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There are plenty of confusing things in this world. Rubik’s cubes, rocket science, and IKEA furniture instructions all rank up there, but Hollywood has all three beat with its X-Me..
Marvel fans, you should start bracing yourself now for what Avengers: Infinity War has in store for you. The much-anticipated blockbuster is set to bring together the biggest heroe..
When it comes to anime, Black Butler fans know how to throw a party. Later this month, the franchise will be making a long-awaited comeback when its newest movie debuts. Black Butl..
Let’s give a round of applause to Warner Bros. Japan. The film studio has been a key advocate for live-action anime adaptations, and it seems like their work on Fullmetal Alchemist..
It looks like the Sword Art Online gang is getting a much overdue salute by the Japanese government. Characters like Kirito and Asuna are known for their tech-savvy personalities a..
If you’re a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! and have a passport handy, then you might want to look into getting tickets to Japan. Later this month, the iconic anime franchise will be celebrating ..
A new piece of crew clothing spotted on eBay has now made its way to Twitter and fans of DC’s cinematic universe are buzzing. Paul Edwards posted a snapshot of the t-shirt to his a..
Now that the Green Lantern Corps movie is officially getting a script, the rumors regarding the film's main characters have taken off. Hal Jordan's casting has been particularly ta..
The popular Predator franchise is getting a reboot treatment this year, but it looks like the new movie will start production much sooner than many expected. According to MyEnterta..
Fairy Tail fans, keep calm. Sure, it has been awhile since the anime franchise rolled out a new film, but the folks behind the series have heard your pleas. Later this year, Fairy ..
In just a few months, Attack on Titan will be breaking through all of humanity’s walls to find its way back to television. The acclaimed anime is set to debut its second season in ..
The Uncharted movie - based on the popular Naughty Dog video game franchise - has been stuck in various stages of development for some time now. Finally, this year, the film is get..
While Vin Diesel’s return to the extreme sports-meets-espionage series performed well internationally, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film nabbed the top spot in the United States. Sp..
Warner Bros. has released the first clip from The LEGO Batman Movie! When Robin (voiced by Michael Cera) enters the Batcave (voiced by Will Arnett), he excitedly asks Batman, "Do I..
While movie studios are relying heavily on the nostalgia of aging generations, they tend to put their reboots through a grim and gritty filter before pumping them back out for the ..
It looks like the world of Dragon Ball Super is about to meet some returning Saiyans from times past. Not long ago, Toei Animation debuted a brand-new preview for the upcoming ‘Uni..
News for the next installment in the Avengers mega-franchise has been flying fast. Rumors of Peter Dinklage being cast, Zoe Saldana admitting that she’ll be in the film, news of a ..
The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 LEGO sets that previously hit the web have been officially released and now we have a better look at their contents, offering potential hints to ..
When the first cast photo from the set of the Jumanji reboot hit the internet, some fans expressed concern about Karen Gillan’s outfit. Gillan was the only female cast member in th..
On Saturday, an appreciative fan—who goes by the name PensFanboy on Twitter—reached out to David Ayer to tell the director he is thankful for Suicide Squad and thinks it's a "..
It only took a mere moment or two before actor Joel McHale got political in his opening monologue while hosting this year’s People’s Choice Awards. As he began his monologue, McHal..
Atomhawk Design, a leading creative visualisation and digital art production company, has updated their website with concept art its artists spent six months creating for Marvel's ..
  When citizens of Detroit woke up last weekend, it probably came as a surprise to see the Bat Signal being shown on the side of the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.&nb..
While the world may never see another Half-Life sequel, fans of Valve’s classic franchise might take solace in the possibility of films based on the game. When asked if there were ..
Tom Holland was a celebrity presenter for Dell at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. In the midst of shoring up what seems to be an important product placement deal between Son..
The latest Wolverine film might have more in common with its comic book origin than originally thought. “Not only is it different in terms of timeline and tone, it's a slightly dif..
It seems DC and Warner Bros. are finally showing some movement on their future film properties, including their upcoming Green Lantern Corps film. The same can be said of Shazam, w..
