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As a young girl, Alex Hirschi drove a plain-Jane Mitsubishi for years. Now, at 30, she corrals a supercar stable that would make anyone jealous. A popular social influencer in Duba..
There's been a lot of hype about AI, robots, chatbots and the like. And I admit I cover this topic. I speak on this topic as well - and I think it's an exciting time in technology...
In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Samuel L. Jackson talked about his sudden disappearance from the Marvel universe. Nick Fury, despite being the character who formed the Avengers,..
Alibaba is scheduled to announce its fiscal Q1 2018 earnings on August 17. The company has reported strong year-over-year growth in revenues across segments over the last few years..
Every disruptive entrepreneur shares an innate drive to defy convention, fueled by an inherent sixth sense that equips each innovator with the foresight to spot future trends and i..
In the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie Ready Player One, based on the book by Ernest Cline, virtual reality is no longer a cutting-edge technology. Instead, this dystopian story sh..
I’ve been on a tear of work travel for the last month and I really enjoy the opportunity to break up long stretches of flying with a movie to help pass the time. Trouble is, I’m te..
As you probably know, MoviePass made headlines yesterday when it announced plans to offer a monthly subscription plan for $9.99. The service, first launched in 2011, allows us..
Sometimes, if your company's site doesn't work, it can be viewed as a good thing. On Tuesday, Moviepass—the long-yawned-at startup that offers all-you-can-watch movie tickets ..
There won't likely be a low hand in the house if you ask a group of college educated, young professionals, to raise their hands if they feel compelled to seek graduate-level degree..
Actor and Director Ben Affleck and actor Casey Affleck arrive at a special screening of 'Gone Baby Gone' hosted by The Cinema Society and Details Magazine October 16, 2007 in New Y..
For those who still miss my Wonder Woman updates, the Gal Gadot superhero movie has now earned exactly $402.6 million as of Tuesday. It should cross $403m on Thursday and pass the ..
Emma Stone may be best known for her film work--including her Oscar-winning role in 'La La Land--but the actress is the latest moviestar to venture into television with her upcomin..
Daniel Craig made it official on last night’s Late Show, announcing that he would indeed be back for one last James Bond movie. This put an end to two years of baseless speculation..
The team behind the annual Tribeca Film Festival--which was launched by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro and Craig Hatkoff in 2002--has announced a stand-alone television festival th..
La La Land--the city and its celluloid namesake--has been very kind to Emma Stone. At just 28 years old, the Hollywood star is this year's highest-paid actress, banking $26 million..
Beauty and the big bucks: Emma Watson earned $14 million in our 12 month scoring period thanks largely to her starring role as Belle in the Disney movie-musical. The Harry Potter&n..
The Shard, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano (who also designed the new museum, Centro Botin in Santander, Spain and the new Whitney museum in New York), offers afternoon t..
Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts attends the Los Angeles premiere of Warner Bros 'Kong: Skull Island' at the Dolby Theatre, on March 8, 2017, in Hollywood, California. / AFP PHOTO / VA..
The Box Office: Batman and Harley Quinn arrives on Digital HD today courtesy of Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc., with a DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Blu-Ray arriving on Aug. 29, 2017. Like th..
Driving a loaner 2017 Cadillac Escalade nearly 1,400 miles last week on a family vacation, I discovered a cool feature that I hadn’t previously experienced in any car. It was night..
Molly’s Game will be the STX Entertainment’s 16 domestic theatrical release. They began two years ago with Joel Edgerton’s The Gift, a well-received and shockingly leggy little thr..
Disney (DIS) sent a shockwave through the media industry last Tuesday when it announced it would pull its movies from Netflix (NFLX) and start two streaming services – one for..
As of this writing, Wolf Warrior 2 has earned more than $700 million, including online pre-sales, in China. In essentially any other year, the Wu Jang action spectacular would..
At this year’s Redis Conference hosted by Redis Labs in June, Josh McKenty, Vice President at Pivotal gave a very interesting talk that challenged assumptions many of us in the tec..
