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It’s not like it was the bestest kept secret in the universe, but the Galaxy Note 8 just starred in its biggest leak yet. Samsung briefly posted the phone on its website a few days..
T-Mobile is rolling out a buy-one-get-one-free deal on LG’s current flagship phones, the LG G6 and LG V20. Provided you meet the terms and conditions of the deal, T-Mobile will giv..
Samsung’s in a precarious position. It needs the Galaxy Note 8 to be a success, given the way the Note 7 debacle went. But it’s launching just weeks before Apple is slated to unvei..
Next week, Samsung fans in various markets will likely be able to preorder the Galaxy Note 8. At least, according to several leaks we’ve seen. Some reports even claim the phone wil..
The Galaxy S8 already proved that Samsung fixed the battery problems that caused the massive Galaxy Note 7 recall last year. There’s no reason to worry about that the imminent Gala..
Forget the Galaxy Note 8 renders that we keep seeing in leaks. With less than a week to go until Samsung unveils the phone in New York, someone in China is already playing with wha..
Just like winter, the Galaxy Note 8 is coming next week, which probably explains why what looks like an official Galaxy Note 8 sales brochure leaked in Australia. A leak from Samsu..
The Galaxy Note 8 launch is just a week away, but there’s no shortage of Note 8 leaks churning out of the rumormill. We already know the phone will basically be an even bigger..
Earlier today, T-Mobile lit up its new 600MHz network in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Over the next year, 600MHz is going to make T-Mobile’s network way better, but right now, no phone on sa..
On Wednesday evening, HMD Global, the Finnish company that acquired Nokia’s feature phone business last year, unveiled the first flagship Android phone under the Nokia brand. The N..
It wasn’t too long ago that we learned Samsung has been working on a brand new color option for the Galaxy Note 8, and now we have a leak that shows us said color. After showing th..
Among Android fans, there are pretty much only three exciting smartphone launches left this year. One is the Essential phone, though that’s mostly just morbid curiosity — not many ..
The Galaxy Note 8 is the next big thing coming from Samsung, the company made sure we all know that. It’s basically a pumped up Galaxy S8, a phone that gets a better camera, a styl..
Xiaomi is currently the biggest smartphone startup in the world, and it’s no mystery how the company got to where it is now. In the early days, Xiaomi copied literally every single..
In the immediate wake of the fiasco that was the explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7, a number of pundits thought that Samsung would never be able to recover from what was arguably the b..
Samsung fans, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is going to be an absolute beast. When it’s finally released in the c..
Hardly the best secret in the universe, the Galaxy Note 8 is almost here. After months of revealing leaks that have told us everything there is to know about the next Note phablet,..