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Trump Hotels Aren’t Tracking Foreign Money It Receives
-UPROXX - Wed May 24 14:01:02 EDT 2017
Lost amid President Trump’s constant gaffes and potential acts of treason is the machinations of the Trump Organization, the real esatate — and more — empire ostensibly being run b...
The lead Democrat on the House Oversight Committee has “grave concerns” that the Trump Organization is failing to keep its promise to turn over profits from foreign governments to ...
Dem has "concerns" about foreign payments to Trump Organization
-CBS News - Wed May 24 12:01:02 EDT 2017
The top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government reform on Wednesday said the "meager" pamphlet the Trump Organization provided the committee in response to questions ab...
Trump Failing to Track Foreign Cash at His Hotels
-NECN - Wed May 24 11:00:19 EDT 2017
Just before taking office, President Donald Trump promised to donate all profits earned from foreign governments back to the U.S. Treasury. But MSNBC has learned the Trump Organiza...
Despite Pledge, Trump Org Isn't Tracking All Profits From Foreign Governments
-Talking Point Memo - Wed May 24 11:09:37 EDT 2017
The Trump Organization is not actively working to identify all representatives of foreign governments who give money to its hotels and companies, despite President Donald...
Trump hotels won't ask if stays paid with foreign govt money
-Boston Herald - Wed May 24 14:06:06 EDT 2017
NEW YORK — The Trump Organization will not ask guests at its hotels and resorts if they are using money from foreign governments to pay their bills, setting up a possible showdown ...
WASHINGTON President Donald Trump's businesses say it would be "impractical" to require customers representing foreign nations to identify themselves, raising questions about how T...
Senator asks ethics office to review Trump hotel payments
-Reuters - Mon May 22 08:10:17 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON The top Democrat on the U.S. Senate committee overseeing pensions on Monday asked the U.S. Office of Government Ethics to assess whether President Donald Trump is violat...
Trump Organization Reportedly Not Tracking Foreign Donations
-Mediaite - Wed May 24 11:11:36 EDT 2017
The Trump Organization has not been tracking donations and income generated by foreign entities, according to a new report from MSNBC. The revelation poses significant implications...
Trump Organization not tracking foreign payments at its hotels
-Death and Taxes - Wed May 24 14:05:34 EDT 2017
Before taking office, President-elect Trump hauled out a bunch of stacks of paper in front of the press and claimed they were proof that the Trump Organization would present n...
NATO to Take Action on Trump Spending Call
-The Wall Street Journal - Mon May 22 05:10:49 EDT 2017
BRUSSELS—The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, under pressure from the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, is planning a new spending initiative that will use addition...
Ivanka Trump asks trafficked women what US can do to help
-The Seattle Times - Wed May 24 08:06:58 EDT 2017
ROME (AP) — Ivanka Trump met Wednesday met with a group of African women who were trafficked into Italian --- rings, a private encounter said to have moved her to tears. T...
Defense attorney Marc Kasowitz, seen in a 2005 file photo, will represent President Donald Trump in the investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election. Photo by REUTE...
China grants Trump another trademark - for clothes
-CNN - Wed May 24 09:06:21 EDT 2017
Preliminary approval for the trademark was granted earlier this month, according to a Chinese trademark document reviewed by CNN. News of the approval was first reported by The New...
Israeli president welcomes Trump: ‘America is back again’
-The Blaze - Mon May 22 08:09:25 EDT 2017
President Donald Trump arrived in Israel on Monday for a two-day visit to the country, vowing to “bring security and stability and peace to this region.” Trump and Israeli Prime Mi...
Trump SoHo hotel plans layoffs: report
-The Hill - Wed May 24 08:47:56 EDT 2017
The Trump SoHo hotel in lower Manhattan is reportedly readying a round of layoffs and has seen a drop-off in bookings for corporate events. Managers are prepared to cut 12 room att...
New Report: Trump Not Tracking Foreign Payments To His Hotels
-Red State - Wed May 24 14:09:43 EDT 2017
Trump and promises – ask his ex-wives. And this can be added to the growing list of broken promises coming from Donald Trump. You know… those things warned the Trumplican wing of t...
Church of Satan distances itself from Trump orb photo
-Chron - Mon May 22 14:10:56 EDT 2017
>>>Scroll through to see the most hilarious Twitter posts about President Trump touching a glowing orb in Suadi Arabia. US President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump...
Trump nears selection of outside legal team: report
-The Hill - Mon May 22 14:01:02 EDT 2017
President Trump has reportedly narrowed down the list of possible outside legal counsel candidates to serve amid the ongoing probes into Russian meddling in last year's election to...
Days before taking office, Donald Trump said his company would donate all profits from foreign governments to the U.S. Treasury, part of an effort to avoid even the appearance of a...
What Germany Owes Its Neighbors
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue May 23 20:32:29 EDT 2017
President Trump was wrong to say Germany “owes” the U.S. for its defense. But Berlin is paying nothing like its fair share for the defense of Europe. Last July, in response to Russ...
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