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Wonder Woman continued to do its thing, earning $7.35 million on its fourth Friday of domestic release. That’s a drop of just 32% from last Friday’s $10.8m gross. That puts the fil..
In early May, Unity CEO John Riccitiello made a comparison between the rapidly evolving virtual reality space and the early days of the internet. Speaking at Vision, the company’s ..
(image courtesy of Paramount) This weekend will be a perfect illustration of the notion that weekend rankings don’t matter. By that I mean it doesn’t matter how where your movie en..
In holdover news that isn't Wonder Woman, Pixar's Cars 3 earned another $7.57 million on its second Friday, a drop of 61% from its $19.5m opening day.  That may..
One of the perils of being Salman Khan is that consistent success brings with it consistently high expectations. And sometimes, inevitably, those high expectations get dashed on th..
The past day has been a very big one for Salman Khan. First, the Bollywood superstar ushered his new, eagerly anticipated film Tubelight into some 5,500 movie theaters ar..
Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan dances during the promotion of his upcoming Hindi film Tubelight in Mumbai on late June 19, 2017. (Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images) Salman Khan’s ..
With the formal beginning of summer 2017 now under the whale belt, it’s time to start thinking about how to dress for the weather (and the cocktail parties). In the old days for mi..
In response to the overwhelming 700+ birthday wishes on Facebook, let me say thank you the best way I know how. Birthdays come faster now, so much faster. In fact it’s daunting, so..
As I noted last week, the presales trend at China’s online ticketing sites  has been pointing toward a relatively soft—soft for the franchise, that is—opening for Transformers..
Lionsgate went and dropped a new title and a new logo a few days ago for their upcoming Saw movie. No longer fit to be called Saw: Legacy, the eighth film in the fra..
I have not seen The Dark Tower. Heck, for that matter, I have not read any of the Stephen King books so I'll be going into the film relatively fresh, give or take tidbits I've..
Transformers: The Last Knight earned another $8.1 million on its second day of domestic release, falling 48.4% from its $15.7m opening Wednesday. That gives the film a two-day..
Wonder Woman ended its third week of domestic release with a $4 million Thursday gross, down just 33% from last Thursday and up 4% from yesterday. That brings the film's 21-da..
Iconic film producer Jerry Bruckheimer has made a successful career from the concept of "go big or go home," and there's perhaps no better example of that than the Pirates of the C..
When Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales opened to $78 million in North America over a four-day Memorial weekend, it was treated as cause to question the vitality of t..
Let's just get this out of the way: The OnePlus 5 is an excellent phone that ticks every box except for cutting-edge looks. The top tier variant, with 8GB of RAM, along with t..
On the Internet, nothing travels faster than a tip on how to score a bargain. With online sales growing in India, and price-sensitive Indian consumers looking at ways to shave..
Wednesday, President Trump uttered the following now widely-publicized statement regarding the top economic positions in his administration: “And I love all people, rich or poor, b..
If there has been one truism in China's movie exhibition industry over the past decade it has been that Transformers movies are box office gold. Many of the PRC's multiplexes can r..
Warning: This article contains spoilers for the ending of Transformers: the Last Knight. It's not looking great for Transformers: the Last Knight at the box office. Its $15.7 milli..
Watchmen, the classic ‘80s-era comics series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, is reportedly under development as an HBO series by showrunner Damon Lindeloff (The Leftovers, Lost). T..
This article is by Eleanor McManus, who was a senior producer for CNN’s Larry King Live and is the cofounder of Trident DMG, a crisis management and strategic communications f..
The Box Office: The Big Sick opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday before going wide on July 14 alongside 20th Century Fox's War for the Planet of the Apes. The film is anoth..
When my wife isn’t around to answer my frequent questions, I constantly catch myself consulting with my phone's Google Assistant on matters -- whether it be for directions, to chec..
Well, that has to be a sigh of relief over at Paramount/Viacom Inc. After a frankly miserable $15.7 million opening Wednesday in North America, all hopes for Michael Bay's fifth&nb..
The Yelp Inc. application is displayed on an Apple Inc. iPhone in an arranged photograph taken in New York, U.S., on Friday, Feb. 5, 2016. Yelp Inc. is scheduled to report fourth-q..
For many that know the original Macross TV series and movie, the character Lynn Minmay plays an integral part in the story. In many ways, she also influences much of the saga beyon..
Okay, so it's not Jurassic War, the rather terrific suggestion that came from a friend on my Facebook feed. But Universal/Comcast Corp. just dropped a new poster for thei..
Wonder Woman earned another $3.845 million on Wednesday, bringing its domestic total to $289.193m in 20 days of release. That means today is the day it surpasses Man..
We’re almost halfway into 2017 (I know, can you believe it’s end of June already?) and one of the big themes emerging so far is the rise of the AI-powered digital assistants. Rapid..
The LEGO Movie grossed $469 million worldwide on a $60 million budget. Its semi-sequel, The LEGO Batman Movie, made $310 million worldwide on an $80 million budget; a minor comedow..
