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Destination Experience co-founder, Kirk Anthony-Hamilton discusses the importance of being a connector to influence at the Affinity dinner Kingston, Jamaica. Hamilton, who was..
Aston Martin makes beautifully sculpted motor cars. Lately, the marque has also been experimenting with other objects of desires, including a speedboat. The AM37, created..
In holdover news, we have an odd situation where all three underwhelming newbies come from studios with at least one big hit currently in the marketplace with another likely win on..
As a general rule, when a $150 million action fantasy opens with around $20m over a four-day weekend, we do the whole "Well, it's a domestic disaster, but it may break out overseas..
John Cena Taking Time Off After WWE WrestleMania 33? WWE won't have John Cena around after the biggest pay-per-view of the year. John Cena is currently scheduled to take some more ..
The superhero genre gets one of its all-time great entries as Hugh Jackman returns a final time to the role that made him a superstar, in director James Mangold's Logan. ..
A Texas judge denied a motion by the late Selena's husband Chris Perez to dismiss Abraham Quintanilla's lawsuit against him on February 17, 2017. (Image of book: courtesy Endemol. ..
The Box Office: Logan will open in theaters everywhere on March 3, 2017, not counting those Thursday preview screenings. The film is opening the Berlin Film Festival today, which e..
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SEPTEMBER 08: Theranos Chairman, CEO and Founder Elizabeth Holmes (L) and TechCrunch Writer and Moderator Jonathan Shieber speak onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt a..
By Denise Logeland, Next Avenue Contributor  Five days after a surgery and being mostly bed-bound, my 83-year-old mom was discharged from the hospital and looked forward to on..
You may have heard that not only has IMAX jumped into the virtual reality game, but they already have a facility up-and-running for paying consumers. The pilot location, right next..
Grossing around $42.1 million after seven days of domestic release, John Wick: Chapter 2 will surpass the $43.037m domestic total of the original John Wick some..
The prerelease box office tracking is out for Logan and the results are encouraging. To wit, the 20th Century Fox superhero action drama is tracking towards an opening we..
In the movie Sliding Doors we see Helen’s (Gwyneth Paltrow) life go one way when she catches a commuter train, but completely another in the parallel universe where the train doors..
The musical La La Land, which follows the romance between a jazz musician and an aspiring actress, got 14 Oscar nominations today. It’s a visually gorgeous film, and no matter how ..
Kangana Ranaut never ceases to amaze in her bizarre ability to come off like, you know, a real character, with faults and frailties. Not in pointless, derivative romcoms or bloated..
As a society, we are very focused on health, fitness and body image. There are hundreds—possibly thousands—of apps and gadgets available to help people monitor, track, diagnose, an..
Last night Arrow opened with something I’d never seen before, a content warning which said that what was about to be shown was disturbing, and not for all audiences. I’ve never see..
Opening opposite R-rated horror movie A Cure for Wellness and the PG-13 action epic The Great Wall, Fist Fight has a very good chance to win the weekend. Wellness offers an unclear..
With yet another big Doraemon movie set for release this March, Bandai Namco has unveiled a new Doraemon themed virtual reality, or VR, experience to tie in with the film. If you a..
For 2017, Hasbro has big things planned for one of its most lucrative franchises: My Little Pony. At Toy Fair New York, the company means that literally. This week, they’re reveali..
With the Western release of Your Name looming, the movie is getting a full English dub and this includes the insert songs by Radwimps. In a new trailer, it seems that these English..
The Box Office: Legendary Pictures and Universal/Comcast Corp.’s The Great Wall opens in North America tonight nearly two months after its debut in China. The film is technically a..
As the headline says, Disney and Lucasfilm just announced plans for a sequel to their big Star Wars merchandising launch. As you may recall, they did something they calle..
WWE will be without John Cena after WrestleMania 33. John Cena is not being advertised for any WWE events following WrestleMania 33, and according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Obse..
Gore Verbinski is probably used to being underappreciated by now, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating, I'm sure. His films The Mexican, The Weather Man, the two Pirates of ..
Developer Andy Todd stands on the roof of a $13 million house. The forecast says snow, but Todd will let neither the freezing wind nor the fact that his winter coat sits in the car..
POTSDAM, GERMANY - JANUARY 20: Bill Gates attends the official opening of the Barberini Museum on January 20, 2017 in Potsdam, Germany. The Barberini, patronized by billionaire Has..
