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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is a fantastic Android phone by just about any measure, but if there’s one area where the new flagship could use some serious work it’s in the biometric departm..
Although it will have some tough competition from Apple and OnePlus later this year, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is currently the best phone of 2017. Since the phone launched last month, s..
Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are by far the hottest Android phones on the planet right now for so many reasons. The new flagship phones feature Samsung’s best Android sof..
The Galaxy S8 has a gorgeous design, and it’s all thanks to the Infinity display that makes use of almost the entire front side of the handset. However, reports suggest Samsun..
It’s time for one more Samsung story about the Galaxy S8’s design, and this one concerns the internals of Samsung’s most recent jewel. The company on Friday published an in-depth l..
Exploding electronics are a, uh, hot topic lately. Between the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall and an epidemic of exploding hoverboards, people are more aware than ever that things wi..
Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8 is the most hotly anticipated smartphone since 2014, when news first began to leak that the company would finally release larger iPhones. Th..
Samsung confirmed earlier this year that it is working to revive the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Again. As we’re sure we don’t need to remind you, last year’s flagship Galaxy Note pho..
Launching a new flagship smartphone while a potentially game-changing iPhone is just peeking over the horizon is a tricky proposition, but it’s seemingly paid off in a big way for ..
As popular as the Galaxy S8 has been in its first few weeks on the market, it appears that Samsung fans patient enough to hold out for the Galaxy Note 8 are going to be rewarded.&n..
HTC on Tuesday unveiled its flagship smartphone for 2017, the new HTC U11. HTC’s sleek new smartphone features a design unlike anything we’ve seen from other smartphone makers in r..
In the early hours of the morning while most people in the United States were sound asleep, HTC unveiled its next-generation flagship smartphone. The HTC U11 made its debut in Taip..
What will it take to contend with Samsung? The South Korean consumer electronics giant just released its most impressive flagship smartphones ever, featuring power and a design tha..
The Galaxy Note 7 is about to return to stores as the Galaxy Note 7R, multiple reports have claimed. The refurbished phablet might launch in the very near future, according to a re..
The Galaxy Note 8 will be one of the top Android handsets of the second half of the year, and the first rumors about the hotly anticipated new phone are already here. After a coupl..
If you recently purchased Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, rest assured that you currently own the most beautiful and most powerful smartphone in the world. Well… sort of. It’s ..