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I met dozens of money managers representing a combined $1 trillion in assets at a conference at Goldman Sachs’ Dallas office last Monday. Speakers included Jan Hatzi..
They're baaa-aack.  Wall Street: "Please God, no."  Two ex-presidents both declare their intention of getting back in the game in October 2018. Only one, Luiz Inacio Lula..
Sir Ivan Rogers was the British ambassador to the European Union until he resigned under something of a cloud earlier this year. And he was in Parliament today talking to one of th..
Don’t misread recent votes in the U.K. and U.S. as part of a lasting anti-global movement. The Brexit vote and election of Donald Trump suggest that some governments want to pull i..
Support services giant Serco Group has proved an immensely pick with share investors in recent times. The stock had gained 87% in value in the 12 months to last night’s close, and ..
Last year, development in London was second only to New York, ahead of Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo. That kind of development, even in the face of Brexit, shows that the fundamenta..
Late last week, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group announced that it will no longer pursue a sale of its Williams & Glyn unit and will instead restructure the operations to help ..
Jean-Claude Juncker, one of the European Union's Presidents--a title thrown around with the gay abandon American firms use for the title vice-president--has warned that the bill fo..
With nothing to stop Brexit getting the green light, the threat of the European Union losing a few more members - either willingly or unwillingly - is adding to the crisis in Europ..
Banking colossus HSBC was the FTSE 100’s leading faller in Tuesday business following the release of disappointing full-year financials. The stock was last dealing 7% lower from Mo..
Few would disagree that we are in the midst of a political crisis. The situation is, of course, most acute in the U.S., the U.K., and continental Europe, where "ordinary people" ha..
Shares in Interserve collapsed on Monday morning after a frightful update concerning the closure of its Energy from Waste (or EfW) division. Interserve -- which served notice of te..
Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan speaks about 'Brexit' and the state of the European and US economies during a discussion with Bloomberg Government at their of..
The economic numbers for Scotland haven't added up for some decades now, that's why the English have had to subsidise the place for so long. Given the various talk about a second i..
We've been having a series of stories telling us all of the terrors of Brexit. All that is good and holy in the nation will scarper over the Channel as it happens and thus we will ..
The Bernabeu rises to Ronaldo’s skill Cristiano Ronaldo outdid himself with this spectacular move during Real Madrid’s 2-0 win over Espanyol on Saturday. Simply breathtaking. Nine ..
The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship have increased dramatically since the FATCA legislation seeking extended financial informatoin went into effect some two years ..
In UK toy manufacturing circles the ‘B’ word is not Brexit, but bear, although the former is helping sales at Merrythought, Britain's last teddy bear manufacturer, soar. While lege..
We've all heard the news that Kraft Heinz, the consumer products group owned by 3G Capital and at least in part backed by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, has made a bid for Un..
Every developed country (and most developing nations) have a business generation initiative designed to attract investors and customers, while also aiming to foster export growth. ..
Jean-Claude Juncker, one of the many presidents of the European Union, has pointed out once again that Britain cannot conclude trade deals or agreements with countries while it is ..
This season, activism is in. After eight days of fall/winter New York Fashion Week, the most prominent trend—pervading both the runways and streets—has been social and political ac..
In the populist age of President Donald Trump - when CEOs are routinely hauled to Washington and browbeaten on live television over an America-first jobs agenda - it makes per..
By Bill George In a 1998 report designed to train officers for the twenty-first century, the United States War College presaged a world that is “volatile, uncertain, complex, and a..
Global venture investment in FinTech grew by 11% to $17.4 billion in 2016 according to data provided by PitchBook. It is the first time China with $7.7 billion of investment outpac..
In what is not exactly a huge surprise the effects of the post-Brexit vote slump in the value of sterling are working through to the wider economy. Retail sales have fallen in the ..
This is not a polite thing for an economics professor to say but it is, however extreme, correct in this instance. Patrick Minford, of Economists For Brexit (now renaming themselve..
Tony Blair has come out of his private sector retirement to re-enter the political fray. Urging us to fight against Brexit, for those who would Remain to take the battle forward. W..
From Brexit to Trump, 2017 promises to be another year of surprises. At Bisnow’s Financial Markets and Real Estate Investment event on Feb. 23, our all-star panel of experts w..
Men walk past posters bearing pictures of fighters who were killed in battles during the ongoing Libyan conflict, on February 15, 2017 in the eastern Libyan city of Beghazi. Six ye..
Stocks continue to make new highs--five consecutive days of higher highs in the Dow. The Trump administration continues to make new news. And the Fed continues to become less impor..
If I were GM, I’d start my quarterly and annual reports with market share stats. For me, it's the one and only stat that is a true leading indicator of this automaker’s viability. ..
Has there ever been this much bullishness in equity markets? The reflationary trade has pushed US and UK stock markets to fresh highs, with the Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE..
An Opel badge sits on an Opel Mokka X sports utility vehicle (SUV) outside the automaker's headquarters in Ruesselsheim, Germany, on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017. General Motors Co. Ch..
In this Feb.24, 2016 file photo, PSA Peugeot Citroen Chief Executive Carlos Tavares attends the presentation of the company's financial results at Peugeot headquarters in Paris. Fr..
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation in Britain is known as one of those terribly caring and concerned groups that would like to make life better for us all. They're also not entirely pl..