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Small explosion near NATO facility in Turkey; no injuries
-Fox News - Thu Jun 22 02:19:19 EDT 2017
ANKARA, Turkey –  A small blast at a graveyard adjacent to the grounds of a NATO military facility in western Turkey damaged the installation's perimeter walls on Thursday but...
A hilariously persistent turkey named Jake attempted to chase after a slow moving car in the parking lot of the Niagara Falls Police Department in Upstate New York. According to th...
5 people electrocuted in pool at water park in Turkey
-The Seattle Times - Fri Jun 23 08:32:18 EDT 2017
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish media reports say five people — three of them children — were electrocuted at a water park pool in northwest Turkey and have died. The private Dogan n...
German Parliament backs plan to pull recon jets from Turkey
-The Seattle Times - Wed Jun 21 23:26:45 EDT 2017
BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s Parliament has voted by a wide majority to move reconnaissance jets flying anti-Islamic State group missions from a base in Turkey amid ongoing friction bet...
Yet another disturbing item in what seems to be developing into a trend. A lot of diplomatic elbow grease has been going into efforts to calm the waters of the Middle East ever sin...
Russia blasts Isis from ships in the Mediterranean - Sat Jun 24 05:10:38 EDT 2017
Russia confirmed they launched six cruise missiles at Islamic State targets in Syria. The strieks were fired from the Mediterranean-based Navy, Russia targeted command centres, acc...
Turkey, Saudi Arabia to try to reduce tensions over Qatar
-The Seattle Times - Thu Jun 22 08:30:12 EDT 2017
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has agreed with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and the new crown prince to “increase efforts” to end tensions in the regio...
ANKARA The United States has told Turkey it will take back weapons supplied to the Kurdish YPG militia in northern Syria after the defeat of Islamic State, Ankara said on Thursday,...
German MPs back pullout from Turkey's Incirlik airbase amid row
-BBC News - Thu Jun 22 12:05:36 EDT 2017
Germany's parliament has approved plans to move aircraft and military personnel out of Turkey's Incirlik airbase after Turkey refused to allow visits by German MPs. Six Tornado air...
To get a little taste of Dunlap, you can't beat the Turkey --- Festival
-Los Angeles Times - Fri Jun 23 05:09:33 EDT 2017
The Turkey --- Festival is the biggest social event in this stretch of Sierra foothills. Its only competition is the yearly rodeo just down the road or the American Legion Hal...
Cengiz Under admits he dreams of joining Manchester United or Chelsea - Thu Jun 22 06:07:30 EDT 2017
Cengiz Under has revealed he hopes to play for a club of the stature of either Manchester United or Chelsea in the future. How Mohamed Salah's signing will take Philippe Coutinho t...
Turkey Isn't Going to Teach Kids About Evolution Anymore
-Newser - Fri Jun 23 14:37:36 EDT 2017
(Newser) – Schools in Turkey will no longer teach evolution, and critics worry the country is moving further away from secularism, the Guardian reports. Alpaslan Durmus, a senior e...
US reassures Turkey over arms provided to Syrian Kurds
-The Seattle Times - Thu Jun 22 08:41:09 EDT 2017
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish officials said Thursday that U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has written to his Turkish counterpart, reassuring him that arms provided to Syrian Kur...
Russian navy launches missile strikes at ISIS targets In Syria
-KETV Omaha - Thu Jun 22 23:00:07 EDT 2017
MOSCOW — Russian warships fired six missiles on ISIS targets in Syria on Friday, according to state media. In a statement posted to RIA the Defense Ministry said: "From the eastern...
Liam Gallagher Details New Album 'As You Were'
-Clash Magazine - Fri Jun 23 02:25:53 EDT 2017
Liam Gallagher has confirmed a few more details about new album 'As You Were'. The rock icon launched the project with new single 'Wall Of Glass', before making an emotional appear...
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