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Yes, even dummies are recognizing the ongoing obesity epidemic. Dummies as in crash test dummies. No, not the musical group that sang "Mmm mmm mmm mmm"...but the mannequins that ar..
Today the FDA approved a new drug—one of few available—for treating liver cancer. Regorafenib is a pill manufactured by Bayer and sold as Stivarga. Already it’s been approved for u..
WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 28: US President Donald Trump makes remarks prior to signing an Energy Independence Executive Order at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Headquarters..
Oregon’s Willamette Valley: Home to some of the finest Pinot Noir in the world, fantastic truffles, excellent restaurants, and…French investors? Oui. There has been an influx of mo..
Cori Bargmann, president of science at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, with cofounder Priscilla Chan, M.D. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for The New York Times ) The Chan Zuckerb..
Various saturated fat-laden products have graced the covers of magazines in the last several years, the underlying message generally being that science has shifted fats f..
Any area that has great historical data (truth) is ripe for machine learning. It's better to think about the industries that likely will not be affected by machine learni..
By Sherri Snelling, Next Avenue Contributor  It all started with a fifth-grade class project. Scott Tarde, CEO of George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, which has opera..
The March for Science is like one bout of cardio, one game of basketball, one spinning class, or one session of Piyo (which sounds like what happens when you don't reach the bathro..
It’s the dream all millennials aspire to: to do what they love, from a laptop, anywhere in the world. Making that dream come true, however, is no easy feat. The recipe for success ..
The Global Health Drug Discovery Institute - a partnership between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Tsinghua University and the Beijing municipal government - opened in March..
Amgen Scientists Robert Kurzeja, right, and Nessa Hawkins pose in the Amgen lab in Thousand Oaks, California, Thursday, May 4, 2006. Photographer: Susan Goldman/Bloomberg News. Amg..
It should come as a surprise to no one that physical activity and exercise is good for you. What may come as a surprise to many is just how good it can be. Research reported in the..
Bill Gates, right, and his wife Melinda are Co-Chairs of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Foundation's contributions have been critical in the progress on neglected tropi..
Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly become aware that you don’t know how you got there? It’s scary when you recognize you haven’t been paying attention for someth..
If you have been a part of the biopharmaceutical industry, you’ve heard these criticisms hundreds of times: These views all contribute to the negative image of the industry. They c..
Entrepreneurs and upper-level professionals frequently push themselves to the limits, working 60 hours or more every week, working through nights and weekends, and sometimes even p..
Aaron Hernandez Suicide Leaves Many Wondering What Is Next The biggest sports news story of the week was certainly the death of Aaron Hernandez, which has been deemed a suicide. Ho..
Do you ever stop to consider what it means to think openly? Wasn’t that your basic education at school and what your parents told you to do? Whatever happened to that? The que..
Now former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, the 19th U.S. Surgeon General, is pictured here participating in a panel discussion urging women to fight cardiovascular diseas..
As health-minded consumers of food, I think we all deserve to know what is in the packaged food we buy. Giving consumers information to make their own choices sounds as American as..
What is Jeff Bezos “Day 1” philosophy? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. ..
This Earth Day, even though it might seem all doom and gloom, there are still reasons to feel positive about the future on this planet. These examples show big solutions to ev..
The sugar-brain connection isn’t just a theory anymore. There’s some fairly convincing and reproducible evidence that too much sugar in the diet is linked to cognitive and brain de..
In their nationwide, political push for legitimacy, naturopathic doctors suffered a significant loss in Colorado yesterday. The Colorado senate unanimously passed a watered-down ve..
Montel Williams (R) and wife Tara Fowler attend the 'Derek' New York Premiere at MOMA on September 5, 2013 in New York City. (Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images) After being d..
Picture Jay Wright two Mondays ago: the dapper, dynamic head coach of Villanova’s men’s basketball team.  He’s a princely promoter of court-side cohesiveness, a magical motiva..
This article was originally published at For most of its history, the United States' seat at the forefront of innovation has gone unrivaled. Thanks to its natural geo..
Internet protesters will soon be taking to the streets again.  But do they know whose interests they're really supporting?   (Manjunath Kiran/AFP/Getty Images) Once more ..
The U.S. is generally prepared to manage public health emergencies including bioterrorist attacks and natural disasters like floods, and most communities could handle a water conta..
I know, I know.....thunderstorm asthma is counterintuitive. Most people think that rainfall should wash away allergens that trigger asthmatic response. I thought this too until my ..
Bill Gates has weighed in on a British political question, the amount of foreign aid that the country should be spending. The UK is one of the very few places which does actually m..