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Former Conservative party treasurer Michael Spencer has denounced efforts by some EU countries to --- London of key financial services after Brexit. He said it was "a real nasty ..
A project, backed by a £10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant, is compiling and digitising photos of 70 years of Polish community life in Birmingham to preserve them for future genera..
Almost half of Northern Ireland's agri-food businesses cannot recruit enough skilled staff, according to a recent consultation with food and drink firms. Employers believe negative..
In the south of Scotland, the towns of Selkirk, Dumfries and Stranraer sit within three constituencies that all voted heavily against Scottish independence. With very narrow margin..
The SNP is to set out a manifesto for June's general election aimed at ending austerity and investing in public services. Nicola Sturgeon will launch her party's platform for the v..
The Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto, Change Britain's Future. The full document is available online. Here are the main things you need to know. A programme providin..
Party leaders and their campaign organisers have got many things to worry about on the election trail - but how important are their clothes and what can we be looking out for durin..
The Conservatives have launched their manifesto, "Forward, Together: Our plan for a stronger Britain and a prosperous future". The full document is available online. Here are some ..
The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has said he does not want to consider the chance that talks on the UK's exit from the EU could collapse. He was speaki..
Debate rewind
BBC News
Here are some of the highlights and talking points from the Scottish Leaders' Debate ahead of the general election on 8 June. David Coburn: UKIP Scotland Kezia Dugdale: Scottish La..
Children as young as five are being branded "racists", according to the Scottish Daily Mail. It reports that pupils' arguments are being monitored, recorded and kept on file for th..
The leaders of the SNP, the Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Green Party and UKIP clashed over the economy, Brexit and a second ref..
Scottish Labour has said it will "never" support independence as it launched its manifesto for next month's general election. Speaking at the event in Edinburgh, leader Kezia Dugda..
The DUP leader is expected to say Stormont parties were very close to agreeing on the kind of Brexit they wanted, before talks paused last month. Arlene Foster will make her remark..
A former customs officer in Donegal has warned that the Irish authorities are 'ill-equipped' to deal with border checks after Brexit. Eamon O'Farrell, who spent 30 years patrolling..
Welsh Labour is promising a "real partnership" with a Labour government in Westminster as it launches its manifesto on Monday. The first minister will say Wales needs two Labour go..
Theresa May became Britain's second female prime minister last July but, unlike her predecessor Margaret Thatcher, she came to power without winning an election. The Conservative l..
The party leaders will be inescapable until 8 June as they are photographed non-stop on the campaign trail, kissing babies and knocking on doors. But who are the strategists plotti..
The Conservatives are hoping to win back seats in the North-East of England on 8 June - has the party finally escaped the shadow of Margaret Thatcher which helped make much of the ..
Social media has become a big part of political campaigning, as parties find new ways to reach out to potential voters. Here I look at how Scotland's parties are doing in the hasht..
When politicians talk about hard-to-reach voters, there is one group that is - quite literally - harder to reach than others: the overseas electorate. The number of people who live..
Theresa May is to insist there will be "no time to waste" in delivering a Brexit deal after the general election. Launching the Welsh Conservatives' election manifesto in Wales on ..
Green MPs will hold Theresa May's government to account should the Tories win the election, co-leader Caroline Lucas is to pledge later as she sets out her party's key priorities. ..
Barriers to research collaboration in Europe as a result of Brexit would harm scientific progress, says a group of leading UK universities. Science and research should be a priorit..
Church of England fund sees 'stellar' returns The Church of England's investment success has pushed it into the top ranks of the world's best performing funds of its type last year..
Labour says it would bring forward its pledge to scrap tuition fees to include students starting university in England this autumn if it wins the election. The party also says stud..
Scotland's political leaders have traded blows over independence and immigration in a heated BBC debate. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon accused Tory counterpart Ruth Davidson of "talki..
Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to protect pensioners from Conservative "attacks" on their income as he steps up his push for older voters. The Labour leader claims pensioners will be £330..
European commentators see the UK general election as a Conservative power grab - and see little opposition to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit agenda. Most see the Conservative ..
Theresa May has said a shadow cabinet row over Trident shows Labour cannot be "trusted" to defend the country. The PM claimed a Labour government would not be "unequivocally commit..
Every general election throws up buzzwords and curiosities which help to define the tenor of the campaign. Which words have caught the ear in week two of the 2017 contest? A curiou..
The Liberal Democrats have launched a manifesto aimed at younger voters - but will this entice them back after the party's controversial coalition with the Conservatives and U-turn..
A British musician is sending MPs a postcard from every European city where she performs, to highlight her concerns over Brexit. Anneke Scott, a horn player who works with dozens o..
Michelle O'Neill has said she does not accept that comments calling her a "blonde" were meant as a compliment. Arlene Foster used the word to describe Sinn Féin's northern leader d..
The Conservatives will not set a deadline for their target of slashing immigration but hope to do it as quickly as possible, ministers say. Their manifesto includes a commitment to..
It had the lowest turnout of any constituency in the UK at the 2015 general election. But fresh from a by-election and a fired-up electorate which overwhelmingly backed Brexit, cou..
Young people prefer Labour over the Conservatives, according to opinion polls. But the majority don't vote. So if they did, what would happen? In the 2015 general election, the gap..
How are --- online Remainers going to vote in the snap election? One of the best ways to answer this question is to enter the pro-Remain Facebook sphere. It is one of the larg..
The claim: Brexit Secretary David Davis has said the Conservatives aim to bring immigration down to "sustainable levels as soon as is economically viable". In its manifesto, the Pa..
After weeks of hearing about strong and stable leadership, we've finally got some numbers to look at. But unlike Labour and the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives have not releas..
