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With less than three months to go before the film debuts in movie theaters across the world, production has finally wrapped on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson celebrated the..
With The Punisher coming to Netflix and Elektra having just appeared in The Defenders fans are clamoring to see the anti-hero team Thunderbolts come to the small screen and one fan..
Current Nightwing scribe Tim Seeley may be just about ready to move on from --- Grayson's comic book adventures and head over to Green Lanterns, but with a movie coming up based o..
Sony's Peter Rabbit trailer is rubbing everybunny the wrong way. The half-animated, half-live-action flick is one of two animal-centric trailers released Thursday, and audience rec..
Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel features legendary musician Sir Elton John as "himself," and The Golden Circle is so insane it features the singer-songwriter —..
What do you get when you combine It with Batman: The Killing Joke? If this fan art is any indication you get the scariest clown mashup of all time. Martin David, who describes hims..
Director James Gunn's latest film pushed Marvel’s space-faring team on an exciting new adventure that once again endangered the entire universe, but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ..
While most people will have to wait until Justice League hits theaters this fall to hear Ben Affleck's Batman voice again one lucky fan not only got a good word out of the actor, b..
A new promotional banner for the upcoming Justice League movie popped up today and this time Superman has united with the rest of team. In the banner from Henry C..
Skybound Entertainment and Universal Pictures announced today that they will be developing Christian Cantamessa and Chris Pasetto’s comic series Kill the Minotaur as a feature. The..
Matthew Vaughn has a very specific perspective when it comes to his work on Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The director saw making the sequel as getting the band back together and th..
After the massive success of the IT movie adaptation, it seems that Pennywise the Dancing Clown has once again become a horror movie icon - which means the character is a prime can..
In what certainly sounds like a condemnation of Marvel Television's latest project, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn dismissed a fan request to "save" Marvel's The Inhum..
There's only two more Marvel Cinematic Universe movies left to go until the epic crossover events of Avengers: Infinity War: Thor Ragnarok this fall and Black Panther early next ye..
There's plenty of blame to go around for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Dave Gibbons believes some of it should be credited to Watchmen. That might be heresy to some, but ..
The Nintendo Switch and 3DS are about to get slammed with incredible games. Tomorrow, September 22nd, we can finally get our hands on the definitive version of Pokken Tournament on..
During a 2006 interview, the creator of the beloved manga Bleach made a comment that some fans on Reddit are taking to be shade pre-emptively thrown at a live-action adaptation, on..
Dave Gibbons might be most well-known for his seminal work co-creating Watchmen, but the comics creator has had his hand in a variety of other projects, including the "For the Man ..
When a film is successful enough to get a sequel, there is the expectation that the second film will be bigger and better, but when director Matthew Vaughn set out to make Kingsman..
DC Films has its hands full with Justice League, but Shazam! is very much on the company’s mind. The movie will be the next DCEU feature to enter production, and casting is underwa..
Many audiences might know Halle Berry from her Oscar-winning performances and as one of the most lauded talents of her generation, but the actress had humble beginnings, including ..
Mutants in the Marvel Universe are often divided by factions of ideologies, but all groups are threatened by those who hate and fear them. In FOX’s upcoming series The Gifted, muta..
DC Films has put out very few films with as much riding on them as Justice League. As fans know, the much anticipated film will see Batman team up with Wonder Woman and more to tak..
Kingsman: The Golden Circle might feature a former Catwoman, but another of the film's stars felt connected to the character on set. The Golden Circle's various promotional materia..
Each episode of The CW's Riverdale is named after a movie -- and while the plot of any given episode rarely matches the plot of the movie in question, looking at the films that ins..
DC Films may be busy with its burgeoning Extended Universe, but the company is also interested in making films outside of the franchise. Earlier this year, news broke that Warner B..
But the actor is confident he’ll be back for the potential third film in the franchise, and he thinks that his co-star Jeff Bridges will be along for the ride. spoke ..
A new sci-fi series is set to debut on BYUtv later this year from the writer of Ender’s Game. Orson Scott Card teamed up with Aaron Johnston to create Extinct, a series about human..
