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About a dozen naval vessels sailed into New York Harbor this morning, as Fleet Week 2017 officially dropped anchor. Fleet Week, the time-honored celebration of the sea services, ki..
NEW BRUNSWICK - A wannabe mobster who admitted to killing a man with a pickaxe testified Tuesday that he murdered the Edison man in 2011 to impress his friend, who he believed..
JERSEY CITY -- A one-year-old male deer spotted strolling through the city's McGinley Square neighborhood this morning was later caught and killed by state wildlife officials...
Superior Court Judge Stephen Taylor cited Vertetis' age -- she is 55 -- in rejecting the prosecution's request for 50 years in state prison. A Morris County jury convicted Vertetis..
NEW YORK -- The CFO of a company that licenses recipes and the name "Soup Nazi" from the man who inspired the character on Seinfeld has been indicted on 20 tax evasion charges..
OLD BRIDGE -- A 44-year-old Staten Island man remains in critical condition a week after being shot at a local limousine company and details remain scant in the shooting that ..
Times Union
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NEW YORK (AP) — New York's newly named top investigator of police misconduct was himself the subject of workplace complaints, accused among other things of making an inappropriate ..
Photo: Neilson Barnard NEW YORK (AP) — The chief financial officer for a company licensing recipes from the real-life chef who inspired the "Soup Nazi" character on "Seinfeld" was ..
Albany The rapidly growing online lending industry is — depending on your point of view — badly in need of regulation or an important alternative for individuals and small business..
Albany The scandal surrounding legislative stipends entered a new phase Friday with reports that Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District i..
Albany Following a spate of high-profile missteps by New York colleges, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is ordering a statewide review to see if campuses are fully compliant with his signature 2..
Environmental Conservation Officer Steve Gonyeau poses with four illegally killed wild turkeys on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 in Kingsbury. (State Department of Environmental Co..
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The feds say the CFO for the company that owns the infamous Soup Nazi license is in hot water.  Robert Bertrand, the CFO of Soupman Inc., which licenses the popular "Soup Nazi..
Mayor Bill de Blasio brought City Hall to the Bronx Monday.  He started the day meeting with his senior staff at the County Courthouse. They will spend the next week engaging ..
Police are investigating a case on Staten Island where a 1-year-old girl may have ingested methadone. Police say they received a call around 8 p.m. Sunday for an unconscious baby a..
City Hall moves to the Bronx this week. It's all part of the mayor's "City Hall in Your Borough" initiative. He and senior staff will be there for the rest of the week. The mayor's..
Meanwhile, authorities are investigating the cause of a fatal fire in the Charleston neighborhood of Staten Island. It happened last night just before 11 a.m. at the victim's house..
Five firefighters were hurt Sunday morning in an apartment building fire on Staten Island. Flames broke out at a 6-story building on Mill Road in New Dorp at 4 a.m. Fire officials ..
NY Daily News
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Handcuffs and lockups are out as the weapons of choice in the battle against the city’s exploding opioid crisis. The NYPD, in a revision of procedure and policy, has embraced an ev..
Bill Doyle, a 9/11 crusader who became a relentless advocate for victims’ families after his own son was killed in the terrorist attack, has died, his family said. He was 70. Doyle..
If you are struggling with opioid addiction, help is just a phone call — or a text — away. **** 24-hour Heroin Addiction Hotline: Counselors are available nationwide for anonymous ..
Eleven people were hurt, some critically, following a two-car accident in Staten Island Thursday, officials said. The vehicles impacted on Broadway near Castleton Ave. in Port Rich..
Since Donald Trump assumed control of the federal government’s executive branch, millions of Americans have become fearful that he will fulfill his pledge — repeated many times dur..
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Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis—one of two Republicans running for mayor—outlined her ideas for immigration policy, and which would involve rallying New Yorkers..
Former Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm, forced to abdicate his seat in 2015 after pleading guilty to federal tax evasion, warned that Democrats are deploying the same ..
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval rating shot up to its highest levels on record in the latest Quinnipiac University poll—suggesting that the scandal surrounding top Department of Co..
Haitian and non-Haitian elected officials and advocates for immigrants rallied in Foley Square yesterday afternoon to call on President Donald Trump and U.S. Department of Hom..
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It’s safe to assume the day after Inauguration Day brought the largest protests of Donald Trump’s presidency. The Women’s March brought out hundreds of thousands of protesters acro..
In February, a Catholic priest in Staten Island told the Daily News that, after rumors of ICE raids, he had seen a dip in the number of parishioners in churches. In New York, the C..
In May, New York City made a splash when city officials launched the first new public inter-borough ferry service since the Fulton Ferry between Brooklyn and Manhattan docked for t..
Fox Business
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The Taxman is coming for the 'Soupman's' company. Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment Tuesday charging an executive at Soupman Inc., of "Seinfeld" fame, with tax evasion. Th..
The Taxman is coming for the 'Soupman's' company. Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment Tuesday charging an executive at Soupman Inc., of "Seinfeld" fame, with tax evasion. Th..
NEW YORK –  The chief financial officer for a company licensing recipes from the real-life chef who inspired the "Soup Nazi" character on "Seinfeld" has been arrested on tax c..
Fox News
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Executive Robert Bertrand of Soupman Inc, the company that licenses the recipes and likeness of the man who inspired the legendary “Soup Nazi” character on the sitcom “Seinfeld,” w..
Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his intention to seek harsher penalties for criminal activity involving opioids. On the surface this would seem logical, as a la..
Eleven people were injured after two vehicles collided in Staten Island Thursday afternoon, shortly after a car plowed into pedestrians in Times Square.  A van crashed on Broa..
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Come next year, the Financial District won’t just be for moving and shaking — it’ll be for drinking, movies and gourmet food with the addition of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the s..
Citi Bike pitched a five-borough expansion – at no direct cost to taxpayers – to New York City, a source said. Motivate, Citi Bike’s parent company, proposed adding 6,000 bikes, wi..
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It’s tough being a teenager — particularly if you’re Peter Parker dealing with Tony Stark’s Iron Man in the third trailer for “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” released Wednesday morning. ..
Harry Archinal, the longtime head of Buena Vista International, the foreign distribution arm of the Walt Disney Company, died from natural causes at Providence Saint Joseph Medical..