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We’ve yet to see any reports of the battery on Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 catching fire or exploding, but that hasn’t stopped Stephen Colbert from taking the smartphone maker to task ..
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 launch is nearly flawless, at lest for the time being. Some users have identified Wi-Fi connectivity issues that are being fixed and wireless charging issues, b..
In case you were wondering whether Samsung will launch a new Galaxy Note model this year, you can rest assured that it’s happening. At least, Samsung just confirmed that a high-end..
Google already confirmed that Pixel 2 smartphones are in the making, but we shouldn’t expect them sooner than fall 2017. Since then, a series of leaks brought us the codenames..
I penned a piece on Wednesday in which I explained the five main reasons I could never switch to the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ from my iPhone 7 Plus. While my in-depth Galaxy S8..
According to several independent reports from insiders in South Korea, Samsung expects the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to be its best-selling smartphones of all time. Sales of last ye..
International Business Times
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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has only been out for a week now, and it’s already been hit with a red screen issue. Now, some Galaxy S8 owners are reporting that their units have be..
The Samsung Galaxy S8 might have many new features such as an edge-to-edge display, a 10nm processor and Bixby, but it also suffers from issues. Samsung Galaxy S8 users in South Ko..
The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus display will be extremely expensive to repair through official channels, according to the Polish blog, The publication claims customers s..
With little fanfare, Apple released the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7 RED Special Edition last month and those releases did little to help the company's Q1 numbers, according to data ..
Samsung released its quarterly earnings for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017. While the company posted a profit of $8.7 billion making the quarter its second-best ever, i..
Samsung wants to fight distracted driving with its new upcoming app. Called In-Traffic Reply, the app is able to send automatic replies when users receive a message on their smartp..
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Quite a few Galaxy S8 early adopters started complaining recently about a reddish tint on the display of their new smartphone. The problem isn’t widespread and many haven’t experie..
Samsung isn’t wasting any time in getting its mobile payments service to more markets across the globe. It already covers key markets in North America and Europe. We’ve been seeing..
It is without a doubt that Samsung will be carrying on with their tradition of launching a new flagship smartphone later this year. Many expect that it will be the Galaxy Note 8, b..
It has been a few weeks since Samsung confirmed that it would bring back the Galaxy Note 7 as a refurbished device in a handful of markets across the globe. Samsung is sitting on m..
Now that the Galaxy S8 has been out for a few days we’re hearing more about the minor features and improvements that Samsung has made. The company only ever talks about the big fea..
In case you didn’t already realize, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has an always-on home button in its display. This is to replace the physical home button that was still present in older G..
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Samsung may have been blown away by Galaxy S8 demand, but the company is already preparing an even more potent version which will be sold unlocked. Although outwardly identical to ..
Flip phones are by and large a thing of the past. For many buyers, a smartphone is their primary or sole means of accessing the Internet. For some, having a smartphone means being ..
If the tagline for the next HTC flagship isn’t “for the squeezable U”, it would be terribly disappointing. The company has just released its second teaser video for what is believe..
It’s no explosive Galaxy Note 7, but one particular complaint with the Galaxy S8 is having users buzzing a bit. Not because it’s a terribly deal-breaking “misfeature” but because o..
Today we’re going to discuss how a person could create a clear-backed Samsung Galaxy S8. Creating one’s own Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear Edition – unofficial name, of course – means a l..
Despite being life-threatening, not to mention illegal in some countries, drivers still can’t seem to keep their mitts off their phones when they should be on the steering wheel. H..
Tech Times
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Rumors of a mighty Galaxy Note 8 have already been making rounds for a good while, but Samsung just confirmed it. At one point after the two Galaxy Note 7 recalls, it seemed uncert..
Samsung Electronics reported on Thursday, April 27 that its profits for the first quarter surged to a three-year high, as its semiconductor business drew the highest income ever. D..
A leaked iPhone 8 schematic is the latest to surface on Weibo, this one a more detailed version than the previous leak, it appears. It even includes label annotations for different..
Samsung has begun sending out an update that fixes the red tint issue found in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. While it's available only to users in South Korea, it's expect..
More details have surfaced regarding Samsung's plan to sell refurbished units of the controversial Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea. Reports of the plan first surfaced back in Feb..
Driving under the influence of alcohol is a major violation. So is distracted driving. These are hazards that can harm both the driver and unsuspecting civilians. The former in par..
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Now, according to a teardown of the latest version of the Android app, it appears there’s plenty more trickery to come. This time, Android Police has found several new messages dee..
