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While electric automaker startup Faraday Future continues to be embroiled in controversy, Lucid Motors is quietly plucking away with developing the Air, its answer to the Tesla Mod..
Subaru has been granted a permit to test its self-driving cars on the streets California, making it the 22nd company to be given such a permit. With the Japanese marque’s EyeSight ..
The Verge
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Faraday Future, the troubled electric car startup, insists it is actually going to start building its proposed $1 billion factory in North Las Vegas, over six months after construc..
All-electric racing series Formula E is getting a facelift in its fifth season, which starts in late 2018. While we’ve already seen a few fanciful ideas, a new set of concept image..
24/7 Wall St.
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The State of California Department of Motor Vehicles recently approved Subaru to be on its list of cars approved under its Testing Autonomous Vehicles program. This ..
Digital Trends
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Now that the Formula E electric-car race series has proven to be more than just a novel experiment, organizers are looking toward the future. The FIA, which runs not just Formula E..
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The SRT05e is designed to get twice the range of its predecessor, the first-generation Spark Renault SRT01, which has been in use for the series' first four seasons. As the Verge n..
Fast Company
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In a past life, Peter Rawlinson developed the Tesla Model S, one of the most iconic cars of the 2010s. These days, he's taking on quite a different role: chief technology officer o..
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Electric vehicles (EVs) are more popular than ever before, thanks to an increase in the variety of models available and improvements in performance – notably how far these vehicles..
Gas 2
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A solar-powered, three-wheel ambulance may look like a crude oddity to those of us who are fixated on whether a Tesla Model S P100D with Ridiculous Mode is faster than a Lucid Air ..
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One of Faraday Future’s most vocal critics, Nevada Treasurer Dan Schwartz, has regularly used a word to describe the start-up automaker’s $215 million tax incentive deal to build a..
Green Car Reports
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There seems to be no shortage of startups planning to build new battery-electric vehicles from the ground up. While companies like Lucid Motors and Faraday Future are focusing on h..