Other than alerting fans that his reshoots on the Han Solo spinoff have included Paul Bettany, Ron Howard has been relatively vague the last few weeks about what the upcoming movie..
Every action movie needs a good villain and according to Julianne Moore her role as the villainous Poppy in Kingsman: The Golden Circle reminded her of an iconic Superman movie vil..
Of the many stunts in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the one which may have may Mark Strong the most nervous was singing. In the film's third act, Strong delivers his own rendition o..
Justice League has plenty of eyes on it right now, and some select fans got to see the film themselves this week. Reports have surfaced that Warner Bros. held its first test screen..
Earlier this month, the premiere dates of the upcoming final season of Star Wars Rebels alluded to the series wrapping up before the debut of The Last Jedi, but The Star Wars Show ..
It looks like the DC Extended Universe has lots in store for Diana Prince. According to a recent article by Deadline, it looks like Wonder Woman will make an appearance in The Flas..
In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a plot point involving Elton John makes up for the diversion in Mark Hamill's comic book role in the original The Secret Service movie. According to..
Superhero films aren’t strangers to the Academy Awards. Warner Bros. has earned trophies for franchises like The Dark Knight, but 20th Century Fox won’t be beat out. After all, the..
It's difficult being a Godzilla fan. With a long film history in Japan finding the monster movies online can be nearly impossible. Fortunately, Hulu is about to help with that. The..
There’s one thing the Marvel fandom cannot stop talking about, and it has lots to do with Doctor Strange. Avengers: Infinity War is set to debut next year with actors like Benedict..
Hollywood has hired many stars to play guys like James Bond and Batman, and Wolverine may join the club. The X-Men member is one of the franchise’s most popular thanks to Hugh Jack..
Warner Bros. has a few months left until Justice League debuts, and the studio has just started testing the film. Reports surfaced today that some very lucky fans got to attend a s..
Fans going to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle this weekend might think the return of Colin Firth's Harry Hart character was planned all along -- but it wasn't. In an interview with..
The X-Men movies franchise is taking a decidedly different approach with its new spinoff, New Mutants. New Mutants recently wrapped filming, but not much is known about the details..
Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie premiered earlier this year in LA, but soon more stateside fans will get a chance to screen the anticipated film. Funimation Films announced that the live-ac..
The LEGO NINJAGO Movie is not what it appears; it's better. On the surface, skeptics will say this is a film was being made as a cash-grab, especially following the success of The ..
Spider-Man does whatever a Batman v Superman can. Isn’t that how the old song goes? Regardless, the Wallcrawler's latest movie just edged out last year’s epic super fight between t..
The new Darth Vader series from Marvel Comics explores the character’s journey from the destruction of Anakin Skywalker to becoming the feared Sith Lord, but writer Charles Soule i..
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is one of the anime industry’s most popular series, and it is not hard to see why. The sequel follows up on Naruto during his adulthood, and it has ..
Bart Sears, a fixture of the comics industry in the late '80s and early '90s, was apparently at one point working on a Batman Returns project -- early enough that he recently share..
Black Manta isn’t someone who can forgive Aquaman, but defeating the Atlantean hero is rather difficult. So, it is a good thing Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is doing some intense training..
Warner Bros. generated a lot of buzz for their DC Films division when they announced their upcoming slate of movies at San Diego Comic-Con, but few were as surprising as the announ..
Captain America is reporting for duty on the set of the fourth Avengers film or at least his actor is. Filming for the yet untitled Avengers: Infinity War sequel is currently under..
Earlier this summer, we talked about The Imaginarium working on a new Planet of the Apes game that ties in with the film trilogy, but leaning more on side characters and a huge sto..
Sebastian Stan still hasn't seen the script for the upcoming Avengers 4 now filming in Atlanta, but the actor isn't worried about how the movie will treat his character. In an inte..
It’s a touch-and-go process to talk Fantastic Four with comic book fans. The team is one of Marvel’s most famous, but Hollywood has yet to give the family a decent live-action adap..
One popular card game is set to get a Marvel Cinematic Universe upgrade. Upper Deck recently unveiled their Spider-Man: Homecoming expansion for Marvel: Legendary Deck Building Gam..