When it comes to marketing to attract high-paying clients, who doesn’t need a shot of inspiration from time to time? To gather inspiration for marketing copywriting, there is no be..
Troma has been, and perhaps always will be, the epitome of low-budget movie making. Even after 42 years, the independent film production and distribution company founded by Lloyd K..
Rana Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon and first-time writer/director Sankalp Reddy are winning rave reviews for their war movie The Ghazi Attack, which recounts a little-known chapter in I..
I don't know whether or not Ben Affleck will continue playing Batman past this November's Justice League. You've heard the same rumors and speculation I have. And frankly cons..
What are some widely cited studies in the news that are false? That 97% of all climate scientists accept that climate change is real, large, and a threat to the future of humanity...
Top row: Karina Robinson, Jeremy Agnew, Alessandra Sollberger and Maria Tanjala (left to right). Bottom row: Emma Jones, Ian Merricks, Riham Satti and Ollie Forsyth (left to r..
I have never held a cellphone, much less used one to text or take a selfie. I didn't know what a "selfie" was until a couple of years ago. I have never owned a personal computer, m..
(L-R) Tony Jaa as Talon, Michael Bisping as Hawk, Donnie Yen as Xiang and Deepika Padukone as Serena Unger in ---: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE by Paramount Pictures and Revolution Studio..
Steven Spielberg's film production outfit Amblin Partners now counts Universal Filmed Entertainment among its investors (Photo credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP) In the latest cha..
As expected, Fifty Shades Darker got a Valentine's Day boost. The Dakota Johnson/Jamie Dornan sequel earned $10.9 million on its fifth day of release, a whopping 180% inc..
Panasonic has today unveiled its full TV range for 2017 - and OLED TV fans will be excited to learn that it includes no less than four new OLED models. One of these we already knew..
I cannot begin to express how much I loved the LEGO: Batman Movie. It's a joyous, hilarious, non-stop ride of witty jokes, epic action and surprisingly emotional moments...
Not only was LEGO Batman insanely popular, it was insanely fun (and, frankly, just insane). If you haven't enjoyed it should really sneak away on your lunch bre..
The World Is Not Only For Humans:  Rajinikanth,  Salman Khan, Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar promoting 2.0, India's most hotly-anticipated film (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images..
Remember the movie (based on the book) “The Big Short”? A tiny handful of investors sat and waited for Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers to go belly-up. According to the story, thes..
View of atmosphere at the '40th Anniversary of --- Wonka & The Chocolate Factory' event on October 18, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images) Recently, a cl..
Aftermath months of speculation, delays, scripting problems, and conflicting rumors and reports, Ben Affleck stepped down as director of the new Batman solo franchise last month. T..
Yes, La La Land earned around $12.5 million (including previews and those online ticketing fees) on its opening day in what is the world's second-biggest movie going mark..
It's Getting To Know You Tuesday! Today's tax pro is Jamella Stroud, who has been working in the tax field for over 9 years. She's currently the owner of Into Financials and recent..
Hallmark, florists and chocolatiers know that Valentine's Day is a gold rush for gift-givers, but love has traditionally sold year round at the box office. The top-grossing ro..
SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 21: Musicians Vic Fuentes (L) and Mike Fuentes of the band Pierce the Veil performs onstage at the MTV Fandom Awards San Diego at PETCO Park on July 21, 2016 i..
I just finished watching The LEGO Batman Movie, which was of course excellent, as reviews indicated and The LEGO Movie prophesied. I didn’t know if I’d end up writing about it afte..
Summit and Lionsgate's La La Land opened in China yesterday. The film earned $12.5 million on its first day, including Sunday previews and online ticketing fees, meaning that ..
Lionsgate has moved the Julia Roberts/Jacob Tremblay drama Wonder from April 7 to Nov. 17 of 2017. Stephen Chbosky's adaptation of R.J. Palacio's novel, about a young chi..
By now, you know that U.S. President Donald Trump recently signed orders to revive the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines. When these pipelines are completed, the U.S. dom..
Answer by Peter Lynch, VP at Argenta Partners, Former Analyst at JP Morgan and Rabobank, on Quora: I sit on the board of a healthcare information technology company, and have found..
Lego, the maker of the plastic toys you probably played with as a kid, has been named the most powerful brand in the world. Every year consulting firm Brand Finance releases a list..