Wolf Warrior 2 has now earned $685 million after earning $83m over its third Fri-Sun frame in China. That’s a mere drop of 50% from last weekend’s record-crushing $162m Fri-Sun fra..
Disney recently announced that it will be pulling its content from Netflix once its deal with Netflix expires at the end of 2018. Disney plans to launch its own streaming services ..
Annabelle: Creation opened with $35 million this weekend, which makes it the first breakout horror movie of the summer and (barring a Logan Lucky/Hitman’s Bodyguard miracle) the la..
Luggage technology has not changed much over the last few decades, but there is one San Francisco startup that is aiming to bring innovation to the industry. TravelMate Robotics ha..
In October 2016 GQ ran a piece entitled The Unfamous Man Who Made Everyone Famous. Earlier this year I got to not only hear this unfamous man but also got to speak to him pers..
Generating over $23 million domestically, grossing more than $11.7 million in its first week, Kevin Hart’s record-breaking concert film “What Now” stood as one of the most celebrat..
This has been a very odd summer, in that it had as many positive box office stories as negative stories and at least as many good movies as bad ones. Yes, the whirlwind run of Wond..
Holding up well for 47 years isn't easy. Ask anyone in that age range and, if they're honest, they'll confirm it. Same goes for art, fashion, literature and design. The best-s..
It's an open secret that the mid-budget movie is all but dead in Hollywood. As film critics, industry reporters and commentators have written, studios today either want m..
Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk was again the top holdover of the weekend, earning another $11.4 million (-33%) in its fourth weekend for a $153.713m 24-day total. That makes it Ch..
“… the insight that more immigration may result in an overall gain in entrepreneurial activity may be a useful reminder of the opportunities associated with migration. It suggests ..
I think we may have to look at The Conjuring franchise as the horror equivalent of Illumination’s Despicable Me series. Because the spin-offs are doing about as..
Photo by Wilson Webb - © 2017 TriStar Pictures, Inc. and MRC II Distribution Company L.P. All Rights Reserved.. **ALL IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF SONY PICTURES First, the bad news. Sony..
The SDF-1 Macross is the main battleship and base of operations for the remnants of humanity in the original Macross saga. This version is actually from the movie Macross: Do You R..
In 1999, Coca-Cola began testing vending machines that automatically raised prices during the summer heat. Since your desire for an ice-cold Coke grows as the temperature rise..
Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk was again the top holdover of the weekend, earning another $3.13 million (-37%) on Friday for a likely $10.7m (-37%) fourth weekend and $153m 24-day total. Th..
Grable atomic test, fired off from an atomic cannon. Source and Credit: Wikipedia, image by the National Nuclear Security Administration. Image in Public Domain. On November the 1s..
It’s one thing for a franchise to spawn loosely connected prequels and spin-offs. It’s quite another when those spin-offs end up performing approximately similar business to the co..
SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 22: Actors Ray Fisher (L) and Jason Momoa during the 'Justice League' autograph signing at Comic-Con International 2017 at San Diego Convention Center on July ..
Actors Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill and director Rian Johnson of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI took part today in the Walt Disney Studios live action presentation at Disney's D23 EXPO 2017..
We got a rather interesting Justice League tidbit yesterday courtesy of Joe Morton’s interview with IGN. The popular character actor (Terminator 2, Scandal, etc.) plays the fa..
The economics of modern Hollywood have increased its dependence on sequels, prequels and franchise reboots. Against that often-soul-crushing backdrop, Michael Winterbotto..
Amid the flurry of posts and reviews discussing the would-be morality of Kathryn Bigelow’s underperforming (but still Oscar-friendly) Detroit, there was one passage in Richard..
Where did Chloe want to travel to for her special 10th birthday trip? When it was her turn her big sister Sabrina had chosen Paris; for Chloe, it wasn't the City of Light or London..
Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. and New Line Cinema’s Annabelle: Creation got off to a frightfully good start last night. The sequel to the prequel to The Conjuring, earned $4 millio..
Disney is leaving Netflix to start its very own streaming service. The deal struck between the two companies runs out at the end of 2018. After that, Disney and Pixar content, incl..