Comics artist John Watkiss has passed away of cancer at the age of 55. Watkiss was a well known British artist whose work includes individual issues of Sandman, Conan the Barb..
We just got the breaking news that Terminator franchise creator James Cameron is returning to produce a Terminator reboot - a film which will be directed by Deadpool..
Evan Peters is an American actor, who has appeared in a variety or horror, science fiction, and superhero TV shows and movies. For comic book fans, Peters is best known for his rol..
It appears that, at least at the moment, there isn't a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie trilogy in the works. That said, that doesn't mean fans have to give up hope that it ..
The Art of Rogue One book has been on store shelves for over a month now (and the movie's been in theaters for that same amount of time), so artist Andreé Wallin, who did conc..
Shawn Michaels is one of the rare exceptions in WWE, as he's managed to avoid coming back for another run with the company since his original retirement back in 2010. That's not ap..
If you've ever had a day that just won't end, regardless of how many times you check the clock, you might need a little pick-me-up. Granted, this art from Andry Shango won't make t..
For the second time in 20 years, Witchblade is in development as a TV series from Sony Pictures Television and NBC Universal, NBC confirmed to The series is pois..
The next film from WB Animation's "DC Universe Original Movie" line, Justice League Dark, is on the cusp of release. The film hits digital HD on January 24, 2017, and com..
Kong: Skull Island marches into theaters later this year, but fans are equally as excited to see the King take on the equally deadly Godzilla in their new versus movie. While many ..
---: Return of Xander Cage picks up with the revelation that Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) is still alive, living in South America in self-imposed exile. However, when the --- prog..
The Inhumans are headed to ABC for an eight episode series. Before premiering on our TV sets, they will go to IMAX for a back to back screening of the series' first two episodes. I..
For most fans of the franchise, the most iconic Batman opening to ever exist is the opening of Batman: The Animated Series. It’s a perfectly animated action sequence that..
Do you ever rewatch an old comic book movie and suddenly sit upright in your seat and shout "Wait, that's Batman!" at the screen? (We mean, not in a Batman movie.) It happens to us..
Cover-dated November 1961, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s The Fantastic Four hit newsstands 55 years ago and comic book superheroes were changed forever. Today, we see a landscape where..
The post credits scene of Iron Man from 2008 is one of the most iconic moments in comic book movie history. It might even qualify among the top moments for all of cinema, looking b..
The story trailer for the upcoming video game Injustice 2 lit the internet on fire earlier this week. With a gripping narrative that saw Brainiac analyzing the duality of hero..
When Marvel Studios decided to go full-force into the mystical arts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they of course had to start with Doctor Strange. With the home release of..
Night Shyamalan's new movie Split is now in theaters, and as with so many of the director's films, there are plenty of twists and big reveals that change the shape o..
Logan is the swan song for the man who's occupied the role of Wolverine for the character's entire film lifespan Hugh Jackman. That obviously adds some pressure to director Ja..
Even before the release of the first trailer of Logan, fans have been eagerly anticipating the onscreen debut of Laura Kinney, also known in the X-Men universe as X-23. Introduced ..
When Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them was released in November of last year, it brought a whole new crop of actors into the Harry Potter universe. Among those was Zoe Kravit..
In the world of comics, there are good stories and then there are great. Readers will argue to the end of days about which series should be housed under those labels, but many crit..
In the world of superheroes, it is rare to find rated-R films. Jewels like Blade carried the seldom seen sphere until Deadpool burst onto the scene last summer. The mouthy merc lef..
Michael Keaton may be known for his work with DC Comics’ Batman, but the iconic actor will soon be remembered for another superhero role. Later this summer, Spider-Man: Homecoming ..
Even though he's been retired from active action for some time, WWE legend Shawn Michaels still commands attention everywhere he goes, including Liberty University. The Heartb..
There have been numerous rumors surrounding James Mangold's Logan for some time, one of which included the always popular X-Men nemesis Mr. Sinister. Multiple actors have supposedl..
