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The Galaxy S8 looks amazing and Samsung appears to have decided against its most controversial alteration, but the company also has some bad news: you’re going to have to wait long..
A couple days ago I wrote a piece about the HTC U Ultra, wondering why HTC would release a Snapdragon 821 phone in 2017 when the rumor has LG and Samsung dropping Snapdragon 835 fl..
Samsung Electronics has the number one market share position globally at 20% (Q3 IDC) while Apple has 12.5% global market share and Huawei has 9.3%. Apple’s iPhone has over 60% sha..
Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 to record preorders and sales in August, but the device’s fate didn't mirror its rosy start. Samsung had to initiate a recall of the first versio..
The main culprit behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fires was defective batteries, according to an internal investigation released by Samsung on Sunday. The issue with the ..
HTC, once the maker of the best-looking and -sounding Android phone by miles, has been in a slump the past three years. Its 2016 flagship, the 10, was a pretty good phone that..
Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes Samsung's reveal of the Galaxy S8, the decision about the S..
Recent leaks suggested this will be a design to die for, and now have both our best look yet at the Galaxy S8 and Samsung’s official confirmation. So let’s break them down… First u..
Will Apple launch the 'iPhone X' in 2017? This curious name is suggested in the latest reports from the supply chains working on the smartphone hardware for Cupertino. Although the..
A number of sources in Apple’s Asia-based supply chain have been leaking details about what to expect for the “iPhone 8” line this year. So far, the consensus has been that Ap..
Smartphone batteries are a problem. Samsung has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons and now it is ’s turn as iPhone batteries are headline news and the releases of iOS 10.2..
Smartphone vendors will have to aggressively compete for OLED components from suppliers this year due to shortages, according to sources with Digitimes. Essentially the shorta..
Is Samsung's stylus coming to the S8? The S-Pen has been one of the standout features of the South Korean's phablet since the first device was launched in 2011, it has helped defin..
Sometime in the next two weeks, Samsung will release its long-awaited report the company's $5.3 billion problem: the exploding Galaxy Note 7. And all the early leaks say the compan..
A couple of days ago Samsung set the mobile world buzzing by releasing an ad that might have just leaked what the Galaxy S8 looks like. Of course, Samsung never mentioned during th..
Assuming that the required volume of handsets for the first week of retail sales will not be available until early- to mid-April, Samsung has two choices in regards the launch..
Samsung’s investigation into what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be published next week. In it, Samsung is will reveal that the battery was the component tha..
When you test as many smartphones as I do -- the ZTE Axon 7 is like the 23rd or 24th phone I've tried in the past 10 months -- everything starts to become a blur unless a phon..