With all the hoopla about Salman Khan’s mega-movie Tubelight opening on Friday, it might be easy to forget that there are other films screening in India. One of those films is a be..
Diana Prince's superpowers aren't reserved for her alone. She is a superhero we can all embody at work to make our lives easier and our professional development more successful. Cr..
Once upon a time, Kevin Costner announced himself in a movie called Bull Durham as the “player to be named later.” It was one of the few false statements his character, Crash Davis..
It's hard to be terribly critical of a franchise whose two most recent installments earned solid reviews and grossed a combined $3.214 billion worldwide on a combined budget of aro..
On June 19, Russian Defense Ministry blasted the US downing of the Syrian SU-22 as an “act of aggression” and a “violation of international law.” Moscow cut the deconfliction ..
This week Warner Brothers will release a deluxe version of the “Purple Rain” soundtrack by Prince & The Revolution.  It will include unreleased material and a 1985 concert..
The first bit of Transformers box office is in. The fifth installment of the Michael Bay-directed fighting robots series, which was shot with IMAX 3D cameras, debuted las..
Another day, another Wonder Woman box office update. Yeah, I know, but this is one of the happiest box office stories this side of The Sixth Sense or Get Out, s..
Michael Bay's blockbuster sequel Transformers: The Last Knight arrives in theaters this week to keep the Summer box office season rolling, while everyone watches closely to see if ..
Do you feel the need for speed? Imagine the ability to move from 100s of megabits per second today to 10,000+ in the future on your smartphone or tablet. 5G will turn all of that i..
Today Dangal reached another milestone in its incredible China story by knocking off one more film on that country’s all-time highest grossing films list. It now stands at 15 ..
The Box Office: Transformers: The Last Knight opens tonight, actually right as this is publishing if you're on the East Coast and got a ticket to Paramount's "Prime Time Tuesd..
If you think you know everything there is to know about tax havens, you might be surprised to hear what John Pantekidis has to to say: Pantekidis has written a paper that examines ..
Seth Rollins is the cover star for WWE 2K18 and the game will release on October 17. SANTA CLARITA, CA - FEBRUARY 23: John Cena, WWE Superstar, hosts Nintendo Switch in Unexpected ..
The United States has among the most sophisticated systems of protection on the planet for those who want to protect and distinguish their name and product from others. A trademark..
One of the hardest things to learn when you start a new business is how to ask for money. Asking for money, whether you realize it or not, is the essential element to any new busin..
For many decades, television was the primary medium where people consumed news and entertainment. It was also how they were marketed to. Almost every commercial featured some celeb..
Batman Returns is one of the most controversial superhero movies ever made. Some hail it as a masterpiece, others condemn it as one of the worst interpretations of Batman ever put ..
Since MailChimp was founded in 2001, it has considered itself a design-led company. But as it’s scaled — it now reports more than 15 million users — MailChimp’s leaders have found ..
Director Patty Jenkins and actors Gal Gadot and Chris Pine attend the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Wonder Woman' at the Pantages Theatre on May 25, 2017, in Hollywood, Calif..
The Movie: I have already written at length about the odd situation that is Saban and Lionsgate's Power Rangers movie. As someone who didn't much care for the show as a k..
I was busy seeing Transformers: The Last Knight with my kids last night, but New Line and Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. debuted Annabelle: Creation during the L..
Pokémon GO just announced the largest feature update to the game in its one year history, a massive rework to gyms worldwide, and the introduction of “raid boss” Pokémon that will ..
In a hypothetical world devoid of emotions, morality or loyalty, credible information would easily sway people from fact-scarce beliefs. In the real world, the information deficit ..
In just over 48 hours, Paramount’s Transformers: The Last Knight will open in its most important box office territory, the People’s Republic of China. When it does, expectations wi..
When Mark Fischbach set up his YouTube channel in 2012, it was as an emotional outlet of sorts. The Hawaii native was then a 22-year-old medical engineering student at the Universi..
Business decisions are hard-hitting. We’ve all agonized over our choices, whether in the office, the kitchen or during that movie you’ve wanted to see for weeks. When we're stuck, ..
$53.69 million is certainly a respectable box office debut for Cars 3, the latest project from Disney and Pixar, that’s fair to say. However, the release of the threequel also rais..
With China on course to become the world’s biggest box-office market within two years, Bollywood studios have been tripping over each other in their efforts to engage Chinese audie..
Former US First Lady Michelle Obama delivers a keynote address during the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California, on June 5, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Josh Edelson ..
Let’s face it: walking tours haven’t got the most exciting reputation, but founder and former CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason is determined to change all that. His latest venture—Deto..
Like the headline says, I think we just got our fourth --- movie. The H Collective is launching a film production financing effort and is starting with six new feature fi..
The young Cuban bellboy with the perpetual five o’clock shadow wanted to know where I was from. It was July 1999, and we were in the cheap wing of Havana’s Hotel Vedado, waiting on..
For the record, Alien: Covenant is not going to be some kind of megaflop. Kudos to Fox and friends for spending just $97 million on the Alien prequel/Prometheus ..
