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Leaks come from all sorts of sources, not just blurry photos from the backroom of Chinese factories. Today, we’re getting an advance look at some of the Galaxy S8’s most rumored fe..
Android fans, the show you’ve been waiting for is almost here. Mobile World Congress 2017 kicks off this weekend in Barcelona, Spain, and we’re expecting to see a number of ho..
We only have about a month to wait until Samsung takes the wraps off the Galaxy S8 series, though we probably already know everything there is to know about the handset. The Galaxy..
We’re a week away from seeing the unveiling of the next-generation LG G6 and about a month away from watching Samsung take the wraps off its hotly anticipated new Galaxy S8 and Gal..
A few weeks ago, Samsung finally explained what caused the Galaxy Note 7 fires and explosions that killed the highly praised phablet soon after it started selling in stores. But th..
Pokemon Go‘s latest update is breathing new, much-needed life into the app that became a pop culture phenomenon last year, but now one of the most crucial game mechanics is being b..
It goes without saying that the spontaneous combustion of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a big deal, but rarely do we get an opportunity to see the impact of tech gaffes on publi..
The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are the best flagship Android phones in the world right now, hands down. They might have had some serious competition from Samsung had the Gala..
There are plenty of things to get excited about when thinking of this year’s new iPhone 8, many of them never before seen on an Apple smartphone. The handset is expe..
LG and Samsung will soon unveil the first Android flagships of the year, the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8. The LG G6 will launch next week at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, while th..
Samsung’s next big thing is just around the corner. Unlike in previous years, the brand new Galaxy flagship’s job won’t solely be to fight off Apple’s incoming iPhone. Instead..
The main battle in the smartphone market will be fought between the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8 this year. The two flagship handsets will have various things in common includin..
Samsung disappointed fans with the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7, but the company did recall and terminate the product rather swiftly. It also conducted an extensive investigation and a..
Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone in history to feature an OLED screen like the ones found on competing handsets from Samsung. Interestingly, Apple’s frenemy Samsung is goi..
The Galaxy S8 won’t be unveiled at MWC 2017, as some of you may have expected. Instead, Samsung will unveil a new Android tablet at the show. But that doesn’t mean the Galaxy ..
LG is about to launch an exciting new Android phone, a device that’s going to compete directly against Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 8. Unlike last year when the Galaxy S7..
Huawei is the sleeping giant of Android manufacturers: big in China, its phones are technologically great but not sold all that widely in the US. The company is hoping to change al..
Late next week, a new flagship Android handset will be launched, effectively becoming the next big new thing. Unfortunately, it’s not the one you probably want to see, though ..
Although Verizon’s recently unveiled unlimited data plan might not be quite as appealing as Sprint’s, the provider is offering mobile users on other networks another great reason t..
Samsung probably hates the fact that every Galaxy S or Galaxy Note flagship is compared to their rivals from Apple, with the iPhone almost always being found the better smartp..
Samsung is expected to launch two Galaxy S8 versions in late March, the anticipated successors of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. But since both new models are expected to featur..
The past few months of leaks and rumors have painted quite a picture of Apple’s next-generation iPhone 8. The device is expected to sport a huge redesign that replaces Apple’s alum..