Many reviewers are calling the Samsung Galaxy S8 the best looking, or best designed, phone ever. And I somewhat agree (I dislike that shiny glossy back). So imagine the hilarity an..
It’s time to get excited about the 2017 Pixel smartphones. With already confirming successors to the Pixel and Pixel XL, multiple leaks have shown the company is quietly working on..
You're probably quite sick of Galaxy S8 stuff by now, but there are a couple of things that get ignored in reviews. The AKG-tuned headphones are one of those things, so I thought I..
A new video reveals Samsung may have had bigger plans for the Galaxy S8 front camera than we had previously thought. The YouTube video posted by JerryRigEverything, shows a detaile..
As Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus handsets hit the retail shelves, a number of issues are cropping up in the software and hardware of the new South Korean flagships. Samsung is qu..
Trusted Reviews
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Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is a hit, if the pre-orders are anything to go by, and considering the attention the phone's received, plus its gorgeous design, we're not surprised. Prior ..
If there’s one thing we know for sure about the HTC U, it’s that you’re going to squeeze it. But why? HTC has launched a new promotional teaser advertisement for the HTC U, the com..
This month, early Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus adopters in South Korea began noticing the reddish tinge sparking fears of another problematic launch for the firm. Samsung promised the fla..
When is Amazon Prime Day 2017 and what are the best Amazon UK deals available right now? We answer all your questions, including explaining what Amazon's new #NowItsSummer store is..
OPINION: The BlackBerry KEYone has gone on sale in the UK, bringing a physical keyboard and a more familiar BlackBerry form to the Android world. But Simon Osborne-Walker ain't buy..
There's been several big and persistent iPhone 8 rumours we've been hearing in recent months, as the cavalcade of leaks and speculation builds. The most pervasive thus far have bee..
The Verge
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One of the biggest changes to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the removal of the physical home button — a decision made in order to squeeze as much screen as possible onto the front of the ..
The guy, maybe Jerry, over at the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel isn’t afraid to take screwdrivers, heat guns, and paint thinner to his smartphones. In a video uploaded today, ..
If you want to show the common link between iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy devices, and Google Pixels, you’ll find it in the underlying CPU technology that they’re all based on. AR..
Samsung Electronics has reported Q1 earnings in line with its guidance: as predicted, the company made an operating profit of 9.9 trillion won (about $8.7 billion), its second bigg..
The announcement and release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 means it’s time to throw a few more logs on the fire of an always fun debate: which smartphone has the best camera? The S8 tak..
Last month, Samsung confirmed it would be selling refurbished Note 7 devices, and now we know where and when the phones will go on sale. According to a report from ET News (via Sam..
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Samsung's latest flagship phone seems to be holding up better than the now-discontinued Note7 in the "don't go up in flames" department, but the Galaxy S8 isn't completely devoid o..
Got yourself a new Samsung Galaxy S8? Have you noticed the new virtual on-screen home button seems to move? Good news: You're not losing your mind, and you're definitely not seeing..
If you only read the headlines, you'd think Samsung was in a tailspin. Its Galaxy Note 7 flagship phone, heralded as a true competitor to Apple's iPhone, was a disaster. Battery fi..
Things couldn't be any better for the Korean electronics giant after its last flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 7, burst into flames last year and threatened to ruin the entire compa..
April's almost over, so where the hell is Kim Kardashian's next phone, the BlackBerry KEYone?  Originally slated to launch by the end of this month, the Android-powered KEYone..
Samsung has been planning to release the volatile Note 7 again as a refurbished device since March, but now we know more about the zombie phone's relaunch.  SamMobile, citing ..
The Next Web
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The mysterious reddish tint might not be the only issue Samsung is experiencing with its smash-hit Galaxy S8 flagship. Numerous users are reporting their all-new handsets are rando..
You should read more. We’ve all said it to ourselves. You hear about a great new book and you think, “I should pick that up.” Then life happens. Before you know it, that book is on..
I miss the days of transparent gadgets; my clear GameBoy Color was a prized possession. Apparently, YouTuber JerryRigEverything misses those days too, because he just painstakingly..
If it feels like everyone in the world has a presence online… well, you’re not far from the truth. Right now, about two billion people — nearly a third of the world’s population — ..
It’s always crazy to think about how utterly massive Samsung is. To get a sense of the sheer scale of the South Korean conglomerate, you just have to look at its financial statemen..
In case you couldn’t tell from the headline, I’m a fan of Xiaomi’s phones. They’re well built, they look good (sometimes jaw-droppingly so), perform as advertised and offer tremend..