At this point, it's safe to say that DC Films and Warner Bros. Justice League movie has taken a windy, rocky, road through production. The film was born out of the absolute mess th..
The development of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX ran into some huge stumbling blocks recently when it was announced that Colin Trevorrow would no longer direct the project, wi..
Kingsman: The Golden Circle comes out swinging. The movie literally punches the gas and zips from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in its opening minute, with an intense and brillia..
Snyder told Wired that making Snow Steam Iron, which has a run time of slightly over four minutes, was a way to connect with family and friends following the death of his daughter,..
Justice League is a few months away, but DC fans are still reeling from the film’s director shake-ups. Zack Snyder oversaw the project before Joss Whedon stepped in for post-produc..
Some lucky fans will get a chance to see the ensemble cast of Justice League in person shortly after the film's release. Almost all of Justice League's main cast will be appearing ..
Avengers: Infinity War has yet to drop an official trailer, but Marvel Studios is already working on Avengers 4. Stars like Brie Larson have been spotted on the sequel’s set as of ..
Yesterday, hopeful fans of the infamous Tomb Raider series got their first look at Alicia Vikander as the renowned Lara Croft in action with the first ever teaser trailer. With the..
After months of rumor, speculation, and debunking, it seems as though we’ll once again be able to watch The Watchmen. A new photo posted to writer and producer Damon Lindelof’s Ins..
Wonder Woman was the most successful DCEU film yet, breaking box office records and winning over audiences and critics alike. Now the folks at Screen Junkies has given the film the..
Earlier this year, fans learned Warner Bros. was cooking up some big plans for the Joker. The clownish villain will pair up with Harley Quinn for a second DCEU outing in the near f..
Cudmore bowed out of his role as Colossus and handed to part over to Stefan Kapičić in Deadpool. However, an Instagram exchange in July seemed to suggest that Cudmore was filming f..
Anakin Skywalker is the Nick Fury of the Star Wars universe. New rumors floating around the set of the untitled Han Solo movie indicate that Darth Vader will indeed be a part of th..
Matthew Vaughn helped revitalize the X-Men movies with X-Men: First Class, and if he had stuck around then the follow-up movie could have been very different. Vaughn co-wrote the n..
Samurai Jack is set to travel from the past into movie theaters this October. For the first time, Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie will be remastered in high definition and screene..
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (aka Star Wars: Episode VIII will reportedly hold its world premiere on December 8, 2017 - a week before it hits theaters on December 15, 2017. That inform..
Donald Glover co-starring as Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo standalone Star Wars movie, but when it comes to the idea of directing a Star Wars film Glover admits that may be biti..
New details about creatures that will debut in the upcoming Star Wars movie provide some sinister hints about Luke Skywalker new home and whom he shares it with. Star Wars Made Eas..
Dragon Ball fans know the sting of a failed live-action movie. Hollywood dropped all the dragon balls when 20th Century Fox made an official adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s beloved ..
The DC Extended Universe has lots of moving pieces, but audiences are paying close attention to one cog in particular. Earlier this year, it was announced that Nightwing would get ..
“Greetings, program!” If you’re familiar with the 1982 computer effect-laden adventure Tron, no doubt this classic line means something to you. And the film has held up well over t..
Another year passes and another major superhero blockbuster -- this time Wonder Woman -- has Academy Awards buzz. While the snubs -- Guardians of the Galaxy's visual effects, or Th..
If you say the words ‘live-action adaptation’ around Dragon Ball fans, the otakus will surely shudder. Hollywood showed how difficult it can be to adapt Akira Toriyama’s franchise ..
Everything about Marvel Studios latest film in the Thor franchise looks extremely rock and roll, kicking off with that first trailer set to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” It almo..
Wonder Woman was one of this summer's bonafide hits, with some speculating that it could take home an Academy Award. As it turns out, all of that award buzz apparently wasn't an in..
The extended cut of Superman: The Movie -- a three-hour version of the blockbuster that aired on TV in the 1980s -- will be made available in high definition from the Warner Archiv..
