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Our first peek at the iPhone 8 will come in mid-September at the earliest, but we might see one of its signature features in action as soon as next week — and on an Android device...
Samsung said in a news post on Thursday that the Galaxy Folder 2 features a stylish yet practical retro design. It offers the portability of a flip phone and the functionality of a..
If you’re an Android fan who doesn’t need to have “pure Android” to get by, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are the best smartphones you can buy right now. They’re crazy powerful, rid..
Samsung has a wide selection of exciting devices still set to launch this year, from the Galaxy Note 8 to the Galaxy S7 Active, but if recent leaks are to be believed, there’s anot..
For years, the battle between mobile carriers wasn’t a very competitive one. Verizon and AT&T were at the top of the food chain while T-Mobile and Sprint tried to catch up. But..
With a slogan like “Never Settle” and ongoing interest from the most savvy and advanced Android users in the world, OnePlus has no choice but to deliver something truly impressive ..
OnePlus might not have a marketing budget like Samsung or a massive loyal following like Apple, but there’s no question that --- Android fans are excited to see the OnePlus 5 ..
Samsung’s next big thing is coming in late August, new reports indicate, seemingly confirming what different rumors said in the past few days — that the Galaxy Note 8 could arrive ..
With one day to go until one of the most exciting smartphones of the summer becomes official, there’s not much that we don’t know about it. And thanks to a new video that looks at ..
As if we needed any more proof that the Galaxy S8 Active would be one of Samsung’s next releases, the company itself just revealed the phone’s existence. Roland Quandt stumbled upo..
After a series of reports said that Samsung intends to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 in late August or early September, around the IFA tech event in Berlin, Germany, a new leak says the..
The OnePlus 5 is officially being unveiled tomorrow, which means that eager leakers only have a day left to get their top-secret pics out into the wild. Several people with access ..
Nearly a year after its introduction, the Galaxy Note 7 is preparing for a triumphant return. This time around, the phone will sport a non-exploding battery, and it’ll be more gent..
The iPhone 8 might be the only smartphone shipping this year to feature a fingerprint sensor built right into the display. For a while, the Galaxy Note 8 was thought to be in the s..
Samsung had to delay the Galaxy Note 7 FE (non-explody) launch, but it’s still happening, according to multiple reports from Korea. The safe Galaxy Note 7 version should launch on ..
Last week, T-Mobile announced a new promotion to give away an iPhone SE with the purchase of any new iPhone. It’s an objectively excellent deal, but it does leave Android lovers ou..
It’s apparently Galaxy Note 8 leak season, as Samsung is rumored to unveil its next flagship by early September at the latest. We’ve already seen a few images that allegedly show t..
If I do my job badly, a couple people are normally kind enough to come along in the comments and let me know. If a Samsung developer does his job badly, it turns out that millions ..
At this point, it’s basically a race to see which phone will leak in its entirety first: the iPhone 8 or the Galaxy Note 8? Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen countless purpor..
The Galaxy Note 7 lived a short life, but at least it made Samsung rethink its commitment to product quality and served as a warning to other smartphone makers. But Samsung isn’t g..
Despite their best efforts, Android phone makers are struggling to achieve growth in the United States. According to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Android’s marke..
If Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t start exploding in users’ hands like last year’s Note model, it’s looking increasingly likely that it will be one of the most impressive..
Samsung was rumored to launch the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in June, but a report said a few days ago the phone’s release date slipped to July 7th in Korea. However, it turns out t..