The Box Office: The Hitman’s Bodyguard opens in North American theaters a week from tonight, operating as a sort of season finale to the 2017 summer movie season. The picture comes..
And now Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has swung past the $300 million mark at the domestic box office. Or rather, it will sometime today. The Jon Watts-directed reboot has earned $..
'Professor X' in the X-Men series' Patrick Stewart poses for photos with a gift of a painting during a press conference for the film 'Logan' in Taipei on February 28, 2017. Stewart..
With a 14-day total of $593.9 million in China alone, counting online ticketing fees, Wu Jing's Wolf Warrior 2 will almost certainly end the weekend among the very biggest sin..
One of the big issues with the media (and moviegoers at-large) using Rotten Tomatoes as the official designation of critical consensus is how it is used and digested. I am on the s..
With $400.5 million as of yesterday, Wonder Woman is going to end the day just above the unadjusted domestic total of Walt Disney’s Frozen. That in itself is something of an arbitr..
Apple’s relationship with the world of television has always felt a bit strained. Endless rumors of an actual Apple-branded television set have never come to fruition. Well-reporte..
More than 1.5 billion people log in and watch YouTube every month. As marketers, we love that stat. But bear in mind that content producers upload 300 hours of new video content ev..
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - AUGUST 08: Creator/Writer/EP/Actor Seth MacFarlane of 'The Orville' speaks onstage during the FOX portion of the 2017 Summer Television Critics Association Pres..
San Sebastian, in the north of Spain, is a stylish, yet old-world beach town…with a suspenseful secret. The ghost of Alfred Hitchcock, the filmmaking “Master of Suspense,” is ..
Have you heard the news?  Karl Urban may be involved in Netflix’s upcoming Judge Dredd: Mega City One television show!  Lionsgate is still totally going ahead with their ..
HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 17: Sir Ridley Scott and actor Harrison Ford attend Sir Ridley Scott's hand and footprint ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on May 17, 2017 in Hollywood, Cal..
The Exorcist has been turned into a stage show and will be unleashed in London’s world-famous West End. The production, described as a “uniquely theatrical experience” will play a ..
And now it's super-duper official. Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.'s Wonder Woman earned another $395,000 yesterday, which was a drop of just 31% from last Tuesday. And tha..
Up until a week ago, I could tell you that the “Holy sh**!” story of the summer was Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.'s Wonder Woman and its obscenely leggy race to $400 million+ ..
A --- in 3D by Legacy Effect of a character from the film Avatar is displayed in the ' 3 D Print Show' exhibition in Paris on November 15, 2013. AFP PHOTO /JOEL SAGET (Photo credi..
Former Denver Nuggets forward, and Amazing Grace and Chuck star, Alex English in the first half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubows..
Pictured here on February 26, 2017,  are eclipse watchers at the Estancia El Muster, near Sarmiento, Chubut province, 1600 km south of Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Photo: ALEJAND..
"Euphoric" is how Zack Rago describes how he feels when he’s immersed in the intricate and colorful world of coral. The twenty-four-year-old set out with a group of divers, photogr..
AMC Entertainment Holdings, the big U.S. movie theater chain controlled by China billionaire --- Jianlin, will sell its 50% stake in Oscar-winning movie studio Open Road Films as ..
MICHAEL CONNELLY, one of America's best and most prolific novelists, has already created two memorable characters, detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch (the basis for the Amazon Prim..
It's been a busy week for . On Tuesday, Netflix found itself cornered by Disney, who announced it will remove its movies from the streaming behemoth by launching its own direct-to-..
Do you remember Michael Douglas playing the Wall Street villain Gordon Gekko in the movie “Wall Street”? Gekko was famous for the line “greed is good” and that could be the mantra ..
Five years ago it was a novelty.  Today the 'sharing' or 'collaborative' economy has become part of the fabric of everyday life for increasing numbers of people in the UK. Tha..
I don't often agree with Donald Trump as president, but I do agree he's one heckuva marketer -- even when he's not trying to be. Mr. Trump's myopic, contrarian and downright wrongh..