In just a few months, anime fans will have a slew of series returning to their TV sets, and one of them will be Attack on Titan. The critically acclaimed series is one of the bette..
When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story went into its planned pick-up period of photography - more commonly discussed simply as "reshoots" - the rumors started flying. While the pic..
All you ghouls get ready, because we finally get a new image and logo for the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film. The new image shows the actress Fumika Shimizu in her costume as Toka Ki..
While there's a quite a bit going on in the latest Logan trailer, you might have noticed at one point that X-23 happens to have a fondness for X-Men comics, ironically much to..
Christina Ricci will play Terra and Miguel Ferrer will play Deathstroke in the new Teen Titans movie, Warner Bros Home Entertainment confirmed to Thursday mornin..
Well folks, it looks like Hellboy III is finally happening - At least the meetings to move forward with the movie are happening. Yesterday, Guillermo Del Toro promised fans that he..
Split starts with a horrific abduction in broad daylight, following teenage Claire Benoit’s birthday party at the local mall. Claire (Haley Lu Richardson), her BFF Marcia..
There's still a couple of months left until Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 hits theaters in the US, but fans can hardly contain their excitement. Ever since the trailer debuted last yea..
DC has been making waves over the last couple of weeks by teasing a ton of Shazam news, and it looks like the first official announcement has come down the pike. DC has announced t..
However the director of the massive animated hit, Makoto Shinkai, has a big problem with it. In an interview with Shinkai about the film, he said “I don’t think any more people sho..
As we get more and more extensive looks at Wolverine 3: Logan from its newly released green and red-band trailers, fans are starting wonder if this final c..
The new Power Rangers movie trailer has been released online, giving fans of the franchise an official look at the new designs being used for the movie's version of Power..
The second trailer for Logan has finally debuted, and fans have instantly fallen in love with X-23. Not only did the young girl steal the show, but she proved that Wolverine isn't ..
Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the opening video for its upcoming Accel World VS Sword Art Online game. The game will feature favorite characters from the two popular vide..
Wolverine 3 aka Logan continues to build hype as a wonderful departure from your standard X-Men movie. Hugh Jackman and The Wolverine director James Mangol..
The new Logan trailer has finally debuted, and it makes the film look even more epic than before. X-23 finally showed her claws, Charles got more ominous than ever, and Wolverine t..
Marvel Studios has already begun filming for Avengers: Infinity War, and all the stars have been preparing for the epic battle that will take place within the film. Well, now it lo..
With the newest Power Rangers trailer, which just dropped today, comes the best looks that fans have yet of the iconic Battle Zords. In a word, they look incredible. The Tyrannosau..
Sure, the movie is called Logan, and it's Hugh Jackman's #OneLastTime as Wolverine, but for X-Men fans casual and die-hard, X-23 is stealing the show. A female clone of Logan,..
Logan is a piece of the X-Men movie universe but it stands completely on its own. That was made possible because director James Mangold selected a distant enough future where the e..
Logan is a piece of the X-Men movie universe but it stands completely on its own. That was made possible because director James Mangold selected a distant enough future where the e..
Logan is a piece of the X-Men movie universe but it stands completely on its own. That was made possible because director James Mangold selected a distant enough future where the e..
Logan is a piece of the X-Men movie universe but it stands completely on its own. That was made possible because director James Mangold selected a distant enough future where the e..
When Logan hits theaters in March, Hugh Jackman's final go as Wolverine will hardly be the most talked about topic by people walking out of movie theaters. It's not going to be Cha..
With new looks at just about every character in the film, the new Power Rangers trailer is chock full of reveals. One of those belongs to Alpha 5, the helpful diminutive andro..
Steven Yeun has been enjoying his time since leaving The Walking Dead at the beginning of this season. Since Glenn was killed off, Yeun married his longtime girlfriend, and announc..
Thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other shared franchises, movies are becoming more interconnected than before. In the future, franchises like G.I. Joe and..