Always wanted to visit Italy, but are daunted by the high cost of a trip there? We've got some great ways to save on this and other expensive destinations around the globe. (Photo ..
Fred Johanson, from left, Siobhan Dillon, Glenn Close, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lonny Price and Michael Xavier participate in a "Sunset Boulevard" media opportunity to promote its Broa..
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, arriving at the BAFTA British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London on February 12     ..
As you know, The LEGO Batman Movie topped the domestic box office this weekend with a (as of this writing) $55.6 million Fri-Sun domestic debut. Coupled with the $37.2m o..
While I am still not sure that Scarlett Johansson is the best person to play the Major in the upcoming live-action Ghost in the Shell movie, the latest trailer confirms my sus..
If you're in the market for a piece of land—and a piece of country music history—Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash's former estate property could be yours for only $3.95 million dol..
OK, I know what you are thinking.  How is Isbitts going to analogize financial mogul Carl Icahn with a character from the 1987 Mel Brooks movie, Spaceballs?  Here’s how: ..
Trolls: The Film Don’t worry; Dreamworks’ Trolls is definitely not a film about saddos saying nasty things about people on social media. In fact, it’s pretty much the polar opposit..
Finally, the planet’s busybodies can quit complaining about the unfairness of fat CEO pay packages. A new highly-paid individual worth envying has materialized: the artificial inte..
Vin Diesel's ---: Return of Xander Cage may be the (re)start of a beautiful franchise. The Revolution action sequel, distributed by Paramount/Viacom Inc., just snagg..
As promised, Paramount/Viacom Inc. and DreamWorks have dropped the second (and presumably final) trailer for Ghost in the Shell. The tease offers more sci-fi weirdness and Scarlett..
This weekend brought the release of John Wick: Chapter 2, the sequel to the 2014 cult film starring Keanu Reeves. After watching both chapters this weekend..
The accepted wisdom in audio circles is that in order to get the best quality sound you really need to invest in separates: a separate amp, CD player, network streamer or vinyl tur..
Spoilers through Season 7 of 'The Walking Dead.' "The dead don't rule us." ~Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead S7E9 Watching Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead wo..
The Walking Dead is returning with relatively little fanfare tonight as this time, there’s no terribly huge cliffhanger to resolve this time around. The end of season 7A actually e..
It looks like RF who was found guilty of a first class misdemeanor as an indirect result of her appearance on he Ellen DeGeneres Show may have caught just a bit of a break thanks t..
Other than the big --- news, the big holdover news among other movies belongs to Illumination and Universal/Comcast Corp. Sing crossed $500 million in global gr..
The top movie of a crowded, possibly too crowded, weekend was The LEGO Batman Movie. The $80 million animated spin-off of The LEGO Movie earned a solid $55.6m this w..
Fifty Shades Darker wasn't the top movie of the weekend, but it was still a winner. The second of three planned film adaptations of E.L. James' bestselling literary trilogy ea..
In terms of holdover news, the big news was the boffo debut in China of Vin Diesel's ---: Return of Xander Cage. The Paramount/Viacom Inc. release, which has barely passed $42m in ..
Keanu Reeves' John Wick opened with $14.4 million in October of 2014, riding a wave of strong reviews and solid buzz to a $43m domestic and $86m worldwide cume. The film also ..
TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 13: Musicans Kinan Azmeh, Kayhan Kalhor, Wu Man, Yo-Yo Ma and Cristina Pato attend 'The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble' photo call ..
There isn't much in the way of holdover news, but the big news is that most of the older films had remarkable holds even with copious competition. That's incredibly encouragin..
It’s been 10 long years since maverick adventurer Steve Fossett perished in a plane crash in California’s Sierra Nevada range. He was one of a new breed to earn his own f..
Fifty Shades Darker was the top movie on Friday, even though it will probably lose the weekend crown to The LEGO Batman Movie by tomorrow. Nonetheless, the $55 million sequel earne..
Everything is still pretty darn awesome for Warner Bros.’ LEGO universe. The LEGO Batman Movie, a spin-off from The LEGO Movie may not have been the top movie on Friday, but it is ..
John Wick Chapter 2 snagged an impressive opening day in what is an “everybody wins” weekend. The Summit/Lionsgate action sequel earned $11 million on its first day, or double the ..