Following the success of Wonder Woman, there was little doubt the film would spawn a sequel. Patty Jenkins recently confirmed she would return to direct and write the follow-up, an..
The live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie that debuted in Japan back in July is making its way to US theaters this fall in English sub format - and you can watch the atmospheric new teaser..
If there’s one person vexing Batman fans right now, it would be Deathstroke. The character is one of DC’s most iconic villains, but his future in the DCEU seems up in the air right..
Deadpool 2 will introduce Josh Brolin's Cable to the X-Men movie universe, but there's already hints and speculation that Brolin may have another role to play in the films. X-Men c..
Deadpool has become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable superheroes, and the franchise’s sequel hopes to add two more mutants to that list. Cable and Domino are set to debut in De..
The long awaited live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie is just over two months away from debuting in Japan and while fans are getting excited, the anime's director had some harsh c..
Marvel Studios popularized post-credits scenes, but Warner Bros. has also embraced the trend. The DC Extended Universe has built up a repertoire of teasers, but Patty Jenkins said ..
Two years isn’t enough time for the world to forget the agents of Kingsman. The spy organization made its way to theaters in 2015 with one wildly successful film, and Kingsman: The..
In the last decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned some classic superheroes into bonafide icons. Captain America and Iron Man have only benefitted from the blockbusting s..
Hollywood’s stunt community has been rocked this year following several on-set deaths, and it seems the cast of Deadpool 2 is still healing from its loss. Last month, Joi Harris di..
Cartoonist Royden Lepp and BOOM! Studios will launch the fourth and final volume of Lepp's long-running comics epic Rust, due in stores this spring. Titled Soul in the Machine, Rus..
The photo in question shows Brolin’s cable screaming into a broken mirror. Brolin attached hashtags like “Cable insanity” to the photo and noted how everyone expects the movie to b..
Brie Larson is reporting for duty on the set of the fourth Avengers movie. Filming for the still-untitled sequel to Avengers: Infinity War is currently taking place in Atlanta, whe..
Deadpool 2 stars Zazie Beetz and Stefan Kapicic both looked great when they posed for a photo together during the FOX/FX Emmy Party on Sunday, September 17th. You can check out the..
Director Matthew Vaughn is about to launch Kingsman: The Golden Circle (his first sequel ever) in theaters; however fans are already buzzing about the rumor that Vaughn could be a ..
A new photo suggests that Josh Brolin's interpretation of Cable may be a bit unhinged. On Monday morning, Brolin shared a new photo fo himself as Cable to Instagram. The photo show..
Sometimes, you pull random comics out of longboxes for a re-read and come across something that's fun. Slightly flawed, but fun. This time, I'm looking at "Batman/Danger Girl," a o..
With Kingsman: The Golden Circle finally premiering in theaters this Friday, Fox is starting to release more information about the new spy flick directed by Matthew Vaughn. The mov..
Avengers: Infinity War promises to bring out one of the MCU’s most action-packed installments yet, but filming the movie was actually a chill ordeal. Just ask Sebastian Stan, AKA: ..
Gintama’s 6th season is only a couple of weeks away and the anime’s fans have been given more great news. The Gintama’s official website has announced that the live-action film wil..
The long-awaited sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service is finally hitting theaters this week and now fans are learning more and more about the spy movie ahead of its premiere. The..
The Batman is a long way from entering production, but the feature has been through lots of changes. Ben Affleck stepped down as the film’s director in January, leaving Matt Reeves..
The Venom movie is looking for a few good mercenaries to join the cast. A new casting call for Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff shows that the film, operating under production title “Anti..
The 69th Annual Emmy Awards are tonight, and they're shaping up to be a pretty nerdy affair. Genre television hits like Westworld and Stranger Things are up for plenty of awards, a..
Karl Urban is ready to return for another Star Trek movie, and he’d like to explore a little-known side of Dr. McCoy’s life. The status of Paramount’s sequel to Star Trek Beyond is..
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t see its heroic trio team up for long, but the time they spent together meant plenty. After all, Gal Gadot did just say Justice League will..