Though J.K. Rowling has numerous revenue streams from the Harry Potter franchise, she made nearly half of this year’s earnings from writing about the Boy Who Lived. (Photo by John ..
For the third weekend in a row, the actual Wonder Woman weekend numbers turned out to be larger than the estimates. So yeah, Wonder Woman made $41.3 million over its third weekend ..
The summer travel season is about to kick off and a record number of travelers are expected to take to the skies. Airlines for America expects about 234 million passengers to ..
Last Friday, e-commerce giant sent yet another shock wave rippling through all retailers, online or otherwise. Amazon announced the intention to purchase health foods grocer Whole ..
There’s an old maxim in Hollywood that sports movies don’t travel. That international moviegoers who don’t understand American baseball or football can’t be bothered to show up at ..
Dangal continued what has been one of the leggiest runs in global box office history by pinning down another $3 million in China this weekend, a drop of just 38% from the previous ..
When you walk into the grounds of the 600 year old San Michele Estate (complete with a moat and watchtower), it's almost like stepping into an Italian art-house movie scene. Sicily..
Wonder Woman is doing about as well overseas as it is in North America, which is impressive in-and-of-itself. The DC Films superhero adventure earned another $39.5 million (-3..
Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman earned another $40.775 million in its third weekend of domestic release. That's the second-biggest third weeken..
In sc-sc-scary holdover news, Universal/Comcast Corp.'s The Mummy sank like a stone in weekend two. The Tom Cruise/Sofia Boutella picture, which is supposed to launch the..
Once again, as (almost) always, Pixar's new movie topped the weekend box office in its debut Fri-Sun frame. Cars 3 (review) earned $53.5 million on its debut weekend..
Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant didn’t need to be a big hit in China to exceed its North American gross, but its weak Saturday performance portends a brief, rather lackluster run fo..
WWE Money in the Bank 2017 is the most important night in the careers of stars like Jinder Mahal, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron Corbin and many others. History will be made with the fir..
Once again flying past expectations and topping high-end estimates, Warner Bros.' latest DCU entry Wonder Woman's third weekend in release is another one for the record books. Post..
A cadre of other musicians have paved Springsteen's way this season, proving pop stars can be more bankable than Hollywood names on the Main Stem. First up was Sara Bareilles. The ..
NEXT-GEN TAKES THE LEAD — Jackson Storm (voice of Armie Hammer), a frontrunner in the next generation of racers, posts speeds that even Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) has..
In holdover news, Wonder Woman is having another jaw-droppingly good hold. The Gal Gadot superhero movie earned another $10.85 million on Friday, which was a drop of just..
Nitesh Tiwari’s wrestling drama Dangal continued its extraordinary theatrical run in China by scoring another $570,000 to move into 17 place on China’s all-time highest-grossing mo..
Miami Fashion Week is now in it's 6th year and is hoping to gain additional notoriety on a global level as well as establishing Miami as an international fashion destination. ..
Amazon’s surprise move to buy grocery chain Whole Foods is the beginning of an epic battle between Amazon and the grocery industry, which is threatening to turn that industry into ..
I talk a lot about the importance of having a brand idea and then the importance of channeling that brand idea into everything the company does. With the recent news that Target is..
The Box Office: Morgan Creek funded All Eyez on Me at a cost of around $40 million. That's shockingly high, to be honest (Straight Outta Compton cost around $25m in 2015)..
And here we are, yet again, with a somewhat disappointing genre offering hoping against hope that China will pull them out of the fire. Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant opened w..
In previous posts I’ve discussed Alibaba’s global aspirations, and these were certainly highlighted by senior management at the company’s Investor Day last week. During the two-day..
Wonder Woman earned another $6.03 million yesterday at the domestic box office. That's a dip of just 5% from Wednesday and 34% from last Thursday. It is still holding up in th..
Summer is here and fashion mags are ablaze with swimsuit trends. The movie Baywatch -- a comedic remake of the 1990s TV hit about --- lifeguards -- has made one-piece suits the mu..
Salman Khan appears on FORBES’ 2017 Celebrity 100 list of the World's Highest-Earning Entertainers. The Bollywood actor joins musicians and athletes such a..
On the software side of E3, one game made a bigger impression than most this year. That was BioWare’s Anthem, a new sci-fi “live service” title that’s supposed to be EA’s answer to..
The first bits of weekend box office have arrived in the form of the now-standard Thursday preview grosses. And the biggest movie over the weekend was not the biggest movie last ni..
Being an entrepreneur usually means long hours, eating poorly and having no time for anything but the business. It can be said that an entrepreneur is married to his company. The m..
Pixar went back to the drawing board with it's least compelling franchise and came up with a new model that's far more compelling, relevant, surprising, and visually stunning than ..
As traditional marketing and advertising campaigns are changing, businesses must look for more innovative ways to reach potential consumers and build strong communities around thei..
Change always creates opportunities. But it’s hard to grasp them if you are clinging to the past or fretting about the future. If you want to move on, you must let go of whatever i..