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Confusion over "sell by" and "use by" dates is one big reason why billions of tons of food are tossed each year. A new global initiative of food giants, including Amazon, Walmart a...
New Orleans jazz outfit Hot 8 Brass Band are putting themselves front-and-center in the video for “St. James Infirmary” from their fifth album, On The Spot.  On the LP --...
Science after Brexit will be weaker all round
-New Scientist - Thu Sep 21 08:12:57 EDT 2017
AS THE European Union (Withdrawal) Bill wends its way through parliament, the shape of post-Brexit Britain is slowly being revealed. And not before time: as things stand, the UK wi...
Maria Follows On The Heels Of Hurricane Irma
-OPB - Tue Sep 19 02:07:18 EDT 2017
Maria Follows On The Heels Of Hurricane Irma Mary Louise Kelly talks to Jim Waterson of BuzzFeed UK, who's in the British Virgin Islands, about Hurricane Maria, which made landfall...
Brexit 'crunch time' for City of London, says group
-BBC News - Thu Sep 21 02:10:57 EDT 2017
It is "crunch time" for UK finance firms in Brexit negotiations, an influential lobby group has said. British businesses and the economy as a whole need a transition period as the ...
WhatsApp and the UK are battling over the future of encryption
-Mashable - Wed Sep 20 11:09:33 EDT 2017
WhatsApp and the government of the United Kingdom are in a battle over the future of encryption, and there doesn't seem to be a clean resolution in sight. WhatsApp refused a UK gov...
UK strikes research deal with US in run-up to Brexit
-BBC News - Wed Sep 20 12:09:26 EDT 2017
The UK and US have reached a deal to develop a special relationship for science. An agreement between the two countries aims to make it easier for researchers to travel, collaborat...
As soon as Apple releases anything, many in the UK quickly scour the US Apple store site to compare prices. And often, thanks to exchange rates and duties, the kit over there turns...
Brexit: Welsh and Scottish governments propose bill changes
-BBC News - Mon Sep 18 23:11:06 EDT 2017
Image caption The Welsh and Scottish governments, led by Carwyn Jones and Nicola Sturgeon, are joitly proposing changes to the Brexit bill in a joint initiative The Welsh and Scott...
Tata and ThyssenKrupp 'agree' first stage of merger deal
-BBC News - Tue Sep 19 14:10:20 EDT 2017
Tata and German steel manufacturer ThyssenKrupp have agreed the first stage of a deal to merge, BBC Wales understands. They have been in negotiations since last year when Tata with...
Irish PM Varadkar 'not optimistic' on Brexit talks
-BBC News - Tue Sep 19 23:10:32 EDT 2017
The Irish prime minister is "not optimistic" enough progress will be made in the Brexit talks to allow the the UK and the EU to discuss a new trade relationship by mid-October. The...
Social media 'saturated' with alcohol advertising
-BBC News - Wed Sep 20 08:10:52 EDT 2017
Hayles celebrated being sober for 100 days with a "sober mama" tattoo. She doesn't want to see alcohol advertising on social media. Speaking to BBC 5 live, the tattoo-shop owner fr...
Eating out? We rank gluten-free burgers from best to worst - Tue Sep 19 05:11:19 EDT 2017
Had to be done when in Switzerland! Gluten free @mcdonalds cheeseburger goodness – the buns are provided by @schaerglutenfree here! 🙌🙌🙌 Come on UK, catch up!! … #glutenfreealex ...
Google launches UK 'anti-terror fund'
-BBC News - Tue Sep 19 17:10:15 EDT 2017
Google has announced it will give a total of £1m ($1.3m) to fund projects that help counter extremism in the UK. The UK fund was part of a $5m global commitment, the search giant s...
Weekend heatwave on its way with temperatures of 24°C in parts of UK - Thu Sep 21 05:11:26 EDT 2017
Put away those winter jackets, as the UK is set to enjoy some decent weather this weekend. The Met Office has suggested temperatures will be unusually high for this time of year as...
Renault Updates Kadjar SUV, Adds New Engine And CVT
-CARSCOOPS - Wed Sep 20 00:00:55 EDT 2017
Renault's Kadjar lineup in the UK has become stronger thanks to the addition of a new petrol engine and a new continuously variable transmission option. Both are available to order...
Brexit negotiator Verhofstadt to meet NI politicians
-BBC News - Tue Sep 19 23:10:32 EDT 2017
The European Parliament's Brexit negotiator is to meet Northern Ireland's political leaders at Stormont ahead of a visit to the Irish border. Guy Verhofstadt is on a two-day visit ...
MOVES-BAML promotes O'Neil in Europe leadership reshuffle
-Reuters - Wed Sep 20 02:10:12 EDT 2017
LONDON, Sept 20 (IFR) - Bank of America Merrill Lynch has promoted Jim O‘Neil, who previously ran the UK government body that managed the taxpayers’ holdings in bailed out banks, t...
RAF fighter jets were scrambled to deal with Russian bombers approaching Scotland. The two Royal Air Force Typhoons took off from the Lossiemouth base this morning and were prepare...
Drax chief executive Dorothy Thompson to step down
-BBC News - Thu Sep 21 02:10:57 EDT 2017
UK power producer Drax has announced that its chief executive, Dorothy Thompson, will step down and leave the group at the end of this year. She will be replaced by the firm's curr...
Seen a gig recently? You're not the only one
-BBC News - Wed Sep 20 02:10:35 EDT 2017
Live music now accounts for almost 25% of UK music industry revenues, new figures reveal. Concerts brought in £1 billion in 2016, over £300 million more than recorded music - which...
Theresa May to brief cabinet on Florence Brexit speech
-BBC News - Wed Sep 20 20:10:28 EDT 2017
Theresa May is to brief her ministers about the key Brexit speech she is due to make in Florence on Friday. The speech is being seen as an attempt to break the deadlock on the nego...
UK Weapons Peddlers Pay ‘Pitiful’ Tax On Vast Saudi Arms Sale Profits
-Mint Press News - Tue Sep 19 05:55:12 EDT 2017
The UK arms industry has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from its dealings with Saudi Arabia during the conflict in Yemen, but the UK government has received j...
UK Anti-Doping have responded to Tyson Fury’s tirade over their failure to set a date for his hearing over the drugs ban he received after testing positive for a banned substance. ...
Economic forecaster urges clarity on post-Brexit powers
-BBC News - Tue Sep 19 17:10:14 EDT 2017
Uncertainty over Brexit continues to loom over Scotland's economic recovery, according to a leading forecaster. The Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI) said indicators suggested the...
The very least the UK owes the Rohingya is protection
-Al Jazeera - Tue Sep 19 08:32:23 EDT 2017
Condemnation of the brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing being carried out against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is growing around the world, with the Dalai Lama, the Pope, Nobel ...
Bespoke or off-the-peg
-BBC News - Thu Sep 21 14:11:14 EDT 2017
The idea of a transition period after Brexit is being talked about more and more often. But there's very little consensus on what it might look like. Bespoke or off-the-peg? In the...
Female film casting same as 100 years ago
-BBC News - Wed Sep 20 02:10:35 EDT 2017
The percentage of women being cast in UK films has barely changed in more than 100 years, data released by the British Film Institute (BFI) shows. In 1913, 26% of the cast in 53 fi...
Hundreds of UK women are seeking illegal abortions online
-New Scientist - Thu Sep 21 08:12:57 EDT 2017
By Clare Wilson Hundreds of UK women are seeking illegal abortions because of problems accessing legal services. More than 500 women approached a charity called Women on Web over a...
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