It's one thing for someone to mispronounce your name, but calling you by an entirely different one is something else altogether. Leaders of five political parties - the Liberal Dem..
Plans to limit the number of pensioners who get winter fuel payments are "sick and sneaky", Labour has claimed. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said 10 million people would be hit..
Arlene Foster has said a row over a controversial Brexit donation is a "re-heated story" from political opponents to distract from "real issues". In February, her party confirmed i..
The leaders of five political parties have taken part in a live TV election debate - but Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn sat it out. There was little disagreement between the leaders..
A probe into the political use of private data has been opened by the information commissioner. Elizabeth Denham announced the review amid concerns over allegations involving an an..
A second independence referendum will not be held unless there is "public consent" for it to happen, the Conservative election manifesto says. It also pledges there will be no vote..
The Green Party will hoping to build on its success in getting an MP elected in the last two elections and add to that number this time round. The Greens began life in the mid 1970..
As Irish PM Enda Kenny quits as Fine Gael leader, eyes are focusing on who might succeed him. His government has lasted just more than a year, with limited support from the main op..
The president of a French farming union has called for the re-introduction of a hard border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland after Brexit. Christophe Hillairet expr..
End of an era
BBC News
Enda Kenny came to power at a time of great uncertainty for the Republic of Ireland and Europe as a whole. He was elected taoiseach (Irish prime minister) in 2011, four months afte..
The head of Ireland's customs authorities has said up to 8% of freight crossing the border will have to be subject to checks after Brexit. Revenue commissioner Liam Irwin was givin..
It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? If you recognise that lyric, you're not alone... because The Killers' Mr Brightside, has become one of the UK's most popula..
Welsh party leaders have clashed over Brexit in their first TV audience debate of the general election. On the ITV Wales Election Debate, First Minister Carwyn Jones said he had "n..
The Conservatives will promise further measures to curb immigration in their manifesto, the BBC understands. Firms will be asked to pay more to hire migrant workers, who will in tu..
Furniture retail giant Ikea is to boost its workforce by creating more than 1,300 new jobs in three new stores. A new outlet will open in Sheffield later this year, while stores in..
The UK unemployment rate has fallen to 4.6%, its lowest in 42 years, as inflation outstrips wage growth, official figures show. The number of people unemployed fell by 53,000 to 1...
Brexit has led to more political awareness about challenges facing farming in Wales, unions have claimed. Both FUW and NFU Cymru have urged parties in the General Election to spell..
Labour has launched its manifesto, For the Many, Not the Few. The full document is available online. Here are the main things you need to know. A programme providing a "stark choic..
Plaid Cymru has launched its manifesto for the 2017 general election. It is available online here. Here is a guide to the 52-page document. Plaid Cymru says that Wales faces "grave..
Some of those opposed to the formation of the Liberal Democrats carry on under the separate, Eurosceptic Liberal Party banner. Leader Steve Radford said his party "looked to Britai..
The Lib Dems will offer young people a "brighter future" as they launch their manifesto, promising to restore housing benefit for 18-21 year olds and help people get on the housing..
The pace of house price growth has slowed dramatically in London in the past year, highlighting a change of gear in the UK property market. Official figures show that only the Nort..
Retail group TJX has reported soft sales growth, further clouding the outlook for the US retail industry. The owner of chains such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx and HomeSense, said sales a..
Labour's manifesto offers a real choice to Scottish voters "caught between the two extremes of Tory and SNP nationalism" the party's Scottish leader has said. Kezia Dugdale also sa..
The Scottish National Party will be hoping for another strong performance following its triumphant showing in 2015. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon knows success is vital if she is ..
Vodafone has reported an annual loss of 6.1bn euros (£5.2bn), due partly to a big write-down in the value of its Indian business. The mobile phone giant, which operates in 26 count..
An EU-Singapore free trade deal cannot take effect fully unless parliaments in all 28 member states approve it, the EU's top court has decided. The legal opinion at the European Co..
EasyJet has reported a larger loss for the the first half of its financial year, partly due to the impact of the lower pound and the timing of Easter. The airline recorded a loss o..
The political impasse at Stormont could mean Belfast becomes the poor relation in an all-Ireland health service, a children's charity has warned. The Children's Heartbeat Trust sai..
Plaid Cymru is to launch its general election manifesto later, promising to "overcome threats and seize opportunities" from Brexit. The party will pledge to "protect, preserve and ..
Household spending plans in Northern Ireland appear unfazed by Brexit and rising inflation, a survey suggests. Danske Bank publishes research quarterly, based on a survey of 1,020 ..
The Lib Dems are promising budding entrepreneurs an £100-a-week allowance to help with living costs as part of their election offer for businesses. Those starting an enterprise wou..
Conservative Brexit negotiations pose a "danger" to the "hugely successful" campaign to recruit more doctors and nurses in Wales, Labour has claimed. Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Ke..
Fox hunting is not the most important issue facing people in the general election, Theresa May has said. The prime minister was asked about the issue during a Facebook Live session..
JP Morgan, the US investment bank, has bought a new office building in Dublin that can accommodate up to 1,000 staff. The bank said the purchase reflected its thriving existing bus..
The Liberal Democrats, who traditionally occupy the centre ground of British politics, will be hoping to bounce back from a disastrous showing two years ago. As the Liberal Party i..
Nicola Sturgeon has said a vote for the SNP would strengthen Scotland's hand over Brexit and allow her to argue for a seat at the Brexit negotiating table. The first minister was s..
Northern Ireland firms remain confident about the economy, despite continuing Brexit uncertainty, says a new report. April had the strongest rise in business activity of 2017, acco..