This weekend was Mexican Independence Day and the cast of Justice League took a moment to unite in celebration. In a short video posted to the Warner Bros. Cine Instagram, Ezra Mil..
Henry Cavill might play Superman on the big screen, but turns out that the Justice League star is a hero off screen as well. This weekend Cavill posted a short video to his Instagr..
CBS may be trying to remain secretive about Star Trek: Discovery ahead of the show's premiere, but Star Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes just revealed a big spoiler about the new serie..
It looks like Justice League is already paying homage to the DC Comics films that came before it. A new photo of Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller) was unveiled earlier this week...
Though Thor and the Valkyrie known as Brunnhilde have a long history in Marvel Comics, the latter has yet to appear on the big screen. And though that will finally change in Thor: ..
If it seems like it was just a couple weeks ago when Paul Bettany was announced to have joined the cast of the latest Star Wars spinoff movie, that’s because it was! But the actor ..
The X-Men films are shaping up nicely for 2018 as their next spinoff recently wrapped principal photography according to the director and cast’s posts to social media. New Mutants ..
Marvel Studios is notoriously secretive about their plans, but when it comes to their latest crossover epic they’re going overkill. Sebastian Stan is set to reprise his role to Ave..
Earlier today, it was announced that the newest Westworld cast member, Hiroyuki Sanada, will also have a supporting role in Avengers: Infinity War. With an extensive filmography - ..
In last year’s Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn and the Joker featured prominently in the plot about super villains being coerced into saving the world. The film featured flashbacks wit..
It might be a few months until Justice League hits theaters, but the team's Hot Wheels counterparts have already assembled. An adorable new video posted on the DC Kids Youtube chan..
Could one of Marvel's most beloved characters meet their end in Avengers: Infinity War? That's what one fan artist seems to believe. Vin Diesel, who plays Groot in the Marvel Cinem..
Marvel fans are already planning their trips to see Thor: Ragnarok later this year. And when they do, it looks like they could get some pretty unique concession merchandise in the ..
Jackie Earle Haley has played bad guys all across the pop culture landscape, from Freddy Kruger to Robocop's Rick Mattox. And now we know what he could look like as the Clown Princ..
A Black Widow solo movie has been on many Marvel fans' wishlist for quite some time. And now, it looks like audiences can get something pretty close to it in 2018. 20th Century Fox..
When it comes to spoilers, some fans prefer to stay in the dark before a movie or show comes out so they can experience the story for the first time as the creators intended. And t..
The Warner Bros. Justice League movie marketing team may have just been outdone by a DC Extended Universe fan. Yesterday, DC Films unveiled a new banner for Justice League that sho..
It sounds like Justice League audiences will see a new side of the Dark Knight. Ben Affleck, who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DC Extended Universe, recently discussed his charac..
A new Justice League photo might link the film's Barry Allen/The Flash to his small-screen counterpart. The photo, which shows Barry (Ezra Miller) standing inside his 'Flash Cave',..
There is plenty to love about All-New Wolverine, but one of the most charming parts is Jonathan the wolverine, and somehow he just got even better. Spoilers incoming for All-New Wo..
Green Lantern fans may be getting twice as much as they could have hoped for in the upcoming Justice League movie. The rumor comes via Umberto Gonzales of Heroic Hollywood, who did..
There was a time when DC Comics’ Joker was easily the most recognizable clown at movie theaters, but Stephen King’s It may have changed that for good. But why should fans have to c..
A Silent Voice has already taken its fair share of awards, but the studio has their eyes set on one golden prize in particular. The critically acclaimed film from Naoko Yamada (K-O..
One of the joys of the partnership between Star Wars and Marvel is that we get to see adventures not featured in the movie that expand upon the various worlds. In the upcoming Star..
Justice League still has a lot of mystery surrounding it - especially after Zack Snyder dropped out, and Joss Whedon came in, bringing a new creative vision for the film along with..
Akira has had to give Goku a number of power-ups over the years and as a result, has given the main hero of his famous Dragon Ball series in Goku, many transformations. So these ar..
Yesterday, news broke that Terry Moore's award-winning indie comics series Strangers in Paradise is set to become a feature film from director Angela Robinson, director of Professo..
