ..
Nuke-happy North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un might be the way he is because he suffers from ’roid rage, doctors say. There’s widespread speculation “in the medical community that he ..
NEW YORK –  A New York City taxi driver who appeared to be resting was actually dead in his parked vehicle for about 18 hours. The New York Times says 59-year-old Mehari Bokre..
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. –  Here come the frozen ice cream and fruit bars. SpaceX is launching its 11th NASA-contracted cargo mission on Monday, scheduled for 12:31pm EST. No..
NOXEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A quick glance around the picnic tables was enough to tell who had the genetic mutation and who didn’t. A few of the relatives gathered here before the start ..
A lifelong rider of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and a former employee of the company, celebrated his 78th birthday with a special gift from his family. A group of about 30 people ..
NEW YORK –  Bruno Mars said Saturday he is donating $1 million from his Michigan concert to aid those affected by the Flint water crisis. The Grammy-winning star told the audi..
After a twenty-year period in which the development of colorectal cancer among white Americans under the age of 55 was reported as declining, new evidence shows an increase in the ..
LUCKNOW, India –  Parents of at least 35 children who have died in a hospital in northern India over the past three days have alleged there was a lack of oxygen supply in the ..
I’ll never forget the devastating words of my doctor: “You’ll never be able to walk again.” At first, I didn’t think I heard the doctor correctly. What 9-year-old boy could possibl..
It may sound like a script for a science fiction movie, but scientists have created the world’s first mutant ants. Two independent research teams have harnessed the gene editing te..
SOUF, Jordan –  Thirteen animals that had been trapped in harsh conditions in a zoo in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo have been evacuated to a wildlife reserve in Jordan. ..
Democrats have made drug prices a pillar of their “Better Deal” for the American people. But as has become routine of the party’s leadership under Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, t..
A newly released report is urging state, local, and federal governments to allow sites where people can inject themselves with drugs under supervision as part of an effort to preve..
Scientists have harnessed gene-editing technology to eliminate viruses in pigs that could be harmful to people, potentially laying the foundations for pig-to-human organ transplant..
Has the Chupacabra been spotted in the Carolinas? Pictures of a strange animal taken by a golfer in South Carolina are sparking lively debate about the mythical beast. Doug Stewart..
Jim Carrey was given permission by a Los Angeles court on Tuesday to use his ex-girlfriend’s medical records during the wrongful death trial regarding her suicide. Carrey’s former ..
A Utah woman filed a lawsuit against Costco after she contracted E. coli from eating tainted chicken bought at the retail chain, claiming it left her with permanent health issues a..
Telling Baltimore’s criminals not to kill anyone for three days turned out to be too much to ask. Two deadly shootings Saturday marred the city’s “Nobody kill anybody” weekend but ..
Texas attorney Shawn Thierry knew that hers was a high-risk pregnancy, as she was giving birth to her first child at age 42. But she also knew that her health insurance paid for mo..