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Need directions? Say "Alexa, ask Garmin to route me to" where you're going. The voice assistant can add items to your grocery list through Speak, play music or read an audiobook th..
Once again, Netflix's quarterly earnings report (PDF) shows it's added even more customers (5 million in the US alone), and now boasts more than 115 million subscribers worldwide. ..
I'll admit, I typically dread testing out Amazon's tablets. They're not bad, especially given their low prices, but they're much slower than the gear I normally use. Not so with th..
One of its suppliers is Taiwanese vendor Makalot Industrial Co., known for making clothes sold by Uniqlo, Gap and Kohl's. The other Taiwanese company it's working with sounds a lot..
The assault allegations may have served as an opportunity to jettison a show that wasn't going very smoothly and would have been costly even if successful. Hollywood Reporter sourc..
Amazon sent a short statement to people invited to the showcase, according to Variety, that said, "We wanted to let you know that the planned European Prime Video autumn season sho..
Google describes the Home Mini hardware as a donut, and that's not a bad comparison. It's about the same size as my favorite pastry (though there's no hole in the middle). To me, i..
In the article, she revealed that Price repeatedly propositioned her in the back of a cab en route to an Amazon staff party on July 10, 2015. He allegedly said "You will love my di..
James explained his plan with a few videos on Twitter and also set up a URL that lets interested parties (like Amazon) see everything he's reviewed. Products run the gamut from 22-..
For the past few years, Target has been testing the Google Express service in California and New York City. Now, the service is expanding nationwide. Starting today, you can now us..
There will be some 20,000 records on offer, drawing from the label's vast archives. You sign up for the service, and Billboard says after answering a few questions about your taste..
The class 8 Toyota truck is capable of producing more than 670 horsepower with 1,325 pounds of torque -- more than enough for even the heaviest Amazon delivery. The semi began its ..
No strings on me.Oculus Santa Cruz gets closer to the future of wireless VR Last year, Oculus' wireless VR headset was a hacked together jumble of exposed wiring, but now the Santa..
Frustrated with the current state of DVD/Blu-ray digital copies and buying movies from online stores like Vudu or iTunes? A new connection between studios and stores may be the bes..
Alibaba has plans to set up seven research labs and hire 100 scientists, whose focus will be artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and quantum computing, according to the..
To set up your own voice profile, you'll need to go through the Amazon app. You'll go to your account settings and tap Your Voice, then tap on your profile name. If you want to pla..
Glu Mobile is the company behind freemium apps such as "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood," and now it has partnered with a new celebrity: Taylor Swift. The company is creating an app call..
Here's how Facebook described the all-star collab last month: "In Facebook's AI teams (FAIR and AML), we are continuously trying to push the frontier of AI and develop better algor..
There are multiple ways parents can set limits on how their teens shop on Amazon. Once the order is placed, the parent will receive a text or an email with the item, cost, shipping..
If you didn't like the design of the last Oasis... well, tough luck. Amazon basically refined its look for this year's model. It's still very thin (3.4 millimeters) on one end, wit..
Some of the data-gathering is pretty standard fare, including how often you unlock your phone, the apps you open and use, and the Wi-Fi networks you connect to. The problem lies wi..
Oops? Google Home Mini bug could make it record audio 24/7 Voice-controlled appliances need to listen in so they can pick up their hotword, but Android Police received a test Googl..