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Every country has different --- cancer screening programs. In the United States, the more recent advances are: All of this allows for detection of --- cancer at an early stag..
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gives a thumbs-up as he addresses the annual National Republican Congressional Committee dinner in Washington, DC, March 21, 2017. Image credit: Jim ..
President Donald Trump very late last week nominated Dr. Scott Gottlieb to be Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner. Scott is a strong choice: smart and knowledgeable abo..
As I start to write this story, a little girl somewhere has just died from diarrhea. In another minute, a little boy will die of diarrhea. And then, a minute later, a third child m..
As I began writing this blog post, I found myself wondering how many people reading it will have actually bought a fresh turkey from the butcher, cleaned it and cooked it themselve..
It was a beautiful spring evening in Basel, Switzerland last night, my second night of what will be about two weeks in Europe, mainly for business. While it could have been a tad b..
Entrepreneurs, whether in the early stages of startup or driving the ongoing momentum of longer term growth, know that one important factor for success is true – keeping emplo..
The Food and Drug Administration has received nine reports of women dying of a rare blood cancer years after getting --- implants, according to information the agency released T..
In 2016, the World Economic Forum ranked the water crisis as one of the highest concerns for the next decade. Nearly one billion people already live without safe drinking water. No..
The most eagerly awaited study presented at last week’s American College of Cardiology meeting was Amgen’s FOURIER clinical trial. This study involved 27,564 patients with cardiova..
Protesters picket in front of the offices of Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake for a "Stakeouts to Save Our Health Care" to reject the new Republican proposal on healthcare Friday..
By Joel E. Tepper, M.D. and Henry I. Miller, M.D. “The Prevent-Cancer Diet!” “A New Molecular Target for Treating Pancreatic Cancer!” We are constantly bombarded with media announc..
Scientist Canan Dagdeviren  is an interpreter for a language without words. A beating heart or a dry patch of skin? She knows they're both saying something important, speaking..
After the US Fish and Wildlife Service estimated their populations had declined by as much as 95%, the rusty patched bumble bee is the first native bee species to be listed as enda..
InMed's drugs could generate $6 billion a year in revenue, but the company is also attracting attention for its cannabinoid database and biosynthesis manufacturing. (photo by Shutt..
On Friday, for the first time, we saw the full data from the FOURIER clinical trial of Amgen’s cholesterol-lowering antibody, evolocumab (Repatha™).  Depending on who you list..
By Dr. Craig Bowron, Next Avenue Contributor  Atherosclerosis — the scarring of blood vessels that leads to heart attacks and strokes—remains atop the leader board for the mos..
One of the best concerts I go to each year, one of my favorite nights of music all year, “Rock The Night,” is a benefit for Connecting to Cure Crohn’s and Colitis, a Los Angeles ba..
Food sustainability is arguably the most exciting movement in the world today. It's a rare thing for an industry to solve many of the world’s problems. Increasingly, climate change..
There are more tech billionaires than ever before, and together they are worth a record high: The 183 billionaires from tech --23 more than a year ago -- have a combined $1 trillio..
Esperion Therapeutics, a small biotech company that is trying to develop a new cholesterol drug, has a salve for its investors this morning: it says the Food and Drug Administratio..
Vice President Joe Biden speaks with former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, right, during a tour of the research lab at the Huntsman Cancer Institute Feb. 26, 2016, in Salt Lake City, as p..
Lijia Zhang, right, author of "Lotus," discussed China's sprawling --- industry in a talk at Shanghai's Glamour Bar on Saturday. At least 10 million women – a number roughly equiva..
If you hear somebody mention the word, iRhythm, you might conclude that it' a musical group or a new dance step. But you would be wrong. In fact, iRhythm (IRTC)is in a more serious..
Bill Gates, co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, explained at the 53rd Munich Security Conference (MSC) how global health is a security issue. (Photo: THOMAS KIE..
Everytime Donald Trump tweets about drug prices, biotech stocks take it on the chin. Bruce Pile believes these episodes are giving investors good entry points for some of..
It’s a stroll in a park, or the quality of air you breathe. For some, it’s not having to choose between paying for medicine for themselves or food for their family. For others, it’..
With the release of the FOURIER trial, Amgen and academic investigators have provided evidence that their novel cholesterol-reducing drug, Repatha (evolcumab), can reduce risk. Amo..
Repatha, a new drug from Amgen, prevents heart attacks and strokes better than any medicine since the cholesterol-lowering statin drugs that are a daily preventative for millions o..
The pace at which decades of slowly gained health protections are being destroyed by this administration is breathtaking. This post focuses on infectious disease implications. (FIL..
Earlier this week, stories about a facial-recognition app that can link photos of strangers to their Facebook accounts began to circulate, causing worry across the web about potent..
An man holds up leaves from a marijuana plant at the annual Hemp Parade (Hanfparade) on August 9, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. (Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images) According to brain exp..
This week AstraZeneca released impressive data for Lynparza (olaparib), a drug that’s already FDA-approved for treatment of relapsed and refractory ovarian cancer in wome..
AliveCor, the Silicon Valley-based maker of the $99 Kardia Mobile, a portable electrocardiogram device, is now betting that artificial intelligence will help doctors monitor p..
Part Of The Series “Living and Working Better” When I hear people complain about the myriad of challenges they face, and what holds them back from creating the life they dream of, ..
Hands down, the best $100 I ever spent was to join FiReFilms, which not only provides me with direct private access to world-changing documentary films but also enables me to ..