In the 30 years since his first movie role, Michael Rooker has astonishingly earned over a hundred roles in films, TV shows, and video games. The grizzled actor immediately conjure..
NOTE: This post is 100% SPOILER-FREE!  M. Night Shyamalan's Split looked like your standard serial killer thriller - but ever since the movie has been screening for ..
Back in the day, moviegoers flocked to theaters to see Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon flicks, and they would leave with some rather special. Movies connected to the popular franchises would..
Fans left Suicide Squad with mixed feelings about Jared Leto's take on the Joker, but the movie still went on to dominate the box office. However, following the mixed results from ..
Bringing iconic X-Men character Cable into the X-Men movie universe has been a hard task, as there have been years of rumors surrounding the character making an appearance in live-..
Laura Dern has joined the Star Wars family with Star Wars: Episode VIII coming this December, and her first time talking about it is, of course, bittersweet. While the ac..
If you've been dying for a third Hellboy movie, you've probably been disappointed for quite a while. Fortunately, Guillermo Del Toro is finally giving the film a chance. In a tweet..
The Logan trailer will be here by the end of the week, and the excitement continues to build. The film has been hailed as Hugh Jackman's swan-song as the titular character, having ..
Any movie would greatly appreciate the sophistication that Patrick Stewart brings to the cast, and that is exactly why The Emoji Movie decided to cast him in the film. Granted, his..
NOTE: This Article is 100% SPOILER-FREE!  Split is a movie that probably wasn't on most moviegoers radars as 2017 began, but it's about to be buzzing in a big way as it d..
Sony Pictures has confirmed that its Untitled Spider-Man Animated Movie project, written by LEGO movie team Phil Lord and Chris Miller, will indeed feature Miles Morales ..
The first trailer for Wolverine 3 (aka Logan) made a huge splash, as X-Men movie (and general superhero movie) fans saw something they hadn't before: a violent, R-ra..
As Ben Affleck has been out making the press rounds to promote his new film Live By Night, he has inevitably been asked question after question about his upcoming role as Batm..
Big actors playing big superhero roles tend to like to keep mementos from their time on set. For example, X-Men and Wolverine Ben Affleck had a similar experience filming Batman v ..
Agents of SHIELD has been something of a junction point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in that pretty much every major Marvel movie and TV project has a thread that i..
Yesterday, anime fans were stunned to learn that Warner Bros. had reportedly been looking into securing rights for a live-action Attack on Titan film. The hugely popular franchise ..
2016 wasn't the greatest year for DC's cinematic universe, but it did manage to get it off the ground in a profitable way. 2017 though is looking much brighter thanks to both Wonde..
Fans have been eagerly anticipating casting news for the time-traveling mutant mercenary Cable ever since Deadpool teased the character’s involvement in Deadpool 2 in the post-cred..
2017 is an excellent year for anime, and it’s not just because of Japan’s impending line-up of shows. No, the medium is on an upturn as fans from around the world continue to embra..
Action movie icon Dolph Lundgren will take center stage in an upcoming Arrow episode set almost entirely during the flashbacks later this season. Executive producer Marc Gugge..
Deadpool has become the most recognizable Marvel character around the globe, following the incredible success of the franchise's debut film last year. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Deadp..
Hold on to your books, it looks like the RL Stine movie adaptation is getting another round on the big screen. The popular Goosebumps franchise was given a feature film in 2015, st..
With DC's Rebirth-branded comic book relaunch so closely mirroring many of the company's movie and TV properties, and characters from Watchmen seemingly at the heart of t..
In just a matter of days, ---: Return of Xander Cage will be barrelling into theaters all across the US. Most of the draw of the film comes from Vin Diesel's comeback as the f..
The long awaited English Dub of Steins;Gate - The Movie - Lord Region of Deja Vu finally has an english-dubbed trailer. Funimation began streaming the trailer on Monday, and the si..
2017 will be one of the last year's that iconic Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee will be so readily available to the public, and if you happen to be going to Fan Expo Dallas, yo..
