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International Business Times
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NASA is uploading hundreds of videos to YouTube so people can more easily access the space agency’s archived footage. The uploads have been taking place in recent weeks on the chan..
NASA admitted earlier this month that it currently does not have the funds available to send humans to Mars and back. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin took matters into his own hands and anno..
NASA’s new Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) mission has begun its science operations. The mission will study the “densest observable objects in the universe”, NAS..
If you go through the R&D costs of developing a reusable launch vehicle, the opportunity costs (in terms of fuel used for return and the lost revenue opportunity for more paylo..
Elon Musk announced the launch of his new website on Twitter on Friday. Musk, who owns Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX tweeted Monday he had brought back the domain fr..
Hyperloop One announced on Wednesday it successfully conducted its first full-system test. The company also revealed its “Pod” prototype that will transport passengers and cargo in..
5 articles
SpaceX aspired to land its Dragon capsule on, well, land, using thrusters to descend instead of parachuting into water. On a rocky, sea-less planet like Mars, this was a crucial ap..
SpaceX successfully relaunched and landed a Falcon 9 rocket for the first time in March, but it wants to be able to land and reuse them within 24 hours, which Musk says could happe..
SpaceX chief Elon Musk has previously commented on how difficult it was to find historical footage on NASA's website. Before the uploading project, curious flight-fans would have t..
The Int-Ball could make astronauts more efficient on the ISS. JAXA says crew members spend 10 percent of their working hours with a camera in hand, photographing work or equipment ..
The potential of Hyperloop is an easy sell, but until now we haven't seen Elon Musk's proposed mag-lev transit system in action. The company has announced that on May 12th it compl..
Los Angeles Times
5 articles
In 2008, a small, Mojave, Calif., aerospace start-up called Xcor Aerospace burst onto the commercial space scene with plans to develop a vehicle that would rocket tourists into sub..
Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Thursday, July 20, and here’s what’s happening across California: TOP STORIES USC faces angry students over e..
SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk on Wednesday downplayed expectations for the upcoming demonstration flight of the company’s giant Falcon Heavy rocket, saying there was a “good cha..
It’s been 44 years since the mighty Saturn V last thundered skyward from a launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The towering rocket, generating enough power to lift 269,0..
It’s been 44 years since the mighty Saturn V last thundered skyward from a launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The towering rocket, generating enough power to lift 269,0..
5 articles
Elon Musk tamped down expectations about SpaceX’s new rocket designed to carry private citizens into space, saying whoever chooses to be among the first passengers will need to be ..
FILE - In this Sept. 27, 2016 file photo, SpaceX founder Elon Musk speaks during the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. On Wednesday, July 19, 2017, ..
PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Fire officials say they have extinguished a blaze on the roof of a SpaceX building on Florida's Atlantic coast. Local news media report that Brevard Cou..
El director general de las empresas Tesla y SpaceX, Elon Musk, a la derecha, responde a una pregunta del gobernador de Nevada, el republicano Brian Sandoval, durante la tercera jor..
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk responds to a question by Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval during the closing plenary session entitled "Introducing the New Chairs Initiative - ..
4 articles
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose prior plan for stellar colonization involved sending people who are not Elon Musk to go die on Mars, thinks this noble endeavor will require a practice r..
The International Space Station (ISS) might be the perfect laboratory for developing antidotes to gases used in chemical warfare. Nerve agents such as sarin and VX are incredibly t..
Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have a new crew member—an adorable robotic ball capable of recording video while moving in zero gravity. Dubbed “Int-Ball,” the de..
Elon Musk just announced the launch of a new website, The billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX made the announcement on Twitter at 1:21am Pacific time this morning. But s..
Fox Business
3 articles
Ever since the news broke that Boeing (NYSE: BA) had won the contract to build DARPA's new spaceplane, this was probably inevitable. But now it's also official: XCOR Aerospace is d..
When she moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 2008, former Microsoft lead program manager turned serial entrepreneur Tara Tiger Brown was told LA had no startup culture. To p..
Hyperloop One completed its first full-scale test run of its hyperloop technology in a vacuum environment, the company’s co-founder Josh Giegel told FOX Business. The high-spe..
Fox News
3 articles
Elon Musk may be focused primarily on Mars, but he'd also like to see a human outpost on a world much closer to home. "To really get the public real fired up, I think we've got to ..
WASHINGTON — Citing delays with its original launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is trying to launch an experimental small satell..
NASA has long said it would be able to send a manned mission to Mars, sometime during the 2030s. Now, in a bombshell announcement, the space agency has admitted it can't afford the..
3 articles
There’s been a significant amount of mystery and speculation around Elon Musk’s Boring Company—his effort to bore tunnels under LA to bypass traffic—and its possible connection to ..
Almost any space nerd will tell you that the future of the space industry hinges upon private spaceflight.  Of course, almost anyone with an interest in tech and space knows a..
The streets of every major city are about to be overrun by a horde of zombies. No, not the rotting flesh kind, I mean the kind who amble recklessly through the bowels of New York, ..
Science Alert
3 articles
Once it launches this year, the Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world. It will be able to lift more than 54 metric tonnes (119,000 lbs), which is t..
If all goes according to plan for Moon Express, we could have the beginnings of a Moon mine as soon as 2020. First the private Florida-based space exploration company just needs to..
Unfortunately, though, NASA's chief of human spaceflight, William H. Gerstenmaier, just announced that the agency can't achieve the Mars goal on its current budget. "I can't put a ..
2 articles
SpaceX, the pioneering force behind reusable rocket technology, has already proven to the world that single-use rockets will one day be a thing of the past, but the company clearly..
When it comes to commercial space travel, the biggest names in the game right now are Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, but a not-so-new contender is hoping to chang..