The world of Star Wars cinema was delivered a series of shocks this week with the announcement that Colin Trevorrow was departing Episode IX and J.J. Abrams was stepping in to take..
Did you know a date with the Yellow Ranger costs $2000? No? Well hey, neither did Trini. That realization is one of the many things fans learn in the latest issue of BOOM! Studios ..
Filmmaker Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy has become one of the most celebrated series of comic book adaptations, noted for its gritty take on the superhero. Six years befo..
The Justice League is made up of DC icons, but when it comes to the DCEU version, Wonder Woman is clearly leading the charge. That's why it makes the most sense to have the Amazon ..
As if Wonder Woman couldn't get any cooler in 2017, Warner Bros. and Intel partnered up for a night that comic fans in Los Angeles won't soon forget. To celebrate the release of th..
John Bernecker, a vetted stuntman in the industry, passed away in mid-July after he fell more than 20 feet onto a concrete floor during filming of Season 8 of The Walking Dead. On ..
As part of his "Guardians of the Galaxy pic of the day," filmmaker James Gunn this afternoon shared an image of Stan Lee sitting backstage on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy vol..
While it seemed like something that would never happen, anime fans continue to inch closer to the day that Fullmetal Alchemist becomes a live-action movie. The classic shonen from ..
Man of Steel is getting a sequel at some point in the future, and it looks like DC and Warner Bros. have their sights set on an already-successful comic movie director to give Supe..
The dark, edgy thriller that Riverdale has become -- a teenage Twin Peaks, of sorts -- was nearly nothing like we have today. It was almost a campy comedy. It was almost a movie. I..
Boba Fett may not be getting the standalone movie that Star Wars fans have been hoping for, and Jon Hamm hasn't ever been given the Batman role that many DC Comics fans have been h..
Disney and Lucasfilm teased fans throughout the entirety of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. And at the end of the movie, when Rey finally track..
Long time X-Men mastermind Chris Claremont spoke with The Hollywood Reporter on friend and collaborator Len Wein, who passed away September 10 at the age of 69. "No one else helped..
Justice League actor Ezra Miller says The Flash will not store his costume in a ring, as Barry Allen does in the comics, but hopes fans will not be disappointed because he says tha..
In a talk with the Nerdist podcast, Pulp Fiction and The Hateful Eight director Quentin Tarantino shared how he would boldly go into the Star Trek universe: by re-purposing classic..
Accepting a role in a science fiction fantasy full of aliens and magic can be quite a gamble, but Mark Hamill recently revealed in an interview with GQ that he never doubted the su..
Director Chris McKay already carved out a spot in the Batman universe with The LEGO Batman Movie, but he’ll be turning his attention to the Boy Wonder for DC's extended movie unive..
Fans combing over every pixel of that new Barry Allen photo from Justice League have spotted what is almost certainly a comic book Easter egg on one of his computer screens. One on..
The Power Rangers reboot divided fans right down the middle, specifically in its approach to morphing, but then that was kind of the point. In the film, morphing isn't handled like..
In many ways, Nightwing is a mirror of Batman's early life, and longtime DC fans can expect plenty of that to make its way into the character's new solo movie. --- Grayson is one ..
Even as the Batman movie franchise continues to progress and evolve with Ben Affleck's Batman in the DC Extended Universe, many movie fans still retain fond memories and reverence ..
Released by Entertainment Weekly earlier today this different version Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor's (Chris Pine) journey from Themyscira to England features a similarly awkw..
So, we may be getting more Death Note movies on Netflix, but that doesn't mean they have to have the same flaws this first installment had. Thanks to help from anime fans on Reddit..
The Nightwing movie has been one of the larger question marks of the , but now it seems audiences are in for an action packed ride. At least that's the impression given by Nightwin..
The Robotech live-action project seems to be trending in the right direction now that it enlisted some help from Wonder Woman. Well, not Wonder Woman herself mind you, though that ..
The latest photo from DC and Warn Bros. Justice League movie offers another look at Ezra Miller's Barry Allen/The Flash; check it out below! Barry is standing in his Flash headquar..