Following the news yesterday, of Kimi no Na wa, or Your Name in English, officially being the highest grossing anime film of all time, Funimation made a huge announcement..
Jurassic World was one of the highest earning movies in all time, and it was no surprise that the Jurassic Park reboot was given the green light for a couple of sequels.  The ..
Marvel Comics has provided with an exclusive preview of Monsters Unleashed David Curiel. Next: Monsters Unleashed #1 Review This is the second chapter of Ma..
The Guardians had their hands full with not only Ronan the Accuser to deal with but also Gamora's slightly unhinged sister Nebula. She was a straight antagonist in the original fil..
Avengers: Infinity War is shooting now, and the movie is going to be massive. With every Marvel Studios creation so far potentially involved, Infinity War is a culminatio..
Deadpool 2 has hit some early creative speedbumps - and one of them was rumored to be the casting of iconic X-Men movie character Cable in the film.  Regardless of whethe..
Deadpool 2 continues to get back on track after a hitting a wall early in development. A new director has been attached (John Wick's David Leitch) and franchise star / produce..
Hundreds of comic book characters are being portrayed in film and television, and with each new day more are being announced.   -- a original video series -..
Get your popcorn ready, because Marvel's big action event of 2017 is here, but does it start with a whimper or a bang? Spoilers incoming for Monsters Unleased #1, so you've been wa..
Check out the first trailer for Crackle's TV reboot of Guy Ritchie's Snatch, starring the likes of Harry Potter's Rupert Grint, and Taken 3's Dougray Scott..
Ryan Reynolds has had one of the most unusual Hollywood stories in recent memory with his time playing Deadpool For 20 Century Fox. Reynolds first played Deadpool in 2009’s X-Men O..
Jurassic World 2 will raise the stakes in a myriad of ways, including some much-needed character development for Claire, who was played in the first film by the talented Bryce Dall..
DC Films is laying out an ambitious agenda in 2017; the studio will be launching two pivotal tentpoles (Wonder Woman and Justice League), while simultaneously trying to r..
The enigmatic TV spots for FX's upcoming new midseason offering, Legion, may have gotten a lot of viewers' attention, but how many of those same viewers truly understand whether or..
It seems as though CHiPs star Erik Estrada is not a big fan of the trailer just released for a feature film adaptation of his classic TV series. Just days after a trailer..
There’s no denying the fact that Donald Glover is one of Hollywood’s most promising talents. The star is more than a triple threat thanks to his comedy, music, and acting gigs. Sti..
"Everyone has a BFF...," the narrator says in the latest TV spot for The LEGO Batman Movie while Harley Quinn and The Joker cutesy moment, "except for Batman." Like the previous tr..
With the caveat that he thinks the character is "dumb," Warcraft director Duncan Jones took to social media recently to share his "take" on a Green Lantern movie... ...wh..
The upcoming Batman movie has lots of time to marinate over at Warner Brothers, but Ben Affleck can't escape it. Recently, the acclaimed actor and director has been inund..
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story passed $500 million at the domestic box office today, after coming close with a $13.36 million fifthe weekend that saw it rise to $498.45 million ..
It's still going to be a couple of years before Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson debuts in the DCEU as Black Adam, but he's going all in on the budding franchise. Last week, Johnson and h..
Kimi no Na wa -- or Your Name in English -- has been praised and breaking records all over the world since its release last year, and it just broke another one. The film ..
The saga of The Kingpin continues, as Vincent D'Onofrio lets fans in on what Marvel thinks about the possibility of placing the villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many have ..
Lando Calrissian is a smooth talking so-and-so, great with the ladies (or so he thinks and says at least), quick on his feet, and maybe better than even Han Solo at talking his way..
For lifelong DC fans, a new film auction site is now allowing you to achieve your dreams - if you're willing to pay the price. The Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve, and t..
There won't be an Avengers movie hitting theaters in 2017 but a whole slew of Marvel heroes are making their way to the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's canon. With th..
There are moments in John Williams' seven scores for Star Wars films that are so iconic even people who haven't seen the movies can recognize them. When the opening fanfa..
The Ghibli Museum located in Mitaka west Tokyo, is a dream for animated movie fans that brings the works of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki to life. There are life-size versions o..
Joe Manganiello was recently cast as Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe, and the assassin is likely to debut in this year's Justice League movie. The actor has been seen spend..
The Omen star Harvey Spencer Stephens seems to have brought out the devil in real life with his recent actions. According to The Guardian, Stephens attacked and went nuts on a cycl..
A third installment of the Jeepers Creepers franchise was set to go into production last year, for release in theaters this year - but that never happened. Production on ..
Marvel's The Defenders miniseries event on Netflix is gaining buzz as production evolves into promotion. A recent magazine spread revealed the first images of Marvel's De..
The next Bond film will be the twenty-fifth in the series. So far, there has been a dearth of news on its progess and we don't expect any update to come in the near future. Daniel ..
Before Warner Bros.' Mad Max: Fury Road was released and went on to earn $380 million at the wordwide box office and six Academy Awards, there were reports of a feud between its tw..
In the world of anime, Gintama is a mainstay. The fan-favorite franchise debuted years ago and has continued to become more popular over the years. In 2017, Gintama will see itself..
DC fans were ecstatic upon finding out that veteran actor Patrick Wilson had been cast opposite Jason Momoa - as Orm The Ocean Master - in the standalone Aquaman film.  This d..
Things are getting busy for the folks behind Sword Art Online. The popular anime series has been a hit for years now, and fans have been waiting for the series to return. In just a..
Since Tom Hardy is set to play Al Capone in the upcoming movie Fonzo and is no stranger to dramatically transforming his appearance for a role, he was recently asked if he'll pack ..
Warner Bros. has released a new television spot for upcoming 3D computer-animated film The LEGO Batman Movie, and it features our first look at Commissioner Gordon — one of The Dar..
The Mist is one of Stephen King's most legendary works of literature - and that's saying something.  When Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, The Walking Dead) created the film ad..
Today at the North American International Auto Show, Chevrolet unveiled a life-sized version of the Batmobile that will appear in Warner Bros.' upcoming LEGO Batman Movie. Spe..
"They've learned that Marvel Studios asked for permission to use an AC Transit bus logo from the '90s for their upcoming movie. On Wednesday, according to agency spokesman Rob..
Let’s face it: being a fan of Gal Gadot is very easy. The Israeli actress may have made her Hollywood debut years ago, but she has become a household name thanks to DC Films. Gadot..
It's a fact: people love cats. Many people also love Star Wars. Why not put the two of these incredibly beloved things together? One fan has done just that, and it will very well m..
Thousands of fan votes are in. Hours of deliberation have taken place among the staff. The winners have been chosen. The 2016 Movie Awards took the best..
Admit it: you’re still a little sad that ABC didn’t bring back Agent Carter for another season. The period superhero drama was headed up by Hayley Atwell back in 2015 when the star..
While Legos - much like Funko POP!s and bumper stickers - are a staple of the nerd community, they seem to be the most painful thing in the world to step on. Unlike most toys, a Le..
Never underestimate the power of anime! In Japan, the medium stands as one of the most popular in the country, and fans get to experience their favorite shows in all sorts of ways...
It is 2017, and fans of Star Wars seem to all want one thing: an update on Episode VIII. Last year, Lucasfilm kept hype alive for the franchise with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a..
Michael Keaton is set to become one of the few actors to appear both in a DC Comics movie and Marvel film. Keaton will go from DC hero Batman to Marvel villain the Vulture, but Kea..
Ezra Miller made his debut as Barry Allen, the Flash of the DC Extended Universe, in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Miller will return as the Flash in Justice Leag..
For a time, it seemed like something new regarding 20th Century Fox's Logan was being released on a daily basis — especially teaser images. Then things slowed down a bit. Howe..
Hosting Saturday Night Live can be a nerve wracking experience for anyone, but it's especially difficult when you're hosting for the very time